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Brock Lesnar tells Kayla backstage that he’s going to win the WWE Championship tonight. That’s not a prediction; that’s a spoiler. He reiterates that he’s a free agent because of his advocate, Paul Heyman, too.

Edge vs. The Miz

  • Love the Brood style entrance for Edge. That’s going on the list of potential best entrances of the year already.
  • I’m probably one of the people more interested in this match than most, admittedly. I’ve always been fond of The Miz and Edge is one of my favorites of all time.
  • Maryse’s outfit is definitely eye-catching. Mission accomplished. Though she looks more like she’d fit in with The Brood than with The Miz, I’ll say.
  • I didn’t expect such a large portion of this match to revolve around submissions.
  • The Miz tries to score a pin with his feet on the ropes and the crowd starts chanting “You can’t do that” after referee Jessika Carr caught him. Ha!
  • Carr doesn’t catch Maryse helping put The Miz’s foot on the ropes to break up a submission, though.
  • Double boot to the face? Didn’t see that coming.
  • Maryse getting involved again to nail Edge and set up the fini-never mind. Kickout.
  • And hey, there’s Beth Phoenix. There we go with what needed to happen. Beth’s rockstar look wasn’t what I was expecting, though.
  • Spear. 1. 2. 3.

Who isn’t trembling with fear about Lesnar? Bobby Lashley. That’s because he’s a once in a lifetime athlete and the yin to Lesnar’s yang. According to MVP, that is. Lashley says Lesnar’s just another obstacle and he’s going to take pleasure in making him tap out. New year, new WWE champion. I’m assuming another video package or commercial is coming up.

Yup. This is maybe our fifth commercial. WrestleMania this time. And another Draft Kings one.

Raw Women’s Championship Match

  • I know Liv’s got tons of support, and I like the girl and all, but I just do not see a title change happening here. That’s my headspace going into this match. If we get a new champion, I’ll be stunned. Not disappointed, though, mind you.
  • She seems pumped. This is the biggest match of her career. I hope she knocks it out of the park.
  • This match is starting off with Morgan on a hot streak. Good call. The more momentum is in her direction at the beginning, the more fans will get invested in the potential title change.
  • “Let’s go Li-iv.” isn’t the chant, guys. You’re off rhythm. “Let’s go Mor-gan” or “Let’s go Liv!” is how it works.
  • Super slow count from the referee for a moment. Not a planned thing, I’m sure, but just something that happened and caught my attention.
  • Sunset flip powerbomb from the turnbuckles leads to another slow count. I guess that’s actually just a matter of being careful.
  • Gotta love when you see someone remove their mask just to express how upset she is that Morgan might not win the match.
  • Wonky finish. Morgan goes for Oblivion awkwardly, Becky catches her, hits the Manhandle Slam, then can’t reach her foot backward to get on the ropes. That means she got a clean, legal pin, and not the heel finish they were looking for.

Seth Rollins spoke to Kevin Patrick on the Lesnar situation. Basically, he’s not going to say anything because he won’t divulge his plan. Other than, of course, to stomp some heads and win.

Johnny Knoxville wants to be in the 2022 Royal Rumble.

WWE Championship Fatal 5-Way Match

  • They’re actually announcing him as Seth Freakin’ Rollins now. Ha.
  • Well hot damn. Big E clotheslines Brock twice and looks like a beast himself doing it. I dig it.
  • And Lashley spears Lesnar through the security barricade. This match is starting off on fire.
  • Oh shit. A series of F-5s and a spear from Lashley got me thinking he might actually pin Lesnar there. They got me!
  • Man. This match was an adrenaline rush right up to the end with Lesnar pinning Big E to win the title.
  • I have so many thoughts. Definitely check into my live post-show podcast for more of my review.

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