WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for April 23, 2021


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We go right to the ring and Cesaro is already out, with a mic. He goes to speak but the music interrupts and out comes Seth Rollins with a new theme.

Rollins speaks from the stage and starts mocking Cesaro but congratulates him on finally reaching his potential, because he was in the ring with Rollins at WrestleMania 37. Fans boo. Rollins says he took Cesaro from way down at the bottom, and gave him the performance of his life, bringing him all the way up to the Promise Land. Rollins asks where his thanks is because he hasn’t heard anything, but he has heard that Cesaro is planning on moving on from Rollins and has his eyes on the WWE Universal Title. Rollins said it last week and will say it again – this isn’t over, because nothing is over until Rollins says so.

Rollins blames God and Mother Nature on creating a rain delay at WrestleMania that threw him off his game. If it wasn’t for that, Cesaro can’t beat Rollins on Rollins’ worst day and Cesaro’s best. Cesaro says he’s having a great day but it would be even better if Rollins came in the ring so he can prove that he can beat Rollins again. Rollins asks if that’s a challenge. He starts marching to the ring talking trash but the music interrupts and out comes Jey Uso.

Jey says Cesaro better listen to Rollins. Jey goes on about how Cesaro can’t beat him or Roman Reigns. His family disrespected Cesaro and he’s going to do the same thing again tonight. Jey drops the mic and heads for the ring but Rollins stops him to talk strategy, and how they should double team Cesaro. They surround the mic as Cesaro gets ready for a fight. The music interrupts and out comes Daniel Bryan to a pop and a “yes!” chant.

Bryan joins Cesaro in the ring as Rollins and Uso pace around at ringside. Bryan takes the mic and asks where they’re going. He gets it – they didn’t actually come out for the reasons they said they did. He knows Uso came out because Cesaro wants a title shot from Reigns, Rollins came out because he’s embarrassed and upset over the loss to Cesaro at WrestleMania. Bryan believes Reigns probably sent Jey out. Bryan says he came out here to make sure Cesaro finally gets what he deserves. Fans pop. Bryan hasn’t done this for Rollins or Jey because he has an infinite amount of respect for Cesaro, because he’s worked harder than everybody, including Bryan, Jey, Rollins and even Reigns. Bryan says Reigns is only where he’s at because of family connections, and Cesaro hasn’t got one break his entire career for the Universal Title.

Bryan asks if Rollins and Jey are going to come fight them? Probably not. Is Reigns going to come out and accept the challenge from Cesaro? Probably not. Bryan says Reigns doesn’t like to wrestle or fight. Bryan speculates that Reigns will come out and they will triple team he and Cesaro. Bryan would rather stand next to no one but Cesaro if there’s going to be a fight like that. The music interrupts and out comes the WWE Universal Champion with Paul Heyman as the boos get louder.

Rollins watches from half-way down the ramp as Jey joins Reigns and Heyman on the stage. Reigns taunts Bryan for the beating he delivered at WrestleMania 37, to Bryan and WWE Hall of Famer edge. Reigns shows off his new t-shirt that featured the stacked pin. Reigns says Bryan is the guy on the bottom, meaning he’s a loser, and Cesaro is a loser for letting Bryan speak for him. He goes on and calls the top tier losers, main event losers. The boos get louder as Reigns goes on talking trash. Reigns says they’re dumb losers for talking trash while surrounded by people that want to kick their ass. Reigns wishes good luck and walks off as his music starts back up. Rollins and Uso look to be heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

Seth Rollins and Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan and Cesaro

Bryan gets the win for his team with a running knee on Uso.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Cesaro

After the match, Bryan and Cesaro celebrate as the music hits and we go to replays. Bryan takes the mic now and calls out WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, taunting him on the mic. Uso tries to attack from behind but Cesaro catches him and drops him. Uso takes the Cesaro Swing now as fans pop and Bryan counts the rotations. Bryan continues taunting Reigns on the mic. Uso gets up but Cesaro puts him right back down with the uppercut. Bryan doesn’t know if Reigns is coming to answer Cesaro’s challenge because he’s probably afraid after those swings. Cesaro taunts Reigns also on the mic now.

