WWE Main Event (1/1) Results: Kingston Vs. Sandow


Miz and new announcer Tom Philips from NXT is on commentary for the very first edition of Main Event for 2014.

Damien Sandow does a quick promo before the match about how he does not make new year’s resolution. He says he will not be playing santa and he will be winning the WWE world heavyweight championship. Your Welcome!

Damien Sandow Vs. Kofi Kingston

They tie up, then Kofi with a roll up for a near fall. They lock up once again, and Kofi is slammed down. Some grappling on the ground by both guys until Kofi with a couple of arm drags and locks in an arm submission. Kofi with a knee drop on the elbow, he wrenches the arm but Sandow tries to get out but Kofi keeps control as “Kofi” chants start. They trade right hands then Kofi nails a drop kick for a near fall. Kofi goes right back to the arm but Sandow fights out with head butts. Sandow bounces Kofi’s head off the turnbuckle but runs into a kick by Kofi. Kingston hits a splash on the back of Sandow for 2. Kofi grabs the arm but it’s not enough to keep our savior down as he backs him into the corner. Sandow with clubbing right hands and boots to the midsection, Sandow with a snap-nare into a elbow drop for a near fall. Sandow locks in a front headlock but Kofi fights out and shoots him into the ropes where they then run the ropes until Kofi goes for a move but ends up getting blocked. Kofi goes for “Trouble in paradise” but instead Sandow slides to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

Kofi lands a drop kick for a count of 2 coming back from commercial. Kofi works the arm once more but once more Sandow fights out. Sandow goes for a kick but blocked and Kingston lands a swinging kick for a near fall. Sandow with a leg take-down then sends him head first into the second turnbuckle followed by several stomping kicks. Sandow slaps the back of the head and yells to the crowd. Sandow with a snapping suplex and stays in control until Kofi gets out of a back suplex and lands a clothesline. Here comes Kofi, Kingston makes his comeback with right hands and then a drop kick. Monkeys flip by Kofi. He lands ten punches in the corner but is thrown out of the ring by Sandow.

-Commercial Break-

We are back, Kofi shoots off the ropes but is tripped and Sandow with a slap to the back of the head. Sandow with a knee to the ribs then a neck breaker followed by the elbow drop, Sandow keeps control of Kofi for the most part until Kingston sends him out to the floor. Kofi with a front senton to the outside taking out Sandow. Back in the ring, Kofi hits a spring board clothesline for a near fall. Kofi lands a forearm shot then hits the “Boom drop”. Kofi goes for the “Trouble in Paradise” but Sandow moves. Sandow tries to send him into the corner but blocked and Kofi with a drop kick for a near fall. Kofi with a kick to the face then misses the wild kick and Sandow trips him and locks in the Texas cloverleaf but Kingston reaches to the ropes. Sandow sends him into the corner but reversed and goes to the top rope. Sandow climbs up and goes for a suplex but blocked and then pushed off. Kofi with a corss body for a count of 2. Sandow throws him into the middle rope and hits the “Your welcome” for the win.

Winner: Sandow

-Commercial Break-

Batista video promo is show for his Raw return.

The Raw rebound is shown.

Following that, Triple H and Michael Cole’s weekly sit-down is shown.

-Commercial Break-

We get the advertised match for Smackdown, which we will have coverage of that as well.

Naomi & Cameron vs. Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes

Naomi and Mendes start things off, Naomi with right hands but then goes for a head takeover but blocked by Rosa. Mendes with a slap and Naomi with one of her own Mendes with a kick then a side suplex for a near fall. Naomi with a suplex then a booty shake followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Cameron tagged in, she hits a suplex then when she grabs Mendes. Rosa manages to tag in Fox. Alicia with a kick to the ribs then sends her into the ropes but Cameron with a takeover. Back and forth by both teams but this one ends when Naomi hits the rear view for the win.

Winners: Naomi & Cameron

It’s time for some MizTV and his guest is Brodus Clay. Clay has new, darker theme music while wearing a jump suit with a chain in his hand. Miz asks Clay what happened between him and Tensai. He says he is the main event player…. and then Tensai confronts him.

This ends in a brief brawl and both guys stare off to also end the show.

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