WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for January 14, 2022


We get a recap of last week with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. Lita retrns tonight, and Roman and Seth will be face to face tonight.

The Usos are out. They’re sporting The Bloodline T-Shirt with Heyman’s face crossed out. They celebrate their win over New Day, saying they pushed them more than any other team. But they let everyone know who the best team in the world is and that they’re the ones. But the grind doesn’t stop. They should be celebrating or they should be helping the Tribal Chief with Seth Rollins. Management is already lining up their challengers, but they’ll knock em down. There is a fatal 4 way number 1 contender’s match for their titles.


Los Lathrios vs. Cesaro and Mansoor vs. Jinder Mahal and Shanky vs. The Viking Raiders 

Viking Raiders win when Ivar hits the Viking Experience on Humberto Carrillo.

Winners: Viking Raiders

After the match, Usos taunt the Raiders and claim they will be one and done.

Backstage, Naomi is backstage with Sonya Deville. Naomi says everything that comes out of Deville’s mouth is a lie. Toying with her is one thing, but toying with her career is something she won’t let slide. She hasn’t heard why she’s been hating on her and she’s getting her revenge. Sonya says that if she has her jacket on, she’s in control and to keep her hands off her unless she wants to get fined or removed from her Royal Rumble match. Or even removed from her title.

Still to come is Sami Zayn’s In-Zayn stunt segment. Sami has vowed to “out-Jackass” Johnny Knoxville of Jackass. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a Road to Royal Rumble video on Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns, looking at history between the two. Tonight’s Face-To-Face segment will be sponsored by Jackson-Hewitt.

– We go back to the ring and Sami Zayn is making his way down. He says the conspiracy against him has gone on for too long, beginning with how he was robbed for the WWE Intercontinental Title, but finally he is getting back to where he retains the gold that belongs to him. Zayn brings up Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and shows us what happened between the two last week. Sami says Knoxville is actually great because he is also officially entering the Royal Rumble. Zayn says Knoxville thinks he can do anything Zayn can but he can’t. Zayn then says he can do whatever Knoxville can, and tonight he will show that to the world.

Zayn says everyone knows about Jackass, but get ready for the most spectacular stunt show on TV, the first episode of In-Zayn. An intro video plays for the show. We come back and Zayn is at the top of the ramp, sitting down in a shopping cart like Jackass stars used to do. Two assistants in all black are ready to push the cart down the ramp. Sami introduces himself and says he’s going to jump this wrestling ring. There’s a wooden ramp at ringside.

Sami hesitates and counts to 3 but then stalls. Zayn, wearing a bike helmet, gets ready to go again and now he tells them to go, full speed. They start pushing him down the entrance-way but tells them to stop before they get to the wooden ramp. Fans boo as Zayn gets out of the cart and says he just wants to make sure it’s safe. Sami says fans don’t want to see him get hurt, right? Sami is way tougher than Knoxville but he doesn’t want to get hurt for nothing. Rick Boogs suddenly appears on the apron and Sami is glad he’s here. Sami says Boogs can deliver a message to his friend, WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn goes on ranting until Nakamura appears behind him for a big pop from the crowd.

Sami turns around to Nakamura leveling him with a Kinshasa to a bigger pop. Boogs then presses Zayn high in the air as fans cheer him on. Boogs presses Zayn in the air and then launches him to the floor, into the crash pads that were on the other side of the ring for the shopping cart stunt. Nakamura’s music hits as he and Boogs celebrate to end the segment.

– Megan Morant is backstage with Aliyah. She asks if Aliyah is nervous to make her SmackDown singles debut tonight. Aliyah says she is all nerves. She has dreamed about getting into the WWE ring since she was a little girl, and now she gets to do that against Natalya, who is a Triple Crown winner. Aliyah hopes she puts on a good showing and doesn’t embarrass herself. Natalya shows up to boos from the arena, and she’s carrying a Guinness Book of World Records. Natalya says Aliyah will do awesome and there’s no shame in losing to Natalya in her singles debut on SmackDown because she is the winningest woman in WWE history, and that’s just one of her Guinness World Records. Aliyah seems a bit excited and says she didn’t know the Guinness Book was a real thing. Natalya isn’t impressed as Aliyah hurries off.

