WWE Main Event (1/8) Results Lee Vs. Kaitlyn


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Philadelphia, Pa] [Date: 1/8/14

Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, we kick things off with…

Real Americans Vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth

Truth and Swagger start things off, they lock up, and Swagger gets the advantage with a clothesline. Truth does a dance and lands a right hand. He tags in Woods, a double team kick to the face for 1. Woods works the arm, but is pushed back into the Americans corner. Cesaro throws him into the corner, but woods lands a cross body for 2. Woods tags in Truth, R-Truth lands a double elbow off a tag team move for 2. Truth works the arm and then tags in Woods off a double team arm breaker. Cesaro fights back and lands a suplex. Swagger in off a leg drop for 1 and works the left arm a Xavier. Woods fights out of the submission with right hands. He tags in Truth and he lands several clothesline. Truth with a roll up that is botched for 2. Truth with a head take over that sends Swagger out of the ring. Truth chases him, but distracted by Cesaro. Swagger takes out the knee and we go to break.

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Were back and the Real Americans are in control. They keep control with quick tags in and out. They continue to keep Truth in the corner. Truth gets the hot tag to Woods and Xavier clears house. Woods with a drop kick and then an forearm shot. A huge drop kick off the top ropes then a shin kick to the face for 2. Woods with a roll up, but broken up by Swagger. Truth takes care of him, and then Woods hits the honor roll. Fandango interrupts the match and off the distraction, Cesaro hits the huge uppercut for the win.

Winners: Real Americans in 11:18

Triple H interview about the big announcement is shown.

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Alberto Del Rio Vs. Justin Gabriel

Del Rio with boots the face then sends him hard into the corner. Gabriel with a head take over to the outside, then Gabriel with an outside dive. Back in the ring, Gabriel goes to the top rope. Del Rio catches him with a side kick to the face. Del Rio locks in a headlock, but Gabriel fights out. Justin with a bit off offense, but not for long as Moments later Del Rio finishes it off with an super kick for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio in 3:47

After the match Del Rio does a promo about the returning Batista.

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Fandango does a backstage interview about costing R-Truth and Xavier Woods their match.

We are shown Jake “The Snake” Roberts return on “Old School Raw”

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Rhodes Brothers Vs. 3MB

Goldust and McIntyre start things off, Goldust with a right hand, but Mahal is tagged in right after. Goldust works the arm, but walks into a kick to the ribs. 3MB with quick tags in and out until Goldust fights out and gets the hot tag to Cody. He clears house and rolls him up for 2. An uppercut, then Cody nails a kick to the midsection of Mahal. Cody hits the Alabama slam then takes out Drew with a clothesline. Cody hits the disaster kick for the win.

Winners: Rhodes Brothers in 5 minutes

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AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn

A bit of sportsmanship at first then they start brawling. AJ offers her hand, AJ kicks her in the gut. A chase around the ring starts until AJ gets back in ring and Kaitlyn gets in the ring and tackles AJ. Kaitlyn throws her into the corner and lands should block to the ribs. Kaitlyn with a suplex, but Tamina distracts her and AJ Lee nails a drop kick for 2. AJ skips around the ring and locks in a headlock. Kaitlyn fights out of the submission, but not enough. AJ lee knocks her down and keeps control. Kaitlyn fires back and gets her into a firemen’s carry then drops her on her knee for 2. Kaitlyn misses with the right hand and AJ locks her submission. Kaitlyn fights out and throws her into the corner. AJ comes off the top rope, but caught and Kaitlyn goes for a suplex. AJ Lee reverses it and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee in

Thanks for watching and that is it.

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