WWE SmackDown (Bray Wyatt)
WWE Friday Night SmackDown (Bray Wyatt)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for May 8, 2020


Here are the results for this week’s SmackDown.

Otis meets Mandy preparing backstage and gets a kiss. Dolph hypes Sonya up as she’s shadow boxing.

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

Rose’s knee buckled and Sonya was able to roll her up for the win.

Winner: Sonya Deville


New Day and Lucha House Party vs. The Forgotten Sons, The Miz and John Morrison

Dorado hits an inverted DDT on Morrison, but The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale from behind for the win.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons, The Miz and John Morrison

The two winning teams argue after.

Corbin is interviewed backstage and he recaps last week’s assault on Daniel Bryan and he asks who would want to be his partner after last week. He says he’s looking past tonight and looking towards Sunday.

Corbin says Otis won’t get off the ground, Black likes to hide behind doors and Rey is too small to hang. He can already feel the fresh air of when he climbs and wins.

Jeff Hardy and Renee Young are in the ring for an interview.

Hardy is asked after everything he’s accomplished, what he still has left to prove. Jeff says he doesn’t know, but that he’s seen some high highs and some very low lows we don’t know about. However, he said his lows has taught him to never give up.

He said that he can still hear us chanting from home and asks us to stick with him for one more run in WWE. Jeff also says he’s surprised Sheamus isn’t out to interrupt him. He calls him out and eventually he comes.

Sheamus comes out and says that he’s an adrenaline junkie for one last fix. He says no one cares about him and that despite everything he’s done, they’re tired of the suspensions, no-shows and the wasted second chances.

Jeff says for such a hater he knows a lot about him. Sheamus says that’s the sad part. He’s not a hater. But when he watched his redemption story, he asks how many times does he have to comeback before he realizes that it’s over. Jeff says to ask him that same question.

Shesmus says everyone knows Jeff’s next failure is just around the corner and everyone knows it except Jeff. Meanwhile, he’s been seeking out the weakest flames on SmackDown, but has missed the biggest one. It’s time to put it out.

Hardy and Sheamus brawl until Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and Stanton Bomb. Jeff stands tall.

Braun Strowman says Bray is delusional if he thinks he owes his success to him, and he’s a coward. That’s why he gives him gifts and won’t approach him like a man. Bray comes out.

Wyatt says it’s a shame that it’s come to us because all he wanted him to do was apologize. Strowman says he doesn’t owe him anything. Bray says that’s not true and he knows it. Strowman says at Money In The Bank, he’ll be sorry.

Wyatt says he knows what’s best for him and his creator, he knows everything he’ll say and do. Strowman says he doesn’t know that. Wyatt says he can teach him that he doesn’t have to go on like this and come home. He can do that by relieving the burden of the Universal Championship by taking it back.

Braun says Wyatt doesn’t know him at all and he says at MITB, it will all end. Wyatt says their journey is just beginning. He offers a taste of things to come and he brings out his old mask. Wyatt tells Strowman to take the mask and come back home. The puppets tell Braun to take it.

Strowman says he is home, and that at MITB, the Universal Title will stay home. Braun waves Bray goodbye like he does and he’ll see him this Sunday. Bray says he’s sorry and that he tried.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart plug a WrestleMania 3 Replay airing on FS1 Tuesday at 8 pm EST.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Tamina and Lacey Evans

Tamina superkicks and Samoan Drops Bayley for the win.

Winners: Tamina and Lacey Evans

Dana Brooke and Carmella are interviewed backstage. Carmella apologizes to Dana for doubting that she could beat Naomi. Brooke says no one knows what to expect, and that’s why she’s as much of a favorite in this match as anyone else.

Carmella says alliances and friendships won’t matter because it’s every woman for themselves. As a former winner and the one with the most experience in the match, she should be a favorite, and when she climbs the corporate ladder, she’ll show everyone why Mella is money.

Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis vs. King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro

Corbin wins the match for his team when he hits the Deep Six on Gulak.

Winners: King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro 

After the match, Corbin grabs a ladder and climbs to get the briefcase, but brawls with Bryan. Corbin eventually dispatched of Bryan, but then Otis jumps in, grabs a ladder and hits Corbin with it.

Otis attempts to climb but the rungs of the ladder collapse under his feet. Corbin attacks him from behind. Bryan re-enters and eventually Dragon Screws Corbin. Bryan climbs the ladder, but Corbin shoves the ladder, sending Bryan flying onto Otis on the outside.

Corbin climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase.

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