WWE Main Event (4/29) Results: Sheamus Vs. Bray Wyatt


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Kansas City, MO [Date: 4/29/14]

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, we kick things off with our opening contest. 

Goldust Vs. Alberto Del Rio 

trade right hands, Goldust misses a splash and Rio hits a back stabber
for a near fall. Rio with right hands, he hits a suplex for a near fall.
Rio locks in a side headlock, Goldust fights out with elbows, but Rio
cuts him off with a leg kick to the left knee of Goldust. Rio throws him
into the ropes, but Goldust hits a major uppercut followed by a suplex. Rio hits a side kick to the head of Goldust for a near fall. Rio nails a back suplex and calls for the superkick. He misses the superkick and Goldust nails a leg takedown followed by the final cut for the win. 

Winner: Goldust in 3:10. 

Young does  a quick interview with the Rhode Brothers, she questions
whether they are going to go their separate ways. Goldust says that the
Brotherhood is still in tacked. He says they will always have each
others back. Cody says that Renee is judgmental that Goldust beat Del
Rio but he couldn’t. He apologizes and says that they are together. 

-Commercial Break-

Paige Vs. Alicia Fox
lock up and brawling out of the ring. Paige gets on the apron, but Fox
nails her in the back with a right hand. Paige hits a head take over off
the apron! Back in the ring, Fox rolls to the opposite side of the ring
and Paige tries to pull her in, but Fox uses the ropes to get the
advantage. Fox locks in a headlock, but Paige fights out. Paige hits a
series of elbows to the face, but Fox nails her with a big boot to the
face. Paige kicks her in the face, she follows it up with a hair toss.
Paige with a series of knee shots to the face, Paige hits a big DDT for
the win. 

Winner: Paige in 4 minutes. 

After the match, Tamina comes out and they have a stare off. However Tamina walks to the back to build the tension. 

-Commercial Break-

After the match, Tamina comes out and they have a stare off. However Tamina walks to the back to build the tension. 

-Commercial Break-
does a backstage promo about his match tonight with Bray Wyatt and to
be honest I did not understand it. However, you should know that this
match is next! 

so they lied and we have to see through the following match. 

said before the match that he will be taking Big E’s IC Title this

Kofi Kingston Vs. Bad News Barrett 

lock up, Bad News with a kick to the gut of Kingston and then covers
him for a 1 count. Bad News gets a bad news chant, isn’t he a heel?
Kingston lands a big boot to Barrett and another big boot. Kingston with
a springboard Crossbody for a near fall. Kingston runs into a
back breaker by Barrett for a near fall. Bad News goes for the big elbow,
but Kofi rolls him up for a near fall. Kingston with a dropkick and he
goes to the floor to regroup. Barrett tries to send Kingston into the
steel steps, but blocked. Kofi walks back and into a bull hammer for the

Winner: Barrett in 2:27 

-Commercial Break-

Raw rebound is shown which is Daniel Bryan – Kane. 

Bray starts to sing, but Sheamus’s music cuts him off and it’s time for the match. 

Sheamus Vs. Bray Wyatt 

slow start to the match, repeated lock ups. The match gets going after
Sheamus hits a series of shoulder blocks for a near fall. Sheamus works
the left arm of Wyatt, Bray pokes him in the eyes and Sheamus fires back
with right hands. Bray with one of his own, Sheamus fires back with
right hands. Sheamus hits  back elbow, he goes to the top rope and nails
a knee for a near fall. The Wyatts drags Bray out of the ring to regroup leading to break. 

-Commercial Break- 

back from break with Bray Wyatt hitting a clothesline that sends
Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus nails a big shoulder block on Bray, but
Bray with a series of right hands. Sheamus brings a fight to Bray as he
sends him head first into the announce table. Bray with a series of
kicks to the head of Sheamus, and then sends him into the ring. Bray hits a back senton
on Sheamus. Bray with a series of right hands, he sends Sheamus to the
corner and nails a big boot for a near fall. Bray locks in a chin lock,
but Sheamus fights out. Bray cuts him off with a suplex. Bray goes for the back senton,
but Sheamus puts the knees up. They trade right hands, Sheamus with a
series of clothesline and then nails a big running knee. Sheamus goes to
the top rope, he misses a dive, but goes for a suplex, Bray reverse and
hits a big chokeslam for a near fall. Bray goes for sister Abigail, but
blocked. Sheamus goes for white noise and hits it for a near fall.
Sheamus starts up with the clubbing right hands on the apron of the
ring. Sheamus goes to the top rope, he nails a big clothesline for a
near fall. They trade right hands, Bray with a Crossbody for a near
fall. Bray goes for the splash in the corner, but Sheamus goes for
brogue kick but blocked. Sheamus with the Irish curse backbreaker for a
near fall. This is awesome chants are started by the crowd, which it is.
Sheamus nails a huge suplex for a near fall. Sheamus goes for white
noise, but blocked. Sheamus Tries to knock off the Wyatts on the apron
and Bray hits sister Abigail for the win. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt in 13:43. 

the match, The Wyatts goes on to beat down Sheamus, but The Usos make
the save and that wraps up Main Event, thanks for watching and we will
see you next time!

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