WWE Main Event (12/18) Results: Miz Vs. Axel


Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, we are airing from Austin, Texas.

Mick Foley comes out as Foley Claus and walks around the ring passing around presets. He says before he could get to Christmas he wanted wish us a merry Christmas. Ryback and Curtis Axel interrupt him; they say that’s what happens when you stop working out. They continue to make fun of him but the Miz stands up for him. Miz says they should be happy and they sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but change the lyrics for Ryback and Axel. Santa makes a match for later tonight between Axel and Miz.

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R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. 3MB

Mahal and Truth start things off, a nice arm drag by Mahal then they tie up again but this time Truth lands some of his own then works the left arm. Mahal with a knee to the ribs but Truth shoots off the ropes with shoulder block. Truth with a control and lands a heel kick followed by Woods being tagged in. A quick tag and Woods with an arm drag followed by a fist drop for a near fall by the PHD student. Woods continues to work the arm but Mahal brings him into 3MB corner. McIntyre with an Irish whip but Woods lands a kick and tags in Truth. A double elbow followed by a drop kick on Mahal

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Back from break with Mahal having him in a headlock but Woods lands a head take over then goes for a drop kick but Mahal holds the ropes. 3MB stays in control until he gets him for a quick roll up but eats an boot. He finally gets the hot tag to Truth and he clears house. Truth with a scissor kick but Mahal breaks it up but quickly taken out. Truth hits his finisher which is a face first maneuver for the win.

Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods in 10.35

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AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn

They lock up, some grappling then a pin attempt by Kaitlyn. Lee with a headlock but a shoulder block by Kaitlyn for 2 count. A shove by Lee but runs into a clothesline by Kaitlyn. She throws her into the corner but eats a boot. Lee comes off the top but caught and Kaitlyn goes for a suplex but Lee gets out and thrown head first into the corner. Lee with a headlock but Kaitlyn fights out but thrown down by her hair. Lee “stomps a mud hole in the corner” but misses the splash. Lee out of nowhere locks in the “black widow” but Kaitlyn gets out and throws her into the corner. Lee with a double knee to the back from the corner and a big kick. She shoots off the ropes but Kaitlyn catches her for a power slam and a clothesline. She shoots off the ropes with a flying shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn eats a kick but when Lee shoots off the ropes eats a drop kick. She goes for her finisher but Tamina distracts her and Lee locks in the “black widow” for the win.

Winner: Lee in 4:42

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We get the Raw rebound from this past week’s Monday night that kills a couple minutes.

The Miz Vs. Curtis Axel

The Miz has a gift for him and it’s a Ryback action figure then he stomps on it. Miz thrown in the corner and hits a clothesline. He clotheslines him out of the ring, Axel back in the ring but Axel with a kick to the gut. Axel with kicks in the corner then throws him into the corner where he hits a drop kick. An elbow by Axel to the back of the head, a side headlock but Miz fights out and lands a belly smash. Miz with right hands but thrown to the apron and Axel catches him with a boot. Axel with a neck breaker, some right hands then a elbow. Axel stays in control until Axel comes off the top but misses the drop kick and Miz goes for the figure four. Ryback gets on the apron but Santa distracts him and Ryback eats a drop kick by Miz. Moments later, Miz hits scull crushing finale for the win.

Winner: Miz in 8:34

End of show, as a reminder there is not a telecast for WWE Main Event next week due to Christmas.

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