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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for October 8, 2021


It’s the season premiere of Smackdown and Bianca Belair is in the ring with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville in the ring for a contract signing to make the Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Crown Jewel official. Sasha is already out standing on the announcer’s table. Becky Lynch is sitting at a table on the entrance ramp.

San Jose loves her, but who wouldn’t? She starts taunting Banks and Belair. Becky warns that there will be payback. Banks asks if Lynch missed her, because she knows the fans do. Some fans pop. Banks taunts them for her spotlight being bigger. Belair interrupts and says the only conversation we should be having is Banks signing the contract. Belair goes on and says Becky wasn’t prepared at SummerSlam, just lucky. Belair brags about how every big moment in 2021 has her name on it. Belair challenges Banks and Lynch to come get in the ring now.

Lynch and Banks aren’t moving. Belair seethes in the ring and starts tossing furniture out of the ring. Lynch brings up the 26 second win, tips her own table over, and starts marching to the ring. Banks takes advantage and attacks Belair from behind. Lynch and Banks double team Belair until they go at it now. Becky takes Belair down again. Banks unloads on Becky with kicks but Becky turns it around. Belair grabs Becky from behind and unloads. Belair scoops them both for a double KOD as fans pop but Banks slides out of the move and is up on her own feet now. Belair kicks Banks onto the table, and then puts Becky and Banks through the table with a big KOD on top of Banks. Belair celebrates as her music hits and we get replays. Belair dances around the ring now, spinning her hair, while Banks and Lynch try to recover on the mat.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio are backstage with Kayla Braxton. She asks what it would mean to win the King of the Ring tournament. Rey says other than being WWE Universal Champion, being King of the Ring is the next best thing. He goes on and says it would make him sick if Sami Zayn became King. Dominik tells Rey he’s going to stay in the back and watch the match tonight. Rey nods and heads out as his music starts up.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn – King of The Ring Match

Sami Zayn removed the turnbuckle pad and Dominik comes out to put it back. Rey orders him to leave and Zayn shoved Rey into Dominik before rolling him up for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Vignette for Hit Row plays.

Recap of Seth crashing Edge’s house. Seth is asked if he crossed the line. Rollins says up until Summerslam, he was embarrassed, humiliated and ridiculed. But he still managed to beat Edge at MSG in a sanctioned match with a legal move. But he’s not celebrated, he’s called a monster. For the past few weeks, he’s been the bigger man, and threw out a gentleman’s challenge. He told Edge he would go to his house and he did that to get an answer. So no, he crossed no lines and he still hasn’t gotten an answer. The more he thinks about it, the more he wonders why he’s talking to Kayla about this because she doesn’t have power to do anything. He’s going to find someone who does.

Zelina says she will rule like Cleopatra and Alexander the Great while we kiss her ring. We’ll need to get used to calling her Queen Zelina. Toni Storm intends to rule with the tenacity of Bruce Springsteen and the grace of Madonna and she intends to be the Queen of Rock.

Zelina Vega vs. Toni Storm – Queen’s Crown Match

Zelina wins the the Code Red.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Recap of Roman being selected number 1 overall and Lesnar’s attack.

Out comes Roman Reigns. He asks Sam Jose to acknowledge him. His special counsel had one job before tonight which was to make sure The Usos were on SmackDown and that’s what he did. He then asks San Jose to acknowledge Paul Heyman. He tells Paul he loves him. The Usos love him. And he’s a part of the family. He wants him to be wise right now and come clean. And he wants him to admit that he’s responsible for Brock Lesnar’s free agency. He gives Heyman the mic.

Paul says he’s in a terrible situation because it’s gonna sound like he’s spinning things regardless of what he says. He’s been with Roman’s family for 40 years. Roman directs Heyman’s face at him. Roman rescued and saved him because he knew he was the wise man and he’s been accused of many things and he’s guilty of more.

But he’s never been accused of being stupid, and pulling the trigger on a scheme to dethrone the Tribal Chief would be stupid. Why before Crown Jewel? Wouldn’t the entire thing be to stay within his trust and counsel on a strategy and then leak it to Lesnar to think he has a chance? Wouldn’t that be the time to betray him? Lesnar’s lying because a move so stupid is being leaked in advance. Roman wouldn’t choose a stupid man to be special counsel and Lesnar can’t stand that the Conqueror will be conquered. Roman asks for the mic back.

