WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 PPV Results: WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match


Bray Wyatt cuts a backstage promo about how he and Randy Orton must go their separate ways. He added that this is his era.

Singles Match: Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper.


They start brawling to begin the match. Harper sent him to the floor and head first into the announce table. Back in the ring, Harper it Orton with a drop kick. Harper went to the top rope but Orton knocked him off with a right hand. Back in the ring, Orton locked in a headlock and then suplexed him over the top rope. Harper fought back with a big boot and then a springboard senton. Harper sent Orton to the floor and then hit a dive through the ropes to take out Orton. Harper hit a back suplex to Orton onto the announce table. Orton hit a scoop slam to Harper. Back in the ring, Orton hit a superplex to Harper. Orton with a powerslam for 2. Orton went for the RKO but Harper hit a superkick then a second kick for 2. Harper hit Orton with a big powerbomb for 2. Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Orton.

Bella was interviewed in the back about Natalya. This led to Natalya attacking Bella from behind.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss © vs. Naomi.

Naomi rolled her up for 2 to begin the match. Naomi went for a bulldog but Bliss blocked and sent her into the corner. Naomi fought back and landed a big kick to Bliss’ head. Naomi with a series of clotheslines then a springboard kick. Naomi with a somersault clothesline then she went went to the top rope and hit an overcastle for 2. Bliss fought back with a DDT then started throwing a fit. Naomi with a kick and a moonsault but she missed it and Bliss rolled her up for 2 but she had her feet on the ropes and the referee saw it. Bliss missed a dive and Naomi hit a moonsault off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Naomi.

Post-match, Naomi cut a promo about how she has envisioned this moment for a long time and that she is headed to WrestleMania 33 in her hometown of Orlando, FL as champion.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match: John Cena © vs. AJ Styles vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Baron Corbin vs. The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

Styles and Cena start things off. Cena hit a series of shoulder blocks. Styles fired back with a backbreaker for 2. Cena fought back with a series of shoulder blocks and then a side slam. Dean Ambrose enters the match next. Ambrose hit Cena with a series of clotheslines then sent him to the floor, which is now padded and not steel. He then sent Styles into the chain and clotheslines him back into the ring. Ambrose suplexes Styles onto the floor. Ambrose climbed onto one of the podcast and dove off of it onto Cena. Cena hit a double german suplex to Ambrose and Styles. Styles shoved down Cena and Ambrose took out Styles with a clothesline. Bray Wyatt was next in the match. Wyatt took out Cena and then a suplex to Ambrose. Styles sent Wyatt to the floor, but Wyatt blocked a springboard move and sent Styles into the cage. Styles kicked Wyatt then hit a springboard leg drop to Wyatt. Styles and Cena club the cage. Cena was knocked down to the floor. Ambrose and Styles fought on top of one of the podcast. Ambrose sent Styles into the plastic material. Ambrose climbed down, and Wyatt sent him into the fence. Wyatt tossed Styles from the top of the pod to the mat. Baron Corbin was the next man in. Corbin clotheslines Ambrose and then sent him into the cage. Corbin hit Styles with the End of Days. Cena locked in the STF on Corbin, but Corbin fought out of it and hit End of Days to Cena. Ambrose hit a drop kick to Corbin then clotheslines him to the floor and sends him into the cage. Corbin fought back and sent Ambrose back into the ring. Ambrose climbed the top rope, but Corbin pushed him into the cage. The Miz entered the match as the final man. Miz was hesitant to get into the match, which allowed Ambrose to roll up Corbin for the elimination.

Elimination: Corbin.

Corbin attacked Ambrose and sent him through the pod. Corbin hit End of Days to Ambrose then left the ring. The Miz then pinned Ambrose for the elimination.

Elimination: Ambrose

Miz hit Cena and Wyatt with a series of kicks. Miz with even more kicks to Styles in the corner.

Miz went to the top rope but Wyatt shoved him off but Miz caught Wyatt and hit Skull Crushing Finale on the floor. Miz hit a crossbody to Cena but Cena rolled through and hit the AA for the elimination.

Elimination: Miz.

And we’re down to three. Wyatt and Styles jumped Cena. Wyatt turned on Styles and hit a running senton to Cena. Cena fought back and hit a series of shoulder blocks to Styles then a back suplex to Wyatt. He hit Wyatt with the AA. Styles hit the Styles Clash to Cena for 2. Styles missed a springboard move and Cena hit the AA for 2. Cena climbed up to the pod and hit a dive off of it onto Wyatt and Styles. Wyatt hit Sister Abigail to Cena for the elimination.

Elimination: Cena.

Wyatt hit a series of strikes to Styles then sent him into the corner but Styles fired out of it with a drop kick. Wyatt hit a clothesline to Styles for 2. Styles hit a back kick to Wyatt then a running knee strike. Styles hit a springboard 450 splash for 2. Styles went for a springboard move but Wyatt countered and hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Wyatt

Post-match, Wyatt celebrates in the ring to close the show.

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