WWE Main Event (3/5) Results: Interesting Tag Team Match


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Washington, DC] [Date: 3/5/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network]

Welcome to WWE Main Event, we kick things off with our opening contest.

Singles Match: Fandango vs. Curtis Axel.

They lock up, Fandango with an arm drag. AA slow start to this one. Axel ducked a clothesline and hit a drop kick. Axel with a back breaker and then went to the top rope, where he hit an elbow drop for 2. Axel with a snapmare, but Fandango kicked him in the face. The crowd is dead, but I can’t blame them. The two start brawling and Fandango landed a big time forearm shot. Fandango to the top rope, but Axel pushed him off. Axe; rushed out of the corner and Fandango rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Highlights from the John Cena – Stephanie McMahon segment of RAW is shown.

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Zack Ryder vs. Adam Rose

Rose jumps him and beats Ryder down, but Ryder fights back and drop kicked Rose out of the ring. He threw him back into the ring, but Rose rolled out of the ring and tripped Ryder off the apron. Back in the ring, Rose landed some big time clubbing right hands. Rose with a chin lock, but Ryder fought out. Rose cut him off with a big time back breaker. Ryder kicked Rose out of the ring and threw him back in, but Rose caught him with the party foul for the win.

Winner: Rose.

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Highlights from Paige’s match with Nikki Bella from RAW is shown.

Singles Match: Paige vs. Summer Rae

They locked up, Paige with a hip toss and series of quick pin attempts. Paige with a headbutt for a near fall. Paige landed a series of knees to the face of Summer Rae. Rae cut her off and locked in an arm submission, but the fans got behind Paige and she fought out. Paige with a series of drop kicks and then a super kick followed by the PTO for the win.

Winner: Paige

The Raw Rebound is shown that features the Jon Stewart – Seth Rollins segment.

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Tag Team Match: The Usos vs. the Ascension

Viktor and Jimmy start things off. Jimmy landed a series of chops to the chest of Viktor. Jey tagged in as Tom Phillips gets confused about which Uso is which. Jey with a snapmare and then worked over the arm of Viktor. The Usos with frequent tags that damages the left arm of Viktor. Jey shot off the ropes and right into a back elbow. Konnor is tagged in and he lands an elbow drop. The Ascension double team Jey for the next few minutes until Jey hits a spinning back kick to Konnor. Jimmy gets the hot tag as so does Viktor. Jimmy cleans house and lands series of strikes to Viktor. Jimmy with a corkscrew off the top rope taking out Viktor. Jimmy went for a splash in the corner, but Viktor moved. Jimmy with a right hand, missed a dive and Viktor hit a spear out of nowhere for a near fall. Viktor went for a powerslam, but blocked and Jimmy hit a Samoan drop. Jimmy with a splash in the corner, but Konnor broke up the pin attempt. Jey took out Konnor with a superkick. Jimmy hit a superkick on Viktor and Jey hit a splash off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Usos

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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