WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/30/2020)


Good day EWN followers! Here are the results for the episode of WWE Raw airing November 30th, 2020. A ‘Moment Of Bliss’ is scheduled to open the show. Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles will decide the #1 contender for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship. Here are results for last week’s show: November 16th

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As I’m subbing in today, the results will be covered in a similar way to other shows. Match results will be given and some highlights shared, but it will not be a detailed play-by-play. I may share my opinions if it’s justified. Please enjoy the show and comment in our Disqus comment section with others at the bottom of the screen. You can find me on social media at the following: Facebook / Twitter

‘Moment Of Bliss’

Alexa Bliss thinks Orton is in a foul mood, but she gets it. She shows him the footage of what happened last week. Alexa asks if he knows why The Fiend did that to him. Randy says he has known Bray Wyatt a long time, but he hasn’t been formally introduced to The Fiend. Orton thinks they have a lot in common, but the main difference is all his pain and suffering is on his exterior for everyone to see. He suppresses it deep down in his gut so he can blend in.

Randy hears the voices. The Fiend hears them too. But the voices The Fiend hears are his. Wyatt never told Bliss what happened years ago when he found his weakness and burned it to the ground. So now he knows what to do. He has to find The Fