WWE Main Event (8/19) Results: Eric Rowan Vs. The Big Show


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location:Phoenix, AZ] [Date: 8/19/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network] 

We get the same SummerSlam intro video package as we seen on Raw.

Welcome to WWE Main Event, Michael Cole is commentary with Byton Saxton.
Before the match, Cesaro comes out to join the commentary booth.

Sheamus Vs. Curtis Axel

They lock, Sheamus with a shoulder block. Sheamus hits a hip toss followed by a power slam. Axel rolls out of the ring, to regroup. Back in the ring, Axel with a kick to the gut of Sheamus. Axel with a series of chops to the chest of Sheamus. Axel with an up kick, but Sheamus hits a power slam anyways. Sheamus puts Axel on the apron, but Axel blocks. Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a clothesline. Axel throws Sheamus into the ropes throat first. Axel with a big time running knee. Sheamus reverses an irish whip and hits a back elbow. However, Axel says in it and puts Sheamus upside down in the corner. Axel with a series of kicks to Sheamus, he goes to the floor and stretches Sheamus’s neck. Axel covers Sheamus for 2. 

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We’re back with Sheamus going for a sling shot forearm, but Axel nails an uppercut for 2. Axel kicks the ribs of Sheamus, Axel continues the beating. Axel slaps Sheamus over and over, but this makes Sheamus made and he hits a series of clotheslines. Sheamus hits a high knee followed by a snap suplex. Sheamus off the top rope with a back elbow. Sheamus throws Axel to the apron and starts clubbing the chest of Axel. Sheamus hits a rolling senton. Sheamus goes the brogue kick and nails it.

Winner: Sheamus

We have breaking news and we will have a special message from Triple H. This leads to Triple H announcing that John Cena wants  his rematch against Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This match was granted by Triple H and will take place at Night of Champions on September 21st.

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Nikki Bella Vs. Emma

Emma with a quick roll up for 2, then she does it again. Nikki  reverses an irish whip and hits a springboard back kick for a near fall. Nikki  locks in a headlock, Emma fights out. Nikki throws Emma’s face into her knee for a near fall. Nikki  with a face lock, Emma fights out once again. Emma locks in the submission on the ropes, she goes to the top rope and misses a cross body. Nikki  with a big time right hand. Nikki  hits her finisher for the win.

Winner: Nikki

The Big Show and Mark Henry do a backstage promo with Renee Young. Big Show hypes his match with Eric Rowan.

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Heath Slater and Titus O’Neal Vs. Los Matadores

Diego and Slater kick things off, Diego hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Diego with a head take over and then he tags in Fernando who hits a springboard back splash. Fernando with a head take over, Slater reverses an irish whip and hits a clothesline. Titus is tagged in, and hits a back breaker followed by a fall away slam. Slater tagged in, he fights out a headlock and hits a belly flop on Slater. Diego tagged in, he hits a spinning back elbow, then another and springboard tackle for a near fall. Fernando sends Tius to the floor, Slater sends Fernando to the floor and Diego rolls up Slater for 2. Slater hits a big time DDT for the win.

Winner: Heath Slater and Titus O’Neal

After the match, Slater tries to fight the Cow (Hornswoggle) But the Bull takes Slater out.

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are backstage, Harper cuts a promo about how the giant will come crashing down.

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The Raw Rebound is shown.

Seth Rollins cut a promo backstage about how he injured Dean Ambrose. He says that the blood is on the WWE Universes hands. He taunts Jack Swagger, and all of a sudden Swagger pops up. They tease a fight, Swagger says he is done talking. Rollins challenges him to a match on Smackdown.

Erick Rowan Vs. The Big Show

Big Show with a shoulder block followed by a clothesline taking Rowan to the floor. Rowan throws Big Show head first into the ring post. Back in the ring and Show connects with a clothesline. Show with a chop to the chest of Show. The Big Show hits a splash in the corner, but Rowan takes out the left knee of the big guy. Show goes for a big boot, but Rowan blocks and nailed a clothesline. Rowan with a big time right hand, he hits a splash in the corner. Big Show it a russian leg sweep, but Rowan with a big boot for a near fall. Big Show fights out of a rest hold, he throws Rowan over him. Big Show runs into a big boot, Rowan off the middle rope with  back elbow. Rowan hits a big time power slam for a near fall. Big Show nailed the KO punch out of nowhere, he pins Rowan and this one is over.

Winner: The Big Show

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