WWE Fastlane Results (3/5) Live Coverage – Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg & More!


Video Package: Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

The bell rings, and Banks quickly goes on the offensive with some punches before Jax throws her off. Banks sidesteps her and continues to punch before Jax pushes her off. Banks hits a pair of dropkicks, but Jax doesn’t go down. Jax then takes her down. Jax hits a backbreaker before bending her over her knee. Banks fights out and goes for a roll-up, but Jax simply takes her down. Jax talks a little trash before covering for a two count. Jax stretches her out on the ropes before kicking her in the back. Jax puts her in the corner and drives her hip into her face. Jax then applies a surfboard stretch. Banks kicks her in the head to get out. Jax quickly throws her across the ring and stands over her. Jax then stretches her out some more before picking up a two count. Jax reapplies a surfboard stretch before slamming her down. Jax puts her in the corner and tries to whip her, but Banks hangs on. Jax quickly drives her into the turnbuckle and applies a torture rack. Jax does a few squats to showcase her power. Banks somehow turns it into a guillotine choke. Jax powers out, but Banks hooks it back on. Jax powers out, but Banks catches her with a sleeper hold. Banks keeps it applied, but Jax soon slams her off. Banks catches her with an elbow and a kick. Banks goes for a head-scissor, but Jax holds on. Banks then hits a DDT and applies the Bank Statement. Jax powers up and gets her off her feet, but Banks fights off. Jax then slams her down. Jax drops a leg. Jax picks her up by the hair and slings her around. Jax goes for a Samoan Drop, but Banks slides off and rolls her up for the upset.

Winner by Pinfall: Sasha Banks

Rusev and Jinder Mahal were arguing in Mick Foley’s office on the Kickoff Show. Foley said he would give each of them a singles match tonight. Foley said they can go down to the ring together to figure out who goes first. Rusev and Mahal are not on the same page at all.

Jinder Mahal and Rusev make separate entrances. They start brawling in the ring. It goes outside, and Mahal sends him into the ring post. Mahal then knees him in the head and gets in the ring. He’ll face Cesaro first. Cesaro makes his entrance with his tag team partner, Sheamus.

Jinder Mahal vs. Cesaro w/ Sheamus

They circle the ring, and Mahal taunts the crowd. They lock up, and Cesaro applies a waistlock. Mahal hooks the arm and applies a hammerlock. Cesaro takes him down, but Mahal quickly gets to the ropes to keep him back. Mahal kicks and punches him back before sending him hard into the corner. Mahal forearms him in the back a few times before Cesaro comes back with a forearm to the face for a two count. Cesaro then hits a double stomp before hitting a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two count. Cesaro applies a side headlock before being whipped off. Cesaro counters a leapfrog into a backbreaker for a near fall. Cesaro grabs his lower back in pain. Cesaro catches him on the apron and goes for a deadlift superplex, but his back gives out. Mahal sweeps the legs and dropkicks him in the back. Mahal works on the back before clotheslining him down for a two count. Mahal applies a stretch, but Cesaro fights up and goes for a suplex, but he can’t get him up. Mahal takes him down with a running knee for another two count. Mahal continues to attack him before Cesaro comes back with some uppercuts. Cesaro tries for a suplex again, but his back is too hurt. Mahal sends him hard into the corner and digs his knee into his face. Mahal tries for a suplex, but Cesaro counters and finally connects with a suplex. The crowd is completely dead for this. Mahal gets to his feet first and punches him. Cesaro comes back with some uppercuts before starting the Uppercut Train. Cesaro drops him onto the middle rope and hits the Swiss-19. Cesaro hits a cross-body block off the top rope for a two count. Cesaro goes for a Cesaro Swing, but Mahal grabs the bottom rope. Mahal quickly takes Cesaro down. Rusev finally gets to his feet at ringside. Cesaro floors Mahal with a Very European Uppercut for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Cesaro

Rusev gets in the ring and looks down at Mahal. Rusev sends him shoulder-first into the ring post before viciously punching away at him. Rusev shoulders away at him in the corner  before superkicking him down. Big Show’s music hits, so that’s who Rusev will be facing.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. The Big Show

Big Show immediately big boots him down before chopping away at him. Big Show shushes the crowd before chopping him again. Rusev gets out of the ring to recover. Big Show follows him out and shoves him into the barricade. Big Show gets him in the ring and takes him down. Big Show stands on him and chokes him on the ropes. Big Show head-butts him down. Big Show sends him to the corner for an avalanche. Rusev can’t get anything going here. Big Show chokes him on the ropes and hits the Final Cut for a two count. Big Show kicks him in the ribs, but Rusev starts fighting back. Rusev goes for a clothesline, but Big Show doesn’t go down. Rusev tries again for the same result. Rusev hits the ropes, and Big Show clotheslines him twice. Big Show avalanches him in the corner and hits the ropes, but Rusev chop blocks the knee. Rusev kicks away at him for a two count. Rusev works over the knee. Big Show gets out and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Rusev quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Big Show pulls him up to the apron, but Rusev snaps him off the top rope. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam, but Rusev gets out and kicks him in the head. Rusev kicks him in the head a second time before hitting one more for good measure. Rusev picks up a near fall. Rusev stomps the spine and goes for the Accolade, but Big Show pushes him out of the ring. Rusev quickly gets back in, and Big Show floors him with a Chokeslam. Big Show pulls the straps down and hits a second Chokeslam. Big Show then picks him up for one final Chokeslam. Big Show puts him in the corner and balls up his fist. Rusev just sits in the corner. Big Show hits a Knockout Punch and picks up the decisive victory.

Winner by Pinfall: The Big Show

Charly Caruso is backstage with Kevin Owens. Owens says Goldberg hasn’t beaten anyone other than Brock Lesnar in years. Owens has been beating everyone. Goldberg doesn’t have a chance against him tonight. He’s the best, and not even the mighty Goldberg can change that. This is the Kevin Owens Show tonight, tomorrow, and for as long as he wants it to be.

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