WWE House Show Results (5/11) – Glens Falls, NY


My good buddy Christopher Stewart sent the following results from the May 11th WWE RAW house show event at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY:

Just got back from house show at Glens Falls, NY. I’d say about 5,000 people were there which was a full house for Glens Falls. They never made an announcement so just a estimate.

Brodus Clay beat JTG who actually looked like a wrestler and not sporting the jeans and timberlands. Pretty much a squash match.

Zack Ryder beat Dean Ambrose by DQ after Ambrose reveled a turnbuckle and then used it ……was impressed w/ Ambrose though and he reminded me a lot of Raven and Billy Kidman when in the flock on the way he handled himself in the ring.

Layla beat Beth Phoenix in a back and forth match. Nothing too exciting to type here.

Santino beat Jack Swagger with the cobra. Odd match honestly as there was more playing to crowd and posing than actual wrestling.

Up next was Epico and Primo vs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston for the tag-team belts. Good match back and forth with typical high spots. Ending actually showed Epico and Primo getting the win and the neeeeeeew tag champs. Oh wait lil jimmy put R-Truth’s leg on rope so restart of the match and R-truth gets the quick pin and they retain belts.

Lord Tensai squashed Tyson Kidd in a quick match. End showed Tensai with the mist and claw.

Next up was John Cena vs The Miz. Miz cut a good promo then Cena came out. The Miz controlled most of the match then Cena came on. In the end, Cena hit all his typical moves and picked up the win. I will admit Cena looked out of it with everything going on in his life. He didn’t talk and was kinda’ just outta’ it. Gotta be tough that’s for sure.

Now throughout the night Ziggler cut three heel promos on the screen and also had Mason Ryan with him as his “insurance policy”. Great promos throughout the night. We actually left before the match was over but typical spots and we all know Punk got the win in the main event. Really wouldn’t mind to see Ziggler get a good heel push though as he has great potential.

That ended the show. All and all great had a blast as always. As far as merch. goes, I’d say about 85% of people were wearing Cena merch. yet when he came out the fans were about 50/50. Punk had a few and Miz had a lot too. Mostly female though my GF included lol. As far as I go, I was rocking my hot pink Ziggler shirt. If not obnoxious, I don’t wanna wear it lol.

Well hope my review was good and give my boy Ryan some love. He’s the hardest working man in the rumors game and great at what he does….

NOTE FROM RYAN CLARK: Thanks Chris! Appreciate your support buddy.

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