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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results February 17, 2023


Hello and welcome to the eWrestlingNews.com coverage for WWE Friday Night SmackDown. WWE Friday Night Smackdown is coming live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. We are one night away from WWE Elimination Chamber. Intercontinental Champion Gunth puts his gold on the line tonight against Madcap Moss. Roman Reigns defends the WWE Universal championship against Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber. The Usos won’t be defending the SmackDown tag team titles this weekend because the Tribal Chief has ordered them to stay home, according to Paul Heyman. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is getting ready for her title defense at WrestleMania against Rhea Ripley. Rhea is scheduled to be in Montreal for the PPV, so maybe she’ll get up close and personal with The Queen tonight. Rhonda Rousey returns in tag team action.

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The broadcast begins with a recap of The Uso’s victory last week in their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. Jimmy Uso was unsure if his brother would be there to help in the defense but in the final moments before the match, Jey Uso showed up. Following the match his brother Jimmy would ask him if he was still in the Bloodline. Jey says he does not know. Paul informs Jimmy that Roman Reigns would like them to sit out SmackDown this week and also the Elimination Chamber event.

Rhonda Rousey & Shayna Baszler defeat Natalya & Shotzi 

Natalya and Shayna Baszler begin the bout. Natalya avoids a wrist lock from Baszler and lands a stiff kick to her face. Rhonda Rousey is tagged in and she and Natalya exchange wrist locks. Rhonda tags in Shayna and she comes back in as Shotzi requests the tag from Natalya. Shotzi is backed into the opposing corners with punches from Shayna and Rhonda Rousey tags back in. Shotzi works out of a neck stretch from Rousey and she works her over the top rope. Shotzi dives through the middle rope to nail Rousey outside of the ring. we go to commercial break

Returning from the commercial Shayna Baszler has Shotzi down on the mat in an arm bar. She attempts to reach a tag to Natalya but Shayna punches her down from the ring apron. Shotzi nails a spinning DDT on Rhonda Rousey off of the ring apron. Shayna rolls them back into the ring and goes for Shotzi but she lands the tag to Natalya. Natalya hits a running powerbomb but Shayna kicks out at two. Rhonda Rousey makes a blind tag and misses a flying crossbody attempt. Natalya ties Rhonda up into the Sharpshooter. Shayna Baszler breaks up the hold. Shotzi is tagged in and they set Rhonda up for a double team maneuver but Shayna pulls Natalya out of the ring by her feet. Rhonda locks in an arm bar and Shotzi submits. Rhonda Rousey and Shayna Baszler win.

Following a segment building up the Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns match for WWE Elimination Chamber tomorrow night Hit Row are in the ring rapping. They are cut off as the lights go out. Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy appear on the ring apron and corner Hit Row in the ring. Uncle Howdy watches as Bray Wyatt clears them out of the ring. Bray takes the microphone and tells Montreal that they are welcome. He says now that he is in charge of himself again he issues a warning to the winner of the Brock Lesnar/ Bobby Lashley match at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus defeat Viking Raiders

Ivar and Sheamus begin the match. Sheamus charges at Ivar and the action quickly spills outside of the ring. Ivar and Sheamus return to the ring only to have Sheamus dump Ivar over the top rope again with a clothesline. We go to commercial break.

Back from the commercial Sheamus is being isolated by Erik and Ivar. Sheamus fights out of a neck hold but Ivar drives him back into the corner. Ivar knocks Drew McIntyre from the apron but is then knocked down by a powerful clothesline from Sheamus. Ivar makes a tag to Erik just as Sheamus reaches Drew McIntyre. McIntyre clears the ring of both opponents. Erik suffers a driver from Drew McIntyre but he kicks out at the two count. Sheamus tags himself in and he takes it to Ivar. He takes Ivar up on his shoulders on the top rope and dives off into a rolling firemen’s carry. We go to another commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are unloading forearm chops to both Ivar and Erik. McIntyre plants Ivar in a spinebuster and makes a tag to Sheamus. He drives a knee into Ivar from the top rope. Erik reverses a kick attempt however and he lays Sheamus out with a powerbomb. Erik jumps from the second rope but catches a knee from Sheamus. Sheamus tags in Drew McIntyre and he lands a dive from over the top ropes. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but Valhalla distracts him. Ivar is tagged and he and Erik deliver a powerbomb from the top rope. Sheamus breaks up the close two count. Ivar takes a splash from the top but McIntyre kicks out at two. Erik is tagged in and Ivar and him go for a Ragnarok but Sheamus makes the save with a big boot. Drew McIntyre lands a Claymore on Erik and covers him. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus win.

Asuka defeats Liv Morgan

The two women tie up at the bell and Liv Morgan brings Asuka down with a side headlock. Asuka feigns a handshake and they exchange punches. Morgan suffers a German Suplex and Asuka locks in an arm bar. Liv powers up and she hits an Oblivion on Asuka off of the top rope. We go to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial Asuka has Liv Morgan pinned down with an arm bar. Liv Morgan reverses and sends Asuka to the corner. She hits a high knee but is nailed by Asuka with a high kick. Asuka unloads kicks to the chest of Liv Morgan. Morgan slaps Asuka. The two women exchange forearm strikes and punches. Liv Morgan hits a high drop kick from the top rope and hits another Oblivion. Morgan covers but Asuka rolls through to the arm bar. Liv Morgan submits.

WWE InterContinental Championship: Gunther defeats Madcap Moss

The bell rings and Madcap Moss goes right for the legs of Gunther. Madcap is backed into the corner but Gunther is slammed to the mat. Gunther makes a come back with a side headlock. Madcap makes it to his feet but Gunther uses a shoulder block and brings Moss down. A big boot from Gunther gets a close two count. Madcap catches Gunther in a spinebuster and covers for a quick two count. We go to commercial break.

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