Cesaro says Reigns not saving his cousin shows he’s not a family man, and shows what kind of man he truly is. Bryan says maybe Cesaro should swing Cesaro again. Fans agree with another “yes!” chant. Cesaro swings Uso again as Bryan tries to taunt Reigns into coming out and saving his cousin. Bryan goes on about how Reigns couldn’t beat him or WWE Hall of Famer Edge without help, and he knows he can’t beat Cesaro. Bryan says Reigns knows if he faces Cesaro one-on-one then Cesaro will become the new Universal Champion. Bryan leads another “yes!” chant to the idea of Cesaro being champion as Cesaro’s music hits.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are talking backstage when WWE Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews walks in with Commander Azeez. Crews is furious about having to defend his title tonight. He threatens to have Azeez hit Big E with another Nigerian Nail if he has to face him again after beating him at WrestleMania. Pearce says Big E will get his shot when he’s able to, but tonight Crews has to defend against Kevin Owens. Crews stares at Pearce to end the segment.

Nia Jax vs. Tamina

After a distraction ringside, Tamina gets the super kick for the win.

Winner: Tamina

After the match, the music hits as Tamina joins Natalya at ringside. Jax is emotional as Baszler and Reginald hit the ring now, pleading with an angry Jax. There is trouble between the champs, and Reginald.

– Kayla is backstage with Kevin Owens. He says it’s been years since his last Intercontinental Title shot and he’s been waiting for this. He’s thrilled, delighted. He wasn’t expecting this opportunity and he’s not going to turn it down. A lot of people want to take the title from Apollo Crews and he will gladly be the one. Big E comes up laughing, saying Owens jumped the line because we all know this is Big E’s match, and his title. Owens jokes that Big E lost the title at WrestleMania, but he’s probably right about getting a rematch, but it’s not happening tonight because this is Owens’ opportunity, and it’s next. Owens says he will have fun because when he wins, the title will be his. They keep forcing laughs between the two until Owens walks off and Big E stares him down. Back to commercial.

Apollo Crews (C) vs. Kevin Owens – Intercontinental Championship

Crews rolls up Owens from behind after an Azeez distraction for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the match, Owens drops Crews with a Stunner. Azeez comes in and lays Owens out with the Nigerian Nail. We go to replays. Crews makes his exit with Azeez as the music hits. Sami enters the ring and dances over Owens while he’s laid out. Fans boo Sami as he taunts Owens and dances over him.

After the match, Owens drops Crews with a Stunner. Azeez comes in and lays Owens out with the Nigerian Nail. We go to replays. Crews makes his exit with Azeez as the music hits. Sami enters the ring and dances over Owens while he’s laid out. Fans boo Sami as he taunts Owens and dances over him.

Kayla is backstage with Paul Heyman, asking if Roman Reigns will accept Cesaro’s challenge tonight. Heyman goes on about admiring and respecting Cesaro, and loving him, in a professional way. Heyman goes on and doesn’t answer the question but says we will hear from Reigns before the night is over. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and new backstage correspondent Megan Morant is waiting for WWE Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews. Crews walks in and he’s celebrating his win over Kevin Owens. He says let what happened be proof of what will happen to anyone foolish enough to come for the title. Crews is suddenly attacked by Big E. Big E drops Crews but is pulled away by officials. Commander Azeez runs up and checks on Crews as Big E is taken away. Azeez stands up from Crews and he’s not happy. McAfee wonders where Azeez was when Big E attacked.

