WWE Main Event (10/7) Results: Intercontinental Title Match


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Philadelphia, PA] [Date: 10/7/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network] 

Welcome to WWE Main Event, Cesaro is on commentary for the following match. Bo Dallas cuts a promo about how a young lady tried to eat the last sandwich at catering, but he threw it in the trash and then saw Mark Henry grab it and then ate it. Disgusting!

Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler © Vs. Bo Dallas

They lock up, Ziggler works the left arm of Bo. Ziggler with a series of hip tosses, then misses an elbow drop. Bo with a knee to the gut, he works the midsection of Ziggler. Bo locks in a headlock, but Ziggler fights out with a jawbreaker. Ziggler with a clothesline then a splash in the corner. Bo sends Ziggler head first out of the ring leading to the break.

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We’re back with Bo Dallas still in control. He throws Ziggler face first into the corner and then rolls up Ziggler for 2. Bo misses a splash in the corner and this just may change the tide of the match. Ziggler nailed a series of clotheslines, then a neck breaker. Ziggler goes for the fameasser, but blocked and Bo hit a scoop slam for a near fall. Bo goes for a under arm suplex, but blocked and Ziggler hit a big time DDT for a near fall. Ziggler misses a superkick and Bo hit DDT for the near fall. Bo throws Ziggler to the apron, but Ziggler battles back and hit a sunset flip, but blocked and Bo rolled him up for 2. Bo held the rope and the referee saw it, Bo argued with the referee about it and Ziggler capitalized by hitting the Zig Zag for the win. 

Winner and still IC Champ: Ziggler

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Tyson Kidd walks into Kane’s office and tells him that he is his own man. Kane tells him that Natalya wanted him to get a match and he will face Jack Swagger. 

Nikki Bella, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla Vs. Brie Bella

Nikki Bella, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla all take turns beating down Brie until Brie makes her comeback when she nailed a running knee to the face of Cameron. Brie with a missile dropkick off the apron. Brie knocked Nikki off the apron. Brie clotheslines Layla, but Cameron kicked in the gut and Rae kicked in the back. Nikki tagged herself, she mocked Brie and hit a running knee to the face. Nikki hit the torture rack for the win…

Winner: Nikki Bella, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla

Video recap from The Rock – Rusev segment is shown from Monday’s Raw.

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Zeb cuts a promo about how Tyson Kidd’s manhood is in the purse of Natalya.

Tyson Kidd Vs. Jack Swagger

Kidd gets the early jump on Swagger, he hit a drop kick and lock in a front face lock. However, Swagger drives him into the corner, but Kidd drop kicks the legs from under him. Kidd goes back to the front face lock, but Swagger drives him head first into the mat. Swagger with a hip toss, he goes for the Swagger bomb and Kidd puts the boot up. However, Swagger catches it, Kidd hit a kick to the side of the head of Swagger and Kidd rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd.

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The Raw rebound is shown.

Jey Uso Vs. Stardust

Jey clotheslines Stardust to the floor and then hit an outside dive taking him out. Back in the ring, Gold distracted him and Stardust kneed Jey in the face for the near fall. Stardust locked in a headlock, but Jey fought out and Stardust cut him off with a knee to the gut. Stardust runs into a big boot by Jey, and then Jey goes to the top rope where he hits a crossbody for a near fall. Jey with a series of chops, then a back kick followed by an uppercut. Jey goes for a back suplex, but blocked and Stardust hits an uppercut. Jey hit a Samoan drop, then a splash in the corner. Jey goes to the top rope, he is knocked off by Stardust and he falls to the floor. Jimmy checks on him, but Jey super kicked Stardust. Jey up to the top rope and hit a splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Jey

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