WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for August 13, 2021


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We go right to the ring and out comes John Cena to a huge pop. Cena rushes the ring as fans cheer him on. Cole sends us to a Progressive-sponsored video package that shows how Baron Corbin took out Finn Balor two weeks ago before he could sign the SummerSlam contract to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and how Cena came down to take out Corbin, then sign the contract to face Reigns.

Cena is hyped up as he welcomes us to SmackDown and hypes the SummerSlam match with Reigns for next Saturday at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Cena says with school going back in session, it’s the perfect time to give Reigns his report card. Cena says Reigns is a D, a below average D, a D-head, a D-bag, and above all a huge disappointment, because for 10 years WWE has been selling us Roman Reigns, and judging by the numbers the only one buying is Roman. Cena says that’s why he came back with a very specific agenda, to give Reigns a F. Cena says Reigns will receive that F from him at SummerSlam.

Cena wants to hear what Tulsa feels about this. Fans cheer and boo, then chant for Cena. Cena has a pop quiz for the fans – do you think Reigns will beat the hell out of him at SummerSlam? The crowd loudly responds with a mixed reaction. Cena says Reigns will beat the hell out of him at SummerSlam, but he also knows Reigns will lose at SummerSlam and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. The music interrupts and out comes The Tribal Chief with Paul Heyman. They stop on the stage as Reigns smirks. Heyman hands Reigns the strap and he raises it in the air as the pyro goes off.

Reigns continues staring Cena down from the ramp. Cole and McAfee hype tonight’s show – Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair will sign their contract for SummerSlam, and Apollo Crews will defend the WWE Intercontinental Title against King Shinsuke Nakamura. We go to commercial with Cena looking on from the ring as Reigns staring back at him from the stage.

Back from the break and Reigns and Heyman are in the ring now. Cena gets the crowd to give it up for them. Cena says this is a lively crowd tonight. He thanks Reigns and Heyman for joining us. Heyman hands Reigns the mic and then raises the title. Reigns says let’s get to it. Cena says he’s going to wait until next Saturday to embarrass Reigns on the biggest stage of them all. Reigns asks Cena if that’s it. Cena says that’s all he needs. Cena says he sees a guy walking around like this is his show, like we all have to play by his rules, like this is Reigns’ company. Cena says everybody knows the company belongs to the fans. Cena goes on and says he’s back because he’s the only one that can shut Reigns up. Cena talks more about why he’s back and says he was asked to come back so he can serve Reigns a big slice of humble pie, which he will do at SummerSlam to shut him up.

A “Roman sucks!” chant starts up. Cena says the fans know and they have one week to decide, but they know what it will be. Reigns thought Cena was going to bring something different and fresh tonight. He knocks Cena’s joke and tells him to hit him with something better. Cena mentions again how Reigns will beat him good at SummerSlam. Cena doesn’t need to prove himself to Reigns, that’s what is so historic, he just needs to pin Reigns 1-2-3. Cena says if he can hold onto the title just one more time, it’ll make #17 and that will make him the most decorated of all-time. All he needs to do is pin Reigns 1-2-3. Cena says as fun as it will be for him, it’ll be better for Reigns. Cena goes on about how he’s here to help Reigns. Reigns and Heyman joke about Cena’s comments. Reigns talks more about Cena being the best, at the top of WWE on Mount Rushmore, but Reigns is just glad he can beat Cena.
Reigns says Cena is good, good enough to main event SummerSlam, good enough to win the WWE Title, but not good enough to win the Universal Title. Reigns says 20 years of missionary may have been good enough for Cena, in a reference to his recent promo, but it wasn’t good enough for Nikki Bella. Reigns says he’s going to smash Cena, retain the title, pack him on a private jet and send hi back to Hollywood, but he wants Cena to enjoy this because it might be the last time we get to see Cena. Reigns tells Cena to take us home.

Cena says Reigns want to hypocritically knock him for doing D-jokes, but then bring up sex and a break-up he had. Cena goes on about how Reigns has been protected, how he almost ruined Seth Rollins and ran Dean Ambrose out of WWE.

Cena goes on about how Reigns has been protected, with the whole system behind him, and it’s still not working. Cena says Reigns needs to be embarrassed. Cena says Reigns is right by a lot – SummerSlam will be compelling, Cena will go to a Hollywood set afterwards, and Reigns will smash him, but Heyman knows better than anyone how much Cena can take and still hang on, and all he needs to do is hang on for that 1-2-3. Cena calls Reigns the biggest failure in WWE history.

Cena says Reigns has to shine, smash and bash and overachieve, but all Cena needs is 1-2-3 and then Reigns will be the answer to a trivia question – who did John Cena beat to become a 17-time champion? Cena says Reigns is going to show up like he does and put on a helluva show, and all Cena is going to do is hang on for 1-2-3. Cena goes on and says he’s going to take the title, hop the barrier with the title and he may even blow Reigns a kiss goodbye.

