WWE Live Event (6/15) Results: Erie, PA


Credit: Corey Hadzega and wrestlezone.com

* Dolph Ziggler defeated the Miz in the opening match. Ziggler won the match with the Zig Zag.

* Bo Dallas defeated Xavier Woods. Bo won with the BOdog. He did a victory lap around the ring after the match and then gave some inspirational words to Woods.

* Los Matadores beat Damien Sandow, Heath Slater, and Hornswoggle in a six man tag team match. El Torito won with a Diving Crossbody from the ropes.

* A pre-taped video promo by Seth Rollins is shown. He talks about his match with Dean Ambrose for later that night.

* Rusev w/ Lana defeated Curtis Axel. Rusev won the match with the accolade. Lana did a promo prior to the match and got heat from the fans.

* Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins by DQ. Rollins hit Ambrose with a low blow, and got a DQ.

* Paige defeated Alicia Fox and Natalya with the P.T.O./Scorpion Crosslock to retain the Diva’s Championship.

* R-Truth defeated Titus O’Neil. R-Truth wins with the Little Jimmy. O’neal disputes that he was only pinned for a two count and demand a rematch. R-Truth rolls him up to win for the second time.

O’Neil vows if he loses again, he will not return to Erie again.

* Adam Rose defeated Titus O’Neil. Rose won the match with the Exotic Express

* Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight. Reigns speared Wyatt through the table and got the win.

No return date announced. This also marked the first time in four years that WWE has been in Erie, PA.

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