Roman doesn’t want Heyman to tell him. He wants him to look in the camera and tell Brock. Roman says he’ll protect him. Heyman says Lesnar taught him a lesson because he knows what will happen to him at Crown Jewel. We had the conversation years ago. Even when Lesnar ended Undertaker’s streak. Lesnar has met his match in Roman Reigns. He will walk in Crown Jewel as the Tribal Chief, fight as a Tribal Chief, and he’ll understand the undisputed Universal Champion will remain to be Roman Reigns. Not a prediction, it’s a spoiler and you can believe that.

Pearce and Sonya are in the back and here comes Rollins. Rollins wants to know if Edge is here or not, and Pearce says he was supposed to be here until Rollins broke into his house. At the end of the night Rollins will go to the ring and challenge Edge again, and if he doesn’t get an answer the show will go badly. He gives them a stolen photo from Edge’s house to return if they see Edge before he does.

To the ring, and here comes Carmella, she’ll take on Liv Morgan in the other Queen’s Crown quarterfinal after this break.

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella – Queen’s Crown Match

Carmella wins with a super kick.

Winnee: Carmella 

Kayla is in the back and welcomes Mace to an interview. Mace is asked about being a singles star now, and he doesn’t plan to compete because there’s no competition for him. He’s coming to Smackdown to annihilate. Sure buddy.

To the ring, here’s Happy Corbin. Madcap Moss is here as well, and up next we’ll get Happy Talk with the Street Profits as guests as soon as this break ends.

The Happy Talk set is up in the ring as we come back. Corbin calls his an award winning talk show and welcomes us to the show. He says Moss makes him happy, and Moss tells a joke. “What instrument do you find in a bathroom? A Tuba toothpaste.” That joke is bad enough to bring out Kevin Owens. Moss heads out to meet Owens, Owens abuses him then gets into the ring and lays into Corbin but the numbers game catches up to him rather quickly. They launch Owens into the corner, then Moss hits a forward falling neckbreaker to lay out Owens.

Finn Balor vs. Cesaro – King of The Ring Tournament Match

Finn wins with the Coup de Grace.

Winner: Finn Balor

complains that she’s changed the game and has done everything that management has asked of her. Just let the record show she gave the people the biggest match possible. She eventually signs the contract and storms out.

To the ring, here’s Seth Rollins, and he’ll be in the ring to talk to close the show.

We come back and get a little preview of next week’s Smackdown. Rollins stares at the hard camera and I have to resist the urge to adjust my television given his outfit. Rollins wants Edge to come out and answer his challenge. He doesn’t want to keep the people waiting, and doesn’t even need a fight tonight and offers Edge to name the time, place, and stipulation.

He’s willing to have the match in Edge’s living room if he wants. Still nothing from Edge, and with 7 or so minutes left it’ll be a bit before he shows. Rollins asks what happened to the Rated R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist? Oh that’s right, Rollins ended that guy with one Stomp in Madison Square Garden. If Edge wont show up tonight then he’s going to take that as an admission that Rollins is not Edge-lite and that Rollins is better than Edge in every way. Rollins is disappointed just like the fans, and tells Edge that Edge is letting all of the fans down and disappointing his family. It’s embarrassing but it’s true, how can Edge’s little girls go through the day knowing their dad is no longer an inspiration but just a coward. We see a car pull up in the back, and it’s Edge. Edge storms to the ring as Rollins takes off his jacket.
Rollins runs for a chair, he gets it but Edge just Spears him. Edge starts beating the crap out of Rollins around the ringside area. They head back into the ring, this time Edge gets a chair leg and looks for the Glasgow Grin but Rollins is able to elbow his way free and head up the entrance ramp. Edge gets a mic and tells Rollins they’ll settle this in Hell in a Cell. I guess the Saudi’s wanted one of those.

Rollins looks like he’s seen a ghost as a brief “Yes” chant breaks out. This might be the first time in years we’ve got a partially deserving Hell in a Cell match. Edge wields a chair and stands tall as Rollins tries to process this as the show ends.


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