WWE Main Event (9/23) Results: Miz TV Gets Ruined


[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Little Rock, AR] [Date: 9/23/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network] 

Welcome to WWE Main Event, we kick things off with the following tag team match. 


Los Matadores Vs. Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil

Adam Rose and the bunny are on commentary. Slater and Diego start things off, Rose distracts Slater and Diego drop kicks Slater into Titus. Fernando tagged in and nailed a Crossbody off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Los Matadores

By the way, Byron Saxton is playing a heel on commentary tonight. This is new for his on air character. Rose and Los Matadores dance in the ring after the match.

-Commercial Break-

Mark Henry makes his way out to the ring. Henry has a statement which he reads. He will not apologize for his lose against Rusev. It was all of our faults for him losing and getting hurt. Heel turn. He stood up for his country and faced Rusev, but we do not appreciate it. He did everything he can do, but when people like him work harder than we ever thought about working and if he does not win then he is no longer our boy. He just had to get it off his chest, he said. Henry goes to leave, but The Big Show comes out to the ring. Big Show knows that Henry is upset and he is his bubba from another motha. Big Show explains that Henry he cares about him and he knew how important it is for Henry to beat Rusev. However, Big Show just wants to know that it was partially his fault and he feels his pain. Big Show said that he will stand right here and gets booed. Big Show said he will knock Rusev the hell out this Friday on Smackdown. 
A video recap of the breaking news story about Roman Reigns is shown again.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Lee is on commentary for the following match.

Paige Vs. Naomi

Naomi with a takedown into a dropkick. Paige throws her into the corner, but kicked in the face. Naomi with a head takeover for 2. Paige with a back kick, Naomi with a booty shake and a flying knee to the face for 2. Paige uses the ropes to her advantage, she nailed a superkick and pinned her for 2. Paige with a series of kicks to the gut of Naomi, Paige talks trash to AJ and Naomi rolled her up for 2. Naomi with a kick to the face, then a drop kick and then another. Naomi nailed a head takeover for a near fall. Naomi with right hands in the corner, but Paige sends her face first and rolled her up for the win by using the ropes.

Winner: Paige

After the match, AJ Lee attacked Paige with the Divas title.

-Commercial Break-

The Raw rebound is shown. Renae Young interview The Usos backstage. They cut a promo backstage about how they will become Tag Team champions once again this Friday on Smackdown. 

-Commercial Break-

Bo cuts a promo about how he lost last night, but at least he knows he still works here. He mocked Kofi and said that Kingston needed to Bo Bo Bo. 

Bo Dallas Vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston with a series of kicks, Kingston with a series of strikes, but Bo knocks him off the second rope. Bo with a series of knees to the back of Kingston. Bo with a clothesline, he locks in a headlock. However, Kingston fights out and nailed a drop kick. Bo sent him into the corner, but Kingston reversed and hit a crossbody for 2. They trade right hands, Kingston missed a springboard crossbody and Bo rolled him up for 2. Kingston with an up kick, he nailed Trouble In Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kingston

-Commercial Break-

The Miz makes his way down to the ring for Miz TV. Miz starts in an on a promo about how he was robbed last night on Raw and how he is better than Dolph Ziggler. However, Miz gets it together and brings out Dean Ambrose. Miz shows footage of Seth Rollins taking out Dean Ambrose one month ago. Miz wants to know what happened to him and how serious his injuries were. Dean Ambrose asks Miz if he thinks he is funny, Miz said a normal person would not come back from that. Ambrose said that he might go down, but he will not stay down. Miz says that he thinks that he is insane. Miz shows more footage from last night’s Raw. Miz wants to know how he got out of the locked room, he said that there was a back door. Miz is very surprised by that. Miz brings up how he lost to Dolph Ziggler on Raw and he got cheated. Ambrose headbutted Miz, threw Sandow out of the ring and hit the dirty deeds on Miz. He then propped him up in the chair and Ambrose sent us off the air. 

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