We get a new vignette for the return of Aleister Black. Black sits in a chair and says he wants us to know the truth. He talks about how people aren’t honest. He reads the first chapter from “Tales from the Dark Father: The Dragon” and talks about a child whose father took him to other people’s funerals, celebrations of life and death. He was too young to understand but his father became cold and distant. He learned not how to defeat the dragon but to become the dragon. Black says people are weak-minded and turn their children into bigger monsters than they are. Black says people need to be scorched from Earth to make room for more fertile things. Smoke fills the room as the vignette ends.

– Kayla is backstage with SmackDown Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. She asks who will win the Alpha Academy vs. Mysterios match tonight. Ziggler goes with Alpha Academy. He believes Dominik Mysterio has some big shoes to fill with Rey Mysterio. Kayla asks who’s next for Roode and Ziggler. The Street Profits interrupt and they want another title shot after losing last week. Ziggler tells them to get to the back of the line and they face off. Bayley gets in between them and calms things down as the two teams go their separate ways.

Bayley goes on about her WrestleMania Backlash match against SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Bayley takes credit for helping Belair get ready for the title and says she’s rude, so she’s taking back what’s hers at Backlash, and going back to the top of the division. Bayley tells Kayla that she can go tell Belair that. Montez Ford wanders back over and he has his wife on speakerphone. She says she will be right there to deal with Bayley. Bayley is ready to say it to her face. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and announced for Talking Smack tomorrow is Cesaro, Bayley, and Sami Zayn. Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman will co-host as usual.

– We go back to Kayla and she’s with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Bayley is with them. Belair asks about the trash Bayley was talking earlier. Bayley changes her tune and congratulates Belair on her big WrestleMania win, and says she’s honored to be her first challenger. She goes on about how she handled Sasha Banks and says again it’s going to be an honor to face her at WrestleMania Backlash. That’s it, she says. Bayley walks off and Belair tells Kayla that’s not what she was expecting. Bayley walks back over and has one more thing… she starts laughing at Belair uncontrollably. Belair stares at her as she walks away.

Alpha Academy vs. The Mysterios 

The Mysterios win after Rey hits a 619 on Gable and pins him with the Frog Splash.

Winners: The Mysterios

After the match, Rey and Dominik celebrate as the music hits and we get replays. Cesaro’s music hits as he comes out with Daniel Bryan. They greet The Mysterios on the ramp as father and son head to the back. Cesaro and Bryan enter the ring as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cesaro is in the ring with Daniel Bryan.

Cesaro takes the mic and says he’s ready for an answer from WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns isn’t coming out. Cesaro says they can come back there and get an answer from Reigns if they have to, it’s up to him. They wait and the music hits as Reigns makes his way out with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman.

Reigns enters the ring and raises the title in the air as fans boo. He raises it in Cesaro’s face as the boos get louder. A “you suck!” chant starts up. Reigns can’t believe Cesaro is going to challenge him. He says Cesaro doesn’t deserve it and hasn’t earned it. Reigns says this will always be his because Cesaro can’t get on his level. Reigns says the champ issues the challenges around here and he challenges… he looks over at Bryan and says the challenge goes to him.

Reigns doesn’t like Bryan, has never liked him and never will, but will give him one more opportunity. He tells Bryan he will get one more title opportunity next week on SmackDown. What do you have to say? Cesaro tells Bryan he has to take the title shot, you can do this, you have to. Reigns tells Cesaro to shut up as he steps to him. Reigns says when Bryan loses, he never wants to see Bryan again. He wants Bryan to disappear, vanish, never to be seen on SmackDown again. Do you understand me? Bryan steps to Reigns and accepts the challenge. Fans pop.

A “yes!” chant starts up as Reigns and Bryan face off. Reigns raises the title in his face and taunts him with it. Reigns says Bryan will never have this, it’ll always be his. He keeps the title in the air and makes his exit as the music hits, still taunting Bryan. Cole says Bryan will be banished from SmackDown forever if he loses next week. The match is confirmed for next Friday with Bryan’s career on the line, but for just SmackDown? Bryan and Cesaro look on from the ring as Reigns, Uso and Heyman march up the ramp. SmackDown goes off the air.

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