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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results For October 14, 2022


Welcome to EWrestlingNews’ WWE Friday Night SmackDown results for October 14, 2022!

We kick things off with The New Day making their way to the ring. They prop themselves up as the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history. They say the record will last forever.


We head backstage where we see Sami Zayn, Solo Sikoa and Jey Uso. Zayn asks where Jimmy is and Jey says he’s dealing with a “family thing.” Zayn tells Sikoa to stay backstage and has Jey come with him. Zayn’s phone then rings, and it’s Roman Reigns, who wants to talk to Jey. Reigns goes off on him before Zayn jokes with him. He then heads to the ring with Jey.

Sami Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston

Jey helps Zayn pick up the win at ringside.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Backstage we see Triple H shaking hands with two police officers. Rey Mysterio comes up to him and says he’s reached his breaking point. He says he can not fight his son and can’t do this anymore. Rey said he has come to tell Triple H that he quits. Triple H tells Mysterio that he can’t even imagine what he’s going through, but urges that there’s another way. He invites Mysterio into his office to talk things over.

Returning from break, Roxanne Perez is seen talking to Shotzi, while Raquel Rodriguez walks in and wishes her luck against Cora Jade. Perez then says she chooses Rodriguez as her poison for Jade. Damage CTRL comes in and says that she is the only choice. Perez agreed that she was, but she’s on a losing streak. Bayley gets mad and says she’ll kick their asses tonight.

Braun Strowman vs. James Maverick and Brian Thomas

Strowman gets the easy win with a Monster Bomb.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, MVP and Omos, who came out mid-match, are there. MVP says he gives Strowman credit, but asks if he has ever seen Omos. MVP says he looks normal standing by him, and Storwman vows to prove he’s nothing compared to him.

Backstage, Zayn instructs Sikoa to get the win the same way he did, but Jey interrupts and says he did it. Zayn claims he got the win on his own. Jey asks if he saw and he says no. Sikoa says he will beat everyone and get himself some gold.

LA Knight vs. mån.sôör

Knight hits the BFT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match Knight gets on the mic and says that win wasn’t just for himself, but for the fans. He then calls out the locker room, saying LA Knight is game.

Damage CTRL vs. Roxanne Perez, Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi

Bayley gets the pin for her team’s victory.

Winner: Damage CTRL

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Hit Row

Wilde and Del Toro get their finisher for the win.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

Sonya Deville is interviewed backstage. Deville blasts Morgan for all the opportunities she has been giving, and failing at them. Morgan comes out of nowhere and attacks her. She puts Deville through a table with a Senton.

Fatal Four-Way Number One Contenders Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Solo Sikoa vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sheamus vs. Ricochet

Mysterio hits Viva La Raza for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Bray Wyatt comes out and gets the mic. He says he’s grateful to be back. Wyatt opened up about not showing this side of himself to fans before, and talked about his personal struggles. Wyatt hypes up returning for the fans before he’s interrupted by a masked figure on screen who tells him to come with him, and that Wyatt’s life is done. He tells him to forget the future and the past, and that he’ll find out soon.

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