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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for October 22, 2021


We kick the show off with Roman. During his entrance, instead of posing with the title twice, he instead raises his hand up. Paul Heyman appears to take notice of this with his facial expressions during Roman’s entrance.

Roman asks if Heyman is holding the title for him, or for Brock. Because last night Roman put his hand out and Heyman just threw the belt into the ring and asks if Heyman wants to rehearse. Roman holds his hand out, and Heyman hands him the belt, which Roman puts on his shoulder. He says Heyman isn’t great at his job, but Roman is. There’s no denying that Roman is the best of the best, he’s carried this company for over a year and a half, he’s the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, the greatest Universal champion of all time. He’s these things because he’s smashed everyone, the list of his victims is so long you can’t go back to the very beginning.

He runs down his victims since WrestleMania instead, culminating with Brock Lesnar last night. Speaking of Brock, he said he’d be here, and Heyman pulls up the tweet on his phone then reads it for our benefit. Roman is amused by this, and slaps the phone out of Heyman’s hand and jokes that he beat Brock so bad that Brock has started tweeting. He tells Brock he’s right here in the middle of the ring and invites him down to make good on his threat.

Roman hands the mic back to Heyman and waits in the middle of the ring, then takes the mic back. Brock must be scared, so Roman says he wont leave the ring until Brock comes out here. That sends us to break. Roman being this kind of abusive to Heyman makes for good interactions, especially since Heyman does such a good job of being fearful.

Roman plays with the crowd as we come back, drawing a “We want Lesnar” chant before agreeing with them. But apparently Brock is scared and no one wants anymore of Roman. That does prompt Brock showing up, leading to a brief brawl in the ring that ends with Brock clotheslining Roman out of the ring. More violence from Brock on the floor, he tosses Roman into the ring steps, then takes the top part and clobbers Roman with them. Brock takes apart the announcers table, he wants to F5 Roman through it but the Usos and some refs are here to make the save. That goes poorly for the Usos as Brock just abuses them then tosses them over the barricade into the stands with ease. Roman jumps Brock from behind but is driven into the ring post for his efforts. Brock gets a TV camera and chucks it at Roman, who thankfully avoids it.

Brock has gone nuts and is tossing around officials and some of the locker room who show up to try and stop him before the real members of the roster show up and he desists. We head to break as the Bloodline retreats and Brock poses with the Universal belt in the ring.

Back from commercial, Adam Pearce calls Brock Lesnar’s actions unacceptable for holding SmackDown hostage and endangering staff members, his fellow superstars and us. Therefore, Brock is indefinitely suspended. Brock comes back out and forcibly backs Adam into a corner. He asks Adam to repeat himself and he says he’s indefinitely suspended. Brock lets up before dropping Adam with an F-5. He gives him another F-5 before asking Adam to say it again cause he can’t hear him. Adam lays motionless in the ring as Brock leaves.

When we come back we get a recap of Brock abusing Adam Pearce. During the commercial break Pearce needed referee assistance to get to the back. Sonya Deville is on her phone in the back promising to get the show back on track. Naomi shows up to object to what happened last week and wants a fair match against Sonya tonight. Tonight isn’t about Naomi, Sonya has other things to worry about tonight than Naomi. Drew McIntyre is here as well, he introduces himself and notes there’s chaos but he’ll do her a favor by going to the ring and issue an open challenge with or without her permission. Drew walks past the group of wrestlers who went out to deal with Brock and says he hopes they heard him.

Cesaro was in the group, as was Nakamura and I could go for Drew against either of them. That leads us to the ring where Drew makes his entrance. Drew and his sword pose in the ring before he gets a mic and reiterates his desire to finally have a match after 40 minutes into the episode. He doesn’t care who shows up, he just wants some ass to show up so he can kick it.

Sami Zayn’s music hits, he’s got a new song. Zayn says Drew didn’t mention him, but Zayn is the longest tenured member of the Smackdown roster and the locker room leader. Drew might be a former WWE champion, but around here Drew’s just the newbie. But if Drew is looking for an opponent Zayn accepts as he’s the best superstar on Smackdown.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn

McIntyre wins with the Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Kofi Kingston is in the ring to introduce Xavier Woods after another video recap, this time on Woods beating Finn Balor to win the impromptu tournament. Kofi reminds us we’re gathered here today to coronate Xavier Woods, then calls Xavier Woods down to the ring. Woods and his trombone make it to the ring, where Kofi presents Xavier with his royal cloak. That gets a “You deserve it” chant from the crowd. Unrelated note, but boy does that chant mean almost nothing these days. Next is the scepter, which Woods holds up. Finally there’s the crown, a physical representation of the respect that Woods has earned, and Kofi crowns Woods. Kofi hands Woods the mic, and Woods says that means a lot to him. The fans have shown Woods a ton of love, they’ve helped him turn a dream into reality, so thank you.

