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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for July 10, 2020


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They welcome Hardy and Miz says he has a clip for us to see. Hardy has no clip and knows nothing about it. Miz says that’s OK because he has a clip. He leads us to a video package on the recent Hardy vs. Sheamus feud, including Sheamus raising a toast to Hardy last Friday and trying to get him to drink alcohol. Hardy insists he’s alright but says he did go to some dark places with his addiction. Sheamus tried to take him back there. Jeff admits Sheamus bothers him and his words get under his skin, and the loss at Backlash did bother him. Hardy says he’s going to do everything in his power to destroy Sheamus and put this behind him.

The crowd cheers for Hardy. Hardy goes on and says he will be a beacon of light for people struggling with addiction, to show them there is hope and change is possible, and that there is a life waiting for them beyond their wildest dreams if they can stay sober. Morrison has goosebumps. Miz is glad Hardy came on MizTV because he feels like this is progress. They want to help Hardy. Miz says there needs to be a rematch between Sheamus and Hardy, but not just any match, where Hardy does his best work… in a Bar Fight. The crowd boos. Morrison goes on about the symbolism – Hardy will fight Sheamus and his alcoholism at the same time. Hardy says Sheamus must have put Miz and Morrison up to this. Sheamus probably thinks Jeff will crumble in a Bar Fight but he’s wrong. He will take Sheamus out in that Bar Fight and prove once and for all he’s on the right path to redemption, the path to success, and he’s never letting any fans down again. Hardy accepts the challenge from Sheamus. He also wants a match tonight. He says Miz and Morrison can’t invite him on their show, mock him in his face, and not get punched in their face. Jeff ends up attacking them both. Morrison with a cheap shot. Hardy still manages to clear the ring. He starts tossing the chairs out of the ring as they yell back at him about how they’re trying to help him. We go to commercial.

Jeff Hardy defeated The Miz.

Nakamura and Cesaro say it won’t be an upset if they win tonight because they already beat The New Day.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross


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