WWE Extreme Rules Results 2017 & Live Coverage – Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe


A brawl breaks out with Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, as well as Finn Bálor and Bray Wyatt. Roman Reigns just stands back and watches while they brawl at ringside. These were the rivalries going into the show before Braun Strowman got injured. Wyatt and Joe send their opponents into the barricade. Wyatt gets in the ring and confronts Reigns. Reigns punches him to the corner, but he soon eats a boot. Wyatt goes to the second rope, but Reigns grabs him and hits a Samoan Drop. Samoa Joe gets in the ring and tries for a Samoan Drop on Reigns, but Reigns slides off and hits Joe with a Samoan Drop. Bálor comes in and punches Reigns. Bálor gets out of a Samoan Drop, but Reigns fights him back. Reigns blocks a slingshot kick and punches him down. Rollins then gets in the ring and faces off with Reigns. Reigns smirks while circling the ring. Wyatt and Joe run in to double-team Reigns. Rollins pulls Joe off and punches away at him. Wyatt then sends Reigns shoulder-first into the ring post. Bálor works away at Wyatt. Joe tries to plancha Rollins, but he moves and hits Joe with a suicide dive. In the ring, Bálor takes Wyatt down and stomps away at him. Rollins rolls in and gets stomped by Bálor. Joe tries to get in, but Bálor stomps him for good measure. Bálor then wipes out Joe, Wyatt, and Rollins with a summersault senton. Reigns then comes from out of nowhere and uppercuts him down. Reigns sends him into the barricade before bouncing his head off the apron. Wyatt grabs Reigns, but Reigns punches him off. Reigns tries for a Drive By Dropkick on Wyatt, but Joe clotheslines him out of mid-air. Joe sends him into the barricade and smiles at Joe. Joe gets Reigns up, and Wyatt sends Reigns into the barricade. Wyatt then stomps Rollins. They then send Reigns into the steel steps. They then pick up the steel steps and hit Bálor, Rollins, and Reigns with the steps. Wyatt stands on the steps while the crowd gives them a nice round of applause.

They go on the opposite side of the ring and work over Bálor. Joe sends Bálor into the ring and jabs away at him in the corner. Wyatt joins in and punches away at Bálor before giving him an uppercut. Bálor tries to fight them both off, but Wyatt quickly jabs him to take him down. They send Bálor into the ropes for a double-team shoulder block. Joe teases a cover, but he backs off. Wyatt scoop slams Bálor. Rollins runs in and takes out Wyatt and Joe. Rollins goes for a suicide dive on Wyatt, but Wyatt uppercuts him. Wyatt then DDTs Rollins on the steel steps. In the ring, Bálor is fighting off Joe, but Joe quickly applies the Coquina Clutch. Bálor uses the ropes to push back and hit a double stomp. Wyatt quickly comes in with a steel chair and cracks it off Bálor’s back. Reigns tries to get into the ring, but Wyatt cracks him on the back twice. Wyatt signals like he’s going to hit Joe, but he turns to Bálor and hits him instead. Wyatt lays the chair on Bálor and signals to Joe. Joe hits a senton splash on the chair! Joe puts the chair back on Bálor, and Wyatt hits a senton splash on the chair! They wedge the chair in the corner, but Bálor fights them off. Joe is sent headfirst into the chair. Bálor then avoids a body block from Wyatt. Reigns reenters the ring and powerbombs Bálor before taking Joe out. Reigns clubs away at Wyatt in the corner. Joe charges, but Reigns moves and Wyatt is hit instead. Reigns big boots Joe down before clotheslining Wyatt. The crowd is booing Reigns, again. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch, but Joe drags him out of the ring. Wyatt makes the save and gives Reigns a uranage on the commentary table. The crowd chants, “One more time.” Rollins hits Wyatt with a forearm to knock him off the apron. Rollins gives Joe a plancha and gets Wyatt in the ring. Rollins hits Wyatt with a springboard forearm for a two count. Joe runs into a boot from Rollins, as does Wyatt. Rollins hits Joe and Wyatt with a double blockbuster for a two count. Rollins hits Joe with a suicide dive before getting back in the ring. Rollins sidesteps Wyatt and gets him out of the ring. Wyatt shoves Joe into another suicide dive from Rollins. Rollins gets out of a uranage in the ring from Wyatt, but he soon gets turned inside out with a clothesline. Wyatt picks Rollins up, but Rollins counters back with a falcon’s arrow for a two count. Rollins springboards into Sister Abigail from Wyatt. Joe breaks up the pin.

Wyatt is furious. Joe backs him into the corner, so Wyatt shoves him. They then start brawling. Joe avalanches him in the corner for a two count. Joe head-butts him and hits the ropes, but Wyatt annihilates him with a body block. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Joe counters into a Coquina Clutch attempt. Bálor comes in and cracks both men with a steel chair. Bálor then puts the chair on Wyatt and hits a double stomp. Bálor knocks Reigns off the apron and hits a running kick to the face. Bálor runs around ringside and dropkicks Wyatt into the barricade. Bálor then dropkicks Joe into the barricade. Bálor bounces Wyatt off the commentary table a few times. Bálor then clears off one of the foreign language commentary tables. Bálor lays Wyatt on the table. Joe grabs him from behind with a Coquina Clutch, but it isn’t completely locked in. Reigns then spears Bálor and Joe through the barricade! A “Holy Sh!t” chant fires up. Rollins then goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash on Wyatt through the table! Another “Holy Sh!t” chant fires up!

The crowd starts chanting, “This is awesome” while replays of what just happened are shown. Reigns is shown bleeding from the mouth. Reigns and Rollins are the only two on their feet. They hobble toward the ring and get inside. They go face to face. A “Let’s go Roman/Roman sucks,” chant fires up. Rollins punches away at Reigns and hits the ropes, but Reigns uppercuts him. They hit the ropes, Rollins avoids a clothesline, and hits an enzuigiri. Rollins hits the ropes, but Reigns floors him with a Superman Punch for a near fall. Reigns sets up in the corner and charges for a spear, but Rollins rolls him up for a two count. Rollins immediately superkicks him for another near fall. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash for yet another near fall. Rollins pulls himself up to his feet and goes to the top rope. Rollins goes for a Phoenix Splash, but he lands on his feet when Reigns moves. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail on Rollins, but Reigns saves him. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail on Reigns, but he gets out and spears him. Reigns goes for a spear on Rollins, but he counters with a kick. Reigns avoids Rollins’ knee to the face, but Rollins kicks him. Rollins hits a turnbuckle powerbomb, but Reigns pops out of the corner and hits a Superman Punch. Bálor charges Reigns, but Reigns drops him with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for a spear on Bálor, but he eats a Sling Blade. Bálor dropkicks Reigns into the corner and hits the Coup de Grâce. Joe immediately runs in and applies the Coquina Clutch on Bálor, and the referee calls the match! Samoa Joe will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire!

Winner by Knockout: Samoa Joe

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