WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results January 30, 2023


Hello and welcome to the ewrestlingnews.com live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw! Tonight we are coming at you live from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the heels of a heated Royal Rumble event on Saturday. Rhea Ripley was victorious in the women’s Royal Rumble match, going the length of the match as the number one entrant. Cody Rhodes, entering at number thirty, won the men’s Rumble match. Following a brutal championship defense against Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns was struck from behind by Sami Zayn with a chair after he had tried to pressure Zayn into furthering punishment on Owens. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa beat Sami down but Jey Uso refused to partake in the defense. All of this and more as we see the fallout from WWE Royal Rumble.

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We begin with a recap of Cody Rhodes’s return at the Royal Rumble. Cody Rhodes is announced as the Rumble winner to those in attendance and his music hits. He comes down the aisle to a huge ovation from the crowd. They chant “You deserve it!” before Cody begins to talk. He says he is not the same person he was 15 years ago when he began in Ohio Valley Wrestling. After listing all of his trials and tribulations he asks himself if he would go back and tell his younger self. Cody says he would not, for every part of his journey has been worth it. Rhodes quotes his entrance music, saying “wrestling has more than one royal family.” and states that for that to be true he must stand across the ring from Roman Reigns. Cody says in 62 days at WrestleMania he will be at the head of the table as the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. As Cody goes to leave the ring the Judgement Day’s music plays and Finn Balor, Damien Priest and Dominick Mysterio come out. Dominick says he was supposed to win the Royal Rumble match. Damien Priest says Dominick should be the only multi-generational superstar headlining WrestleMania. Dominick says Cody owes him an apology. Rhodes interrupts and talks about his respect for Dominick’s father, Rey Mysterio. Dominick says he has no respect for his own father or Cody’s. Cody says he will take on any of the members of the Judgement Day tonight on Raw.

Edge storms the Judgement Day. Cody Rhodes jumps in and we go to commercial break.

Austin Theory will be the guest on the VIP Lounge tonight.

Finn Balor will take on Cody Rhodes

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Seth Rollins defeats Chad Gable

Chad Gable and Seth Rollins tie up at the bell, exchanging wristlocks and roll throughs. Gable gets Rollins in an ankle lock but Seth makes it to the ropes. Seth is on the outside and Chad Gable barrel rolls him from off of the ring apron. Following a flying headbutt, Gable covers Rollins but it is only good for two. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from commercial Seth Rollins is battling back with stiff chops to the chest of Chad Gable. Gable ties Rollins up in the corner and yanks his leg down. Chad Gable climbs to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but misses. Seth Rollins hots a Falcon Arrow but it is only good for a two count from the referee. The two men exchange a series of roll throughs and roll ups, ending with a DDT from Gable to Rollins for another close two count. He locks in an ankle lock on Rollins. Rollins fights out and lands a pedigree on Gable. He covers for the pin. Seth Rollins wins. He is now one of six men in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE United States Championship.

Iyo Skye defeats Candice LaRae

Candice LaRae and Iyo Skye go back and forth with rolls and rope exchanges. LaRae covers for a quick two and Iyo kicks out, turning to a wrist lock to turn things around. The action spills to the outside as Iyo Skye dives through the ropes into Candice. Candice follows up with a high flying maneuver of her own and both women are down on the outside. We go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial Candice LaRae hits a missle drop kick off of the top rope. She covers for the pin but it is only good for a two count. Iyo Skye comes back with a back breaker and a knee to the face of LaRae in the ring corner. Candice reverses a second assault and hits a German Suplex from the second rope. The cover attempt is only good for two. The women battle back into the corner and Candice is in position for the Poisinrana. She hits it but Iyo Skye kicks out again. Damage Control distracts from the outside and Iyo Skye rolls up Candice. She gets the pinfall. Iyo Skye wins.

Following a recap of Rhea Ripley’s Royal Rumble match she is introduced and comes down the aisle. Rhea takes to the microphone and says it has been a while since she has addressed the crowd alone, but she wanted the spotlight to be on her. She says after her history making Royal Rumble win she gets to challenge for either of the women’s championships. Rhea says she has faced Charlotte before but she is sick of the replay that is Charlotte’s reigns as WWE Women’s Champion. Rhea declares that she will face Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Johnny Gargano versus Baron Corbin

Johnny Gargano charges Baron Corbin at the bell but is caught and driven into the ring corner. He battles back with punches but is quickly overpowered by Baron Corbin. Corbin hits a big boot and follows up with a rough whip into the ring corner. He follows with a choke slam but it is only good for a two count. Johnny tries to come back but he is punched from the ring apron and then slammed into the barricade. We go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial break Baron Corbin has Johnny Gargano in a neck stretch. Corbin goes for a dive on Gargano but is caught in a quick spear. It is only good for a two count. Johnny hits two back to back superkicks and covers again. Still only good for two. Johnny keeps Corbin on the ropes but is caught in a Deep Six. Gargano kicks at two. Baron Corbin attempts a spear into the corner but Gargano dives out of the way. JBL becomes frustrated at ringside and Dexter Loomis puts an axe through his hat. Back in the ring, Corbin is distracted and Gargano rolls him up. Johnny Gargano wins. He joins the Elimination Chamber match.

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