Aliyah vs. Natalya

We go back to the ring and out first comes Aliyah for her blue brand singles debut. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Aliyah is in the ring waiting for her opponent. Natalya is backstage with Morant again. She brags about her Guinness World Records and how important the book is. She says her three records symbolize the 14 years she’s dedicated to WWE, and that’s why she’s a clear favorite to win the Women’s Rumble. Natalya brags again about her three Guinness World Records – most matches of any woman in WWE history, the most pay-per-view matches of any woman in WWE history, and the most victories of any woman in WWE history. Natalya says tonight she will set another record by beating the record for the fastest match for a woman in WWE history, which is 3.8. Natalya walks off and makes her entrance to the ring now.

Natalya sets her Guinness Book down in the corner and immediately attacks Aliyah and beats her down before the bell. The referee warns her but she continues the assault. Natalya unloads with stomps in the corner as the referee warns her. Natalya beats Aliyah around the ring and the referee has no luck in restoring order. He finally gets Natalya off her and checks on Aliyah, telling her to let him know if she’s able to continue. The referee tells the ring announcer that Aliyah cannot compete, but Aliyah begs and pleads with him. The announcement is made, but then the referee changes his mind and Aliyah has convinced him she can go.

The bell rings and Aliyah immediately rolls Natalya up for the quick pin to win in seconds.

Winner: Aliyah

– After the match, Aliyah celebrates as her music hits. She heads to the stage as s shocked and disappointed Natalya looks on from the ring. Irvin announces that Aliyah set a new WWE record for the fastest victory ever with 3.17 seconds. We see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage watching. They comment on how it’s still so cold in their office and the thermostat isn’t working.

– Still to come, Lita is here. Back to commercial.

– We get another video package on the history between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

– Michael Cole is in the ring now. He gives a grand introduction to WWE Hall of Famer Lita and out she comes to a big pop and standing ovation from the crowd.

Cole asks how it feels to be back in the WWE ring and Lita says she is home. Fans chant her name and she says it still gives her chills every time. Cole mentions how Lita inspired so many current WWE Superstars, and asks why she’s returning to the Women’s Royal Rumble this year. Lita talks about how she’s had a wild ride, and has so many career highlights.

Lita says most days she is fully satisfied with her career, until recently as she never got the chance to compete in the Royal Rumble because the Women’s Rumble wasn’t a thing when she was around. Lita feels like she still has one more run in her, so she has a plan – to mow through 29 other women, win the Royal Rumble and then main event WrestleMania 38. Fans pop but the music interrupts and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to a mixed reaction.

Flair poses on the ramp as the pyro goes off. She enters the ring and takes the mic from Cole, saying she’s got this and will interview Lita. Cole exits the ring. Flair asks Lita how she’s doing, cuts her off as Lita looks to respond with saying she’s not interested in Flair. Flair says she didn’t know it was Flashback Friday. She goes on about how she will win The Rumble and pick her own opponent for WrestleMania. Flair says Lita’s little run will come to an end when Flair eliminates her at the Royal Rumble. Flair asks Lita how she will handle the humiliation when she ends Lita’s little comeback and crushes her WrestleMania dreams. Lita says she heard about this version of Flair, and says she looks like Tonya Harding. Flair poses. Lita wonders how Flair will eliminate anyone when she has this big head, which makes it looks like she’s about to tip over. Fans chant about Flair having a big head and Flair says she can’t hear them. Flair says it was funny how Lita brought up her best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

Flair goes on to brag about how she broke Stratus at SummerSlam 2019, forcing her to retire. Flair says that’s exactly what she will do to Lita at The Rumble. Fans boo. Lita slaps Flair. Flair turns back to her but Lita kicks her and drops her with a Twist of Fate for a big pop. Lita’s music hits as she poses in the corner as fans cheer her on. Flair crawls to get back to her feet as Lita makes her exit.

– We see recent happenings in the Sheamus and Ridge Holland vs. Cesaro and Ricochet feud, and how Holland suffered a broken nose at WWE Day 1. Megan is backstage with Sheamus now. He says Holland should be here tonight with him, but he’s at home and that’s all Ricochet’s fault. Sheamus goes on about getting payback for Holland and says he will give Ricochet the beating of a lifetime tonight, and he will see how he likes it when he’s the one leaving the ring with a broken nose.

