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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for September 4, 2020


We go right to the ring and the music hits as new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out with Paul Heyman right behind him. The boos get louder as Reigns stands on the stage. He raises the title in the air and stares straight ahead. Reigns looks around some before the pyro explodes on the stage. Heyman is all business as they march to the ring while Greg Hamilton does the introductions.

Reigns hits the ring and stands in the middle. He raises the title again as more fireworks explode behind him. Heyman takes the mic and says just when we thought Heyman was out, Reigns pulled him back in. Heyman tells fans not to make a fool out of themselves for corrupting Reigns because he can assure us that it’s Reigns corrupting him. Why would this happen? Because Heyman was gone. Tossed aside, thrown into the shark-infested ocean of obscurity, only to be rescued, saved and pulled onto The Island of Relevancy, by this man. Because they did the same damn thing to Reigns that they did to Heyman.

Heyman asks what happened to the thank yous and the appreciation, through all the executive decisions to life threatening illnesses, Reigns delivered, and over-delivered. Nobody offered to say thank you or offer genuine appreciation, Heyman says. He says Reigns’ “little bit of time off” was questioned, and what did they do with his title? Heyman goes on about how a “monster” or a “fiend” aren’t meant to be champions. He says Roman’s reign as your champion has only been defined by what WWE purports itself to be built on – family, tradition, legacy, the responsibility of being a champion and the accountability of owning one’s action as your champion. And that is who Heyman says this champion is. He brings up how RAW had a Triple Threat to determine the Clash of Champions opponent for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Heyman points at Reigns and says this champion will be bigger, badder, more sensational and more spectacular, than everyone else that has come before him. While they have the Triple Threat on RAW, we will have a Fatal 4 Way on SmackDown tonight. The winner will become the sacrificial lamb of The Big Dog at Clash of Champions. Heyman says the names of the 4 competitors don’t deserve to come out of his mouth of Reigns’ mouth, so he will leave it to Anderson Cooper (Cole) and Carmella’s latest boyfriend (Graves). Heyman goes on and says he serves a special counsel to the tribal chief – your reigning, defending, undisputed, Universal Heavyweight Champion of Reigns.

Reigns takes the mic and says he’s a man of his word. He did exactly what he said he would do at Payback – sign the contract, wreck The Fiend, wreck The Monster, and then he left… as the Universal Champion. Reigns says at Clash of Champions he doesn’t care who he faces, line them up and feed them all to him, because this is his island and when you have this kind of power, all you gotta do is show up and win. Believe that. Reigns stares ahead and drops the mic as his music starts back up.

– Still to come, The Golden Role Models get their title rematch from WWE Payback. Also, Big E vs. Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle vs. King Baron Corbin to determine Reigns’ Clash of Champions opponent.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz and John Morrison – #1 Contender’s Match

Otis gets the win for Heavy Machinery with the Vader Bomb.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

After the match, Tucker and Otis stand tall in the ring as the music hits. Morrison runs by and grabs the Money In the Bank briefcase, and runs away with it. Morrison tells them to come back and get him, come take the title from him. Tucker and Otis look on from the ring.

– Big E is backstage with Drew Gulak and Lucha House Party. He’s got a birthday cake and some party favors there. He says tonight is special because it’s Xavier Woods’ return to co-host Talking Smack, and it’s Woods’ 34th birthday. Big E tells the others that tonight is also special because he will earn a Universal Title shot. A security guard approaches Big E and tells him Woods has arrived. Big E follows and walks off to greet Woods. He’s suddenly attacked by Sheamus. Sheamus unloads on Big E in a backstage area, and lays him out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus takes Big E onto the hood of a car and drives him down into the hood and part of the windshield with White Noise. Officials yell at Sheamus as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see officials checking on Big E during the break, who was still laid out on the shattered windshield. We get replays of what happened. Kayla Braxton is backstage now. Big E is in the background with medics, who are loading him onto a stretcher. Kayla says Big E has suffered major lacerations and likely other serious internal injuries, and he will be taken to a local medical facility as soon as possible. Sheamus walks up and Kayla asks if he attacked Big E because of the loss at Payback. Sheamus says he did what any man would do – defend himself. He says Big E came walking out, fired up about Xavier Woods being there. Sheamus says maybe Big E just got some bad information on Woods arriving. Sheamus says if you want to main event and grab the brass ring, you have to stay focused. Sheamus says he’s been focused on main event strategies while Big E was just worried about dancing with his friends. This could’ve been the biggest night of Big E’s career but he let his friends drag him out of it. Sheamus says you can’t dwell on it and he’s got a big match to prepare for, so he’s got to go. He walks off but comes back, looks back at Big E and takes another shot at his condition. Sheamus walks off.

The announcers show us how Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at Payback. Alyse Ashton is in the back with Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley now. She brings up their recent title losses. Bayley says they had never seen Jax and Baszler team before Payback, but now they’ve got it figured out and will get their titles back tonight. Ashton asks Bayley about Baszler making her tap. Banks yells at her and asks her if she knows who she’s talking to. Banks goes on praising Bayley for what she’s done in WWE and says more importantly, she’s her best friend. Banks says they’re going to get the titles back and show Baszler and Jax why they run the whole damn company. Back to commercial.

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