Cena says Reigns doesn’t get this – it’s inevitable and no one can protect reigns any longer, and at SummerSlam, The Champ is… gone. Cena taunts Reigns with “1-2-3” in his face once again, and drops the mic. Cena exits the ring to a pop as his music hits. He marches right to the back. Reigns raises the title in the air as some fans boo.

– We see King Nakamura and Rick Boogs backstage getting ready. Back to commercial.

Apollo Crews (C) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Intercontinental Championship

Commander Azeez and Boggs both got ejected at the start of the match. Nakamura eventually wins his second Intercontinental Championship with the Kinsasha.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura 

– After the match, the music hits as Nakamura takes the title and celebrates. We go to replays. Boogs comes back out and jams with Nakamura as pyro goes off. McAfee joins them and dances on top of the announce table as the celebration continues.

– We get a video on the feud between The Street Profits and Alpha Academy. Kayla Braxton is backstage with The Street Profits now. Montez Ford isn’t worried about getting back in the ring with Otis after what happened last time. Ford and Angelo Dawkins cut promos on Alpha Academy and how they want the smoke with them because this is payback season.

Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Ford pins Gable with the corkscrew neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Street Profits 

After the match, Otis seethes as The Profits head to the ramp and celebrate while their music hits. We go to replays. Otis is furious as he looks on.

– Seth Rollins is in the production truck now, yelling at the workers about knowing what he wants. We go to commercial.

We come back to a recap of the issue between Belair and Banks, then here’s Seth Rollins. Rollins gets a mic, and plays with the crowd a little bit before playing the role of party pooper but Edge will no be here tonight. He’s as disappointed as all of us, because he’d love to punch Edge for all the lies Edge told about him last week. Rollins laughs at being called Edge-lite last week, the most narcissistic thing he’s heard but it makes sense because Edge has done everything there is to do but he can’t stand that Rollins has been just a little bit better. That’s not just his opinion, he’s got evidence to show to all of us. We get a career retrospective of Edge and Rollins, how Rollins took everything Edge started and improved upon it at every step. Edge arrived as a member of factions with moderate success, Rollins led the most dominant faction in WWE history The Shield. Edge was the first to win Money in the Bank and cash in to win, but that’s nothing compared to Rollins cashing in at WrestleMania 31. Twice Edge has won the Royal Rumble only to lose at WrestleMania whereas Rollins on the Rumble then went on to become The Beast Slayer. Rollins doesn’t need to be Edge, because he’s better than Edge. Back to live, Rollins sees no lies in the video he put together. He did have a bit of a revelation while watching that, Edge should be thanking him. No, not just Edge, all the fans as well. Because if Rollins had stomped Edge back in 2014 we wouldn’t be having this conversation, this dream match wouldn’t be on the table, all of those moments from Edge’s comeback would never have happened, no acting career, and Edge’s kids would be pushing him around in a wheelchair.

But now Edge has pushed Rollins too far, he’s making Rollins be a person he doesn’t want to be, but Edge has put himself between Rollins and the Universal title too many times. He reminds Edge this isn’t 2014 anymore, at Summerslam he will not hesitate or hold back, he will stomp Edge’s head into the mat and if that puts him out for good then so be it.

The Mysterios vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Dominik gets the victory roll on Roode for the win.

Winners: The Mysterios

A recap of Roman and Cena from earlier tonight then here comes Baron Corbin. Corbin wanders to the ring, he’ll make a final plea to raise money because he’s about to have to declare bankruptcy. That will be up after the break.

Corbin is in the ring with a mic, and boy does he look bad. He says this is so much worse than you can imagine, he’ll have to file bankruptcy soon, then chastises the crowd for cheering that. This is what’s wrong with society, you want to keep someone down once they fall, and this will be the last time he asks for help. He’s used to a certain way of life and he needs each of us to contribute a minimum of $1,000. He’s got a credit card scanner for his phone to make this easier, and here’s Kevin Owens to disrupt things. Owens has a mic, Corbin knows he’s out here to contribute, and Owens interrupts him. He’s not here to help, he’s here to tell Corbin to stop begging the people for money and embarrassing himself. Owens thought Corbin might have learned from his mistakes and wanted to learn from them, but no he’s here trying to milk sympathy. He ruined Balor’s title match trying to get a payday, then he mocks Corbin for asking Drew McIntyre for a hundred thousand dollars, because who asks for that much money? Corbin isn’t leaving this ring until he gets a thousand bucks from Owens. Owens says he’ll give it to Corbin, if Corbin can beat him in a match right now. But there’s one more condition, if Owens wins then this begging stops and Corbin starts helping himself. Corbin thinks about it, but accepts eventually and says he wouldn’t be here in the first place if not for Owens being a cheap- Owens cuts him off with a Stunner.

They’ll start that match after the break, but before that we head to the back where Sasha Banks is walking around, leading to another recap of Banks jumping Belair from a few weeks ago, and don’t forget there’s a contract signing to close the episode. We head to break, Owens and Corbin will be up when we get back.

Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens 

Owens wins with a sunset flip roll up for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Owens gives Corbin another stunner for his troubles. He celebrates with the crowd.

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