WWE Fastlane 2019 PPV Results – Bryan vs. Owens, Roman Reigns Returns


Welcome to the WWE Fastlane pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Jonathan Coachman is the host of the panel.

  • Kickoff Show Match: Big E & Xavier Woods def. Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

Welcome to the Fastlane PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: The Usos © vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz

Miz and Jey start things off and exchange quick pin attempts. Miz lands some strikes while the fans show the support for him. Shane in and hit a tag team clothesline for 2. Shane landed a series of strikes and a back elbow. Jimmy got the blind tag and took out Shane with a big time clothesline. Jimmy with a series of headbutts.

The Usos beatdown Shane for a few minutes until he makes a comeback and gets the hot tag to Miz, who hit a double axe chop off the top rope to Jimmy then a series of kicks and running knee strikes. Miz with a big boot to Jey and then rolled up Jimmy for 2. Miz dumped him to the floor then went to the top rope where he hit a crossbody to The Usos. Back in the ring, Miz with a DDT to Jimmy for 2. Jimmy avoided a big boot and tagged in Jey which led to them hitting a pop up samoan drop for 2. Miz went for his finisher on Jey, who blocked it and hit a back kick. Jimmy now in and they hit a double superkick for 2. Shane broke it up and The Usos hit a double neck breaker to Shane. Miz sent Jey to the floor and hit his finisher to Jimmy but the referee was distracted by Shane that led to the delayed pin attempt. Jimmy sent Shane into the ring post and tagged in Jey.

Miz sent Jey into Jimmy, who was on the top rope. Miz rolled up Jey for 2 but ran into a big boot. Jey used the top rope to Miz. Shane went to the top rope and attempted coast to coast and did but Jey also went for a splash but Shane connected with a drop kick to Jey. Miz went for a frog splash but Jey put the knees up and rolled up for the win.

Winner: The Usos ©

Following the match, McMahon turned on The Miz which marked his heel turn.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Asuka © vs. Mandy Rose

They lock up to begin the match and Asuka with an arm takedown then a kick to the back. Asuka with a kick to the face of Rose. Sonya Deville distracted Asuka and Rose attacked her. Asuka with the ankle lock but Deville distracted her.

Rose with a big knee strike to the face of the champion. Rose worked over the right shoulder of Asuka. However, Asuka got out of it and applied her own submission hold. Rose botched a slam for 2. Asuka fired up with a big time slap then hit a drop kick off the middle rope. Asuka with a series of strikes then a head kick followed by a back splash in the corner and a german suplex. Asuka with a running knee strike for 2.

Deville put the ring apron up on the ring and Rose slipped, which led to Asuka hitting a kick to the face for the win.

Winner: Asuka ©

Vince McMahon told Kofi Kingston in a backstage segment that he was added to the WWE Title Match tonight and it’s a three-way. Kofi made his way out to the ring but it was announced that before this match can happen, he must take on The Bar.

Handicap Match: The Bar vs. Kofi Kingston

There were no tags in the match but rather The Bar just beatdown Kofi despite him putting up a fight. Moments later, Kofi attempted a comeback but was cut off by Cesaro with an uppercut and Sheamus hit a clothesline off the top rope. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick. He went for another one but Big E and Xavier Woods ran down until attacked by Nakamura and Rusev. The Bar then got the pin fall win.

Winners: The Bar

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match: The Revival vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode

Ricochet and Black take over the ring after a brawl ensued. The match got going when Gable and Ricochet started out when gable hit a few slams until Ricochet hit a hurricanrana then a drop kick. The Revival now in and hit a suplex. Dawson with a back elbow to Ricochet. Wilder with a gut buster for 2.

Dawson with a series of elbow drops to Ricochet then a back suplex. Ricochet mounted a comeback with some strikes that allowed him to tag in Black and Roode got the tag as well. Black with a series of kicks to Roode and Gable. Black with a spring board moonsault to Roode. Black with a kick to Dawson and Roode landed a spinebuster to Black. Black took out Roode with a knee strike off the middle rope. Gable now legal and hit a german suplex. Wilder tagged Gable and hit a slash off the top rope. Ricochet with a senton on Wilder for 2 as Roode made the save. Roode was tossed to the floor and same went for Wilder.

Ricochet went to the top rope but Dawson knocked him off. Dawson went to the top rope and Ricochet hit a hurricanrana onto the rest of the stars. Roode sent Black into the barricade and Ricochet took him out with a dive over the ring post. Gable with a crossbody on Dawson then rolled him up for 2. The Revival hit their finishers to Gable for the win.

Winner: The Revival

Post-match, a brawl broke out with Black and Ricochet standing tall.

WWE United States Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade vs. R-Truth

A brawl broke out with Joe being left until he took out the rest of the stars at ringside. Mysterio took out Joe in the ring until  Andrade landed a big drop kick to Rey for 2. Truth with a spinning clothesline to Andrade for 2. Rey with a double huricaronna then an armdrag. Joe took out Truth and Rey with a clothesline. Joe with a series of knee strikes to Rey. Moments later, Rey hit a sunset flip to Joe for 2.

Andrade put Rey on the top rope and went for a suplex but instead, Rey hit a hurricanrana to Andrade then a leg drop to Truth. Joe with a back elbow then a kick to the face. Joe caught Rey but Andrade hit a drop kick off the top rope to Joe. Rey reversed a series of suplex from Andrade and rolled him up for 2. Truth with a kick to the face of Andrade. Joe bounced Truth’s face off the apron.  Andrade took out Joe with a springboard dive. Rey went to the top rope and hit another hurricanrana to Andrade. Zelina hit Truth with a super kick then Carmella and Zelina brawled at ringside.

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