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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results For September 30, 2022


Welcome to EWrestlingNews’ WWE Friday Night SmackDown results for September 30, 2022!

Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa vs. Ricochet and Madcap Moss

Sikoa hits the Swinging Solo for the win.


Winners: Sami Zayn

Moss tries to attack Zayn after the match, but Sikoa makes the save.

Backstage, Zayn and Sikoa celebrate their win, and are approached by The Bloodline. Jey Uso comes out and says he’s here to check on his brother. Zayn says he’s good before Jey lets him in the dressing room. However, he stops Zayn and tells him he sees right through him. Jey warns that he’ll come after Zayn if he puts his family in jeopardy. Zayn tells Jey to take it up with Roman Reigns.

Austin Theory is interviewed backstage, and talks about learning his lesson from Tyson Fury and Brock Lesnar ruining his cash-ins. Drew McIntyre comes in and challenges him to a match before walking off.

Drew McIntyre vs. Austin Theory (w/ The Alpha Academy)

The match ends in a disqualification after Otis gets involved.

Winner: Disqualification

Alpha Academy and Theory beat down McIntyre before Johnny Gargano comes in for the save. When Gargano loses the upper hand, Kevin Owens then comes in for the save. The trio of McIntyre, Gargano, and Owens get the upper hand and clean house.

We get Ma.çé and Mån.sôör telling Max Dupri they’ll make him proud when they bring home the title, but they’re referring to the Canadian record for the longest pose.

We get a segment with Shotzi who vows to stomp all over Bayley.

Hit Row vs. Los Lotharios

Hit Row nails Heavy Hitter for the win.

Winners: Hit Row

Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya

Rousey locks in the ankle lock and gets the win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

After the match, Liv Morgan comes out with a baseball bat and tries to attack Rousey with it, but she runs off. Rousey then tosses Morgan into the time keeper’s area. They’re suddenly separated by security.

We get Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre and Johnny Gargano backstage. McIntyre is glad to be back in the fold with Owens. KO walks off and runs into Sami Zayn, who he tells needs a new shirt.

Giovanni Vinci, Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther are in the ring. They take shots at The Brawling Brutes, vowing to break them. The Brawling Brutes’ music comes out, but it’s just Sheamus by himself, who announces Ridge Holland and Butch are stuck in Florida due to the hurricane.

But Sheamus says he’s happy to kick Imperium’s heads off. Vinci and Kaiser go after Sheamus but he nails them with a shillelagh instead. He gets into the ring and faces off against Gunther, and the pair begin to exchange. Gunther power bombs Gunther, but Sheamus asks if that’s all he gots, before the trio beat Sheamus down again.

Bayley vs. Shotzi

Bayley wins with the Rose Plant.

Winner: Bayley

Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory and Alpha Academy

McIntyre hits Theory with the Claymore for the win.

Winners: Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano, and Kevin Owens

McIntyre beats Theory with a leather strap after the match.

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