WWE 205 Live Results (1/10/2017)


Noam Dar def. Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

Cedric Alexander gains the advantage early in the match with several sharp forearms and elbows. Noam Dar also gets outmatched by Alexander’s athleticism and is forced to retreat outside before being dragged back in. Back in the ring, Alexander continues to have his way with Dar, forcing the British technician to embrace the canvas. Dar is able to fight back by landing a knee to Alexander’s sternum during a flip maneuver by Alexander. Dar goes to work on Alexander’s right hand and arm to regain some momentum. After a European Uppercut, Dar goes after Alexander’s upper back and neck with a submission hold but Alexander counters his way out. Dar continues hold the advantage over Alexander by keeping him grounded and working his right arm. Cedric fights his way back with a stiff elbow and lunges into Dar in the turnbuckle corner. Cedric attempts a springboard off the top turnbuckle which Dar counters into a Fujiwara Armbar. After Alexander fights out, Dar gets distracted by Alicia Fox. Alexander takes advantage with a dropkick to the outside. Back inside, Alexander hits a handspring roundhouse on Dar’s head. Alexander attempts a pin, but Dar kicks out at two. Alicia Fox pulls Noam Dar out of harm’s way after Alexander climbs to the top rope and attempts a springboard moonsault. Alexander finds no one is home and Dar quickly follows with a dropkick roundhouse the win.

Brian Kendrick comes out next to cut a promo on Tajiri after losing to him last week. Kendrick calls him a “sneaky snake.” Kendrick promises Tajiri he will make him choke on his trademark mist. Kendrick then turns his attention to Sean Maluta, and assures him that he will beat him within thirty seconds.

Brian Kendrick def. Sean Maluta via submission

Sean Maluta quickly tries to prove his worth against Brian Kendrick and attempts a sneaky schoolboy pin, but Kendrick kicks out. Maluta chases Kendrick out of the ring and does a suicide dive. The two get back in the ring. Kendrick hits a big boot on Maluta and attempts a quick pin, but Maluta kicks out. Maluta attempts a Rolling Thunder but Kendrick gets out of the way. However, Maluta hits a superkick and attempts another pin. Kendrick kicks out at two. Maluta hits a Shining Wizard afterwards and goes for another pin, yet Kendrick hits out again. After Maluta attempts a top rope body splash, Kendrick counters with his knees and rolls Maluta into the Captain’s Hook. Maluta is forced to tap out.

Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander argue backstage. Alexander calls Noam Dar a pervert. Alexander informs Fox that they are “done” and Alexander leaves Alicia Fox behind in the locker room. Alicia Fox throws a tantrum.

Jack Gallagher comes out after the commercial break. A contract signing table appears to be set in the ring and Ariya Daivari comes out afterwards. Jack Gallagher cuts a promo on Daivari and informs him that their feud needs to come to an end. Gallagher says he is at lost for words. Daivari responds by saying that he is not a gentleman and didn’t come to be a gentleman. Daivari says he will do anything to win. Daivari asks Gallagher if he is surrendering. Gallagher calls Daivari a scoundrel in response. In response, Daivari says he has a family name that he will defend and threatens not to stop until Gallagher is at the bottom of his boot. Daivari prepares to sign the contract and asks about the “I Forfeit’ match. Gallagher informs him it is similar to an I Quit match which will end the feud. Daivari tosses Gallagher’s umbrella. Gallagher loses his temper and tosses the table to go after Daivari. The two fight in the ring until they are broken up by officials.

Rich Swann def. Tony Nese via pinfall

Rich Swann and Tony Nese shake hands before the match starts. After a brief stalemate, Nese hits a shoulder block, but Swann responds with a dropkick which sends Nese reeling to the outside. Swann and Nese exchange blows outside. Nese gets the advantage and gets Swann back in the ring before locking his legs around Swann’s rib cage. Swann fights out but Nese maintains a headlock. It takes a few seconds before Swann is able to fight out. Nese maintains the pressure on Swann with a ground and pound attack. After working on Swann’s abdomen, Swann fights back and tries to bring back some equilibrium to the bout. Nese attempts a springboard moonsault but Swann moves out of the way. Swann delivers a couple of lariats to Nese and drags him down from the top rope with a quick Hurricurana. Nese is able to hit a double stomp to Swann’s abdomen and goes for the pin, but Swann kicks out. Nese attempts a pump handle powerslam but Swann counters and gets Nese into a position for a Tiger Bomb. Swann is able to hit and tries for the pin, but Nese returns the favor and kicks out. Swann then hits a roundhouse kick right to Nese’s head. Lights out for Nese, and Swann successfully pins him for the three count.

Swann calls out Adrian Neville and reminds him he is the Cruiserweight champion. Neville comes out and responds by saying he is delivering more beatings than Swann is. Neville claims 205 Live is his show. Swann lays his belt on the ground and mocks Neville for having large ears. Swann challenges Neville to come into the ring to get “dealt with.” Neville accuses Swann of projecting his insecurities and assures him that he will not step foot in the ring. Neville then demands a WWE Cruiserweight championship match. Swann just asks for the time and place and says Neville can’t handle him. Neville challenges him at the Royal Rumble and promises to destroy Swann. Swann holds the title up in the air as the show closes.

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