While his reign will be fun, it will also be fair, and he wants to give these fine people right here in Wichita, Kansas a chance to hear the gospel of King Woods. That’s really just a “Hail King Woods” chant while Kofi and Woods cavort around the ring.

Becky Lynch is in the back with her belt, and reminds everyone that she never actually lost the RAW women’s title and maybe instead of just an exchange tonight Becky two belts will make a comeback.

Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali

Mansoor wins with a hurricanrana pin.

Winner: Mansoor

After the match, Mansoor stands tall and his arm raised as the music hits. Ali throws a fit and can’t believe it.

– We see Ridge Holland backstage with his baton. Holland says he used to be fighting on the streets of West Yorkshire and if you would’ve told him then he’d be on SmackDown one day, he would’ve believed you.

– We see Aliyah backstage now. She says she’s about to give SmackDown a makeover, and the brand is about to get a whole lot more “boujee” as she says.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo are backstage. Garza tells us to remember their names as the hottest tag team because when you look this good, winning is easy.

– Sheamus is backstage now. He says no one delivers in the ring like The Celtic Warrior and everyone knows he delivers banger after banger after banger after banger.

Hit Row vs. Jobbers

Dollah tags Swerve back in, they hit a double team kick and sidewalk slam to pin and win.

Winner: Hit Row

Hit Row celebrate, and we cut to a recap of Brock Lesnar’s path of carnage earlier on the show. Kayla is in the back outside the trainers room, she talks with Sonya Deville for an update on Pearce. Pearce will be OK eventually, she apparently volunteered to be the one to tell Brock he was suspended. Tonight’s title exchange could be combustible (please please watch, we promise it’s not a waste of time) but she’ll handle it.

To the ring, and here’s Rick Boogs to introduce Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura will battle Happy Corbin in a non-title match after this break.

Back from break a ton of self congratulatory stuff about the success of Crown Jewel before we get back to the ring for our match.

We get a video promo from Corbin and Moss, Happy is glad to be here to thank Nakamura for ruining his life by beating him to a pulp. Oh, Madcap is here for his weekly bad joke. This week, “What do you call a container of orange juice that claims to have pulp, but clearly is pulpless? Pulp fiction.”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Happy Corbin

Moss is over to stop Boogs, they trade shoves before Nakamura comes out to kick him down. That allows Corbin to jump Nakamura, send him into the ring and hit the End of Days to win.

Winner: Happy Corbin

Corbin and Nakamura have showed some legitimate in ring chemistry before, and that showed up again here.

Charlotte in the back to talk, of course Becky wont hand over the title. Just pretend it’s Charlotte’s suit case, which she’s spent half of her career carrying, and hand it over.

We get a video recap of the triple threat from Crown Jewel where Becky Lynch retained. That leads to Becky showing up and walking to the ring. After this break we’ll get the women’s title exchange.

Post break we get still shots from Crown Jewel, then head to the ring where Becky is still hanging out though Sonya Deville has joined the party. Here comes Charlotte Flair. Sonya and Charlotte have mics, Sonya reminds us that we’re here for a title exchange and kills time by recapping a lot. Charlotte tries to tell us she’s was the number one draft, well the first woman but not the first pick. Sonya demands they exchange titles, neither woman moves to do so. There’s a “Becky 2 Belts” chant breaking out. Sonya demands Charlotte’s belt, Charlotte removes her belt and drops it when Becky tries to grab it. Charlotte picks her belt up and hands it to Sonya, Becky angrily tosses the blue belt at Charlotte then takes the red one from Sonya. Charlotte poses and then wants a winner takes all match tonight. There’s 5 minutes left, don’t do this to me. Oh, here comes Sasha Banks to further complicate things. Banks wants to make one thing clear, she runs the blue brand and if Charlotte wants to just take over then bitch (so you know she’s serious) you’re out of your mind. Charlotte reprimands her for breaking the PG standard, and Becky heads to RAW and says she’ll see one of them at Survivor Series. Banks and Charlotte have every “You’re jealous” “Am not” exchange scripted for women for years. There’s a loud “Becky” chant as Becky heads out.

Charlotte mocks Banks for her weak title reigns, that leads to a brawl between the two women that spills to the outside where Banks hits a meteora off the apron. Sonya breaks up the fight and the two women trade glares and insults as we end the show.

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