WWE Main Event (6/24) Results: Six Man Tag Match


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location:Pittsburgh, PA] [Date: 6/24/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network] 

Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, Dolph Ziggler is in the ring, he is climbing a ladder. He says climbing this ladder and getting that briefcase means you have made it, life changes after winning this match. Two years ago he felt that, he was on top of the world after this match. He went onto to becoming the World Heavyweight champion. Some how, some way lighting is going to strike one more time and this Sunday he will become the MITB winner. It’s not about stealing the show, but it’s about stealing the show. RVD comes out for their match. Looks like we will not be waiting for our main event.

RVD, Kofi Kingston Dolph Ziggler & Vs. Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins and Bad News Barrett

Swagger and Kofi start things off, Swagger with back, elbows, he beats him down in the corner. He misses a splash and Kofi hits a monkey flip followed by a drop kick. Ziggler tagged in and hits a elbow drop for 2. Ziggler with a dropkick, he is backed into their corner and here comes Barrett. He hits a snap suplex for a 2 count. Ziggler fights out a back suplex, RVD tagged in and puts the boots to Barrett. He hits rolling thunder for a 2 count. RVD with a back kick, he then goes to the top rope, he knocks Swagger off and then Barrett sends RVD to the floor.

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We’re back, Seth hits a snap suplex, once, twice and a third time for a near fall. Swagger tagged in, he hits a belly to belly and then the Swagger bomb for a 2 count. The fans try to get behind RVD, he fights out of a half chin lock, but Swagger cuts him off. Swagger, Rollins and Barrett continue to beat down RVD with quick tags in and out until RVD hits Swagger with a back kick. He tags in Kofi, he clears house. He hits a series of clotheslines, a drop kick. He is fired up, he hits the boom drop, he missed the trouble in paradise, but Seth hits an elbow on Kofi. Kofi misses a top dive, but does hit the SOS. Things break down in the ring, RVD is tossed over the top rope, Kofi hits a head takeover, then a roll up,  both for 2 counts, Seth hits the curb stomp out of nowhere for the win.

Winners: Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins and Bad News Barrett

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We see video of Fandango kissing Summer Rae last week and then him talking to Layla. He tries to make good on what he did wrong. Things are better and they make out on the WWE Network.

We are shown how and why Vickie Guerrero was fired last night on Raw.

Bo Dallas Vs. Fandango

Before the match even starts, Rae comes out and kisses Fandango. Layla is not having this and a cat fight breaks out. They take it to the back and back in the ring, Bo hits the Bodog for the win.

Winner: Bo

After the match, Bo celebrates.

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Rybaxel vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Ryback and Truth start things off, Ryback misses a wild right hand. Truth does some dancing. A blind tag by Woods, who hits a clothesline. Woods with a series of chops, a back kick and then a big up kick. Woods is sent to the apron, he is caught by Ryback and Ryback hits a power slam for a 2 count. He tags in Axel, he hits a series of strikes, he then hits a neck breaker. Axel with a running knee to the face of Woods. He locks in a headlock, Woods fights out. Woods is cut off by Axel and Ryback is tagged in. Ryback locks in a headlock, but Woods fights out with lefts and rights. He tags in Truth and Truth clears house. He lands a series of strikes. Truth with a jaw breaker for a near fall. Truth hits a splash into the corner, followed by a DDT for a near fall. Ryback breaks it up, Woods is sent to the floor. Truth with a heel kick to Ryback. Truth misses a splash in the corner and Axel hits his finisher for the win.

Winners: Rybaxel

After the match, Ryback does a quick promo about Goldust and Stardust. He says they caught them off guard and it was a fluke. He says that they are challenging them to a match at MITB PPV.

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Renee Young is in the ring with Roman Reigns. Reigns says he is a wanted man in the WWE and it feels like a trap. He tells her to get ready for anything. He says he does not care who is in it, he will walk in and walk out as the guy to beat and will be the WWE Champion. He still runs this yard, believe that. She questions that he overlooked Randy Orton. He calls Orton a baby of the WWE. He is not here to wipe his ass, he is here to kick it. What about Kane? He hypes Kane up, but is not scared at all of him. Triple H pops up on the big screen, he says he knows a man who believes in nothing and he will meet him this Friday on Smackdown, he will face the demon Kane. Here he comes, Kane makes his way out to the ring and a brawl breaks out. Reigns clotheslines Kane out of the ring and they stare off to end the show.

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