Sheamus vs. Ricochet

Sheamus wins with the Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. The Celtic Warrior stands tall and yells out to the crowd.

– We see what happened earlier between Aliyah and Natalya. Cole and McAfee announce that Aliyah has the fastest victory in WWE history with 3.17 seconds.

– Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are backstage now. Now they’re complaining about how hot it is in their office, and the thermostat still is not working. Pearce is going to check with maintenance. Deville takes off her jacket and turns around to Naomi walking in. Naomi points out how Deville doesn’t have her jacket in, so no jacket means no boss, right? Pearce comes back in and stands in between them. Naomi asks Pearce to step aside because no one does anything about Deville abusing her power, and she deserves this beatdown. Pearce says Naomi is right about her complaint over Deville getting involved in last week’s match with SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. He says Naomi deserves another shot, and Flair vs. Naomi in a Championship Contender’s match is announced for next week. Naomi has a few more words for Deville as she leaves the office.

Kofi Kingston vs. Madcap Moss

Kofi with a top rope crossbody but Moss catches him, rolls through and powers up but Kofi gets free. They tangle again but Moss blocks the SOS. Moss keeps going and drops Kofi with The Punchline for the pin to win.

Winner: Madcap Moss

– After the match, Moss and Corbin celebrate as the music hits.

– Cole sends us to a preview for next week’s RAW with more Royal Rumble build.

– We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event segment and out comes Seth Rollins to mostly boos. We go back to commercial as Rollins enters the ring and poses.

Back from the break and out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns by himself. Reigns stops on the ramp and raises the strap in the air as the pyro goes off. Rollins watches from the ring as Reigns marches in, and raises the title to more pyro. Fans cheer as the former members of The Shield meet in the middle of the ring.

Reigns says before Rollins says anything, he calls on Omaha to acknowledge him. They respond with more mixed reactions. Rollins says let’s acknowledge that this is quite a moment and he was thinking… some fans chant for Rollins. Rollins offers his fist for a Shield fist bump, for old time’s sake. Reigns isn’t interested and some fans boo. Reigns says that is beneath him now. Rollins says well then let’s acknowledge the look on Reigns’ face when Rollins showed up in his office last week. Rollins laughs and says it seems he’s the last person on Earth Reigns wanted to see, and why not because their track record in singles matches for titles is one-sided. Rollins brags and says he won them all, so why would Reigns want to see him?

Reigns laughs at Rollins for coming out here and talking about the past. Reigns says Rollins must be sleeping under a rock because he’s in God-mode these days, the Head of your table, the Tribal Chief, the provider, the greatest of this generation no questions asked, the greatest Universal Champion of all-time, which makes him the greatest to ever do this. Rollins says he didn’t come out here to rain on Reigns’ parade, he came to acknowledge Reigns and everything he’s done. Rollins just has one question – can Reigns look himself in the mirror at night and say he’s accomplished all that by himself? Rollins says that’s the different between them.

Rollins goes on about how he was climbing to the top while Reigns was riding the pine in the CFL, and how Rollins still had to hold Reigns’ hand later on. Rollins asks if Reigns understands the difference yet. Cole says Rollins is making good points. Rollins says he created Reigns, and can destroy him. Rollins laughs. Reigns says Rollins is a waste of his time. Reigns says he looks and sounds like a clown because he is a clown, and clearly does not have the star power Reigns has, and won’t reach the levels he’s reached. Reigns says if he was looking for a megastar, he would not have chosen Rollins from RAW, or even chose Rollins from his own household. Reigns says if he wanted to headline the Royal Rumble with a megastar, he would’ve chosen Rollins’ wife. Some fans chant for RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch now as Reigns and Rollins face off in the middle of the ring.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos suddenly try to attack from behind but Rollins ducks and retreats to the floor, and is standing on top of the announce table now. The Usos come out to attack on the floor but Rollins sends one of them into the steel ring steps. He jumps back into the ring, briefly stares Reigns down, but quickly retreats back to the floor as The Usos run in after him. Rollins quickly heads up to the stage and laughs, ranting about how he created Reigns and will now destroy him. The Bloodline looks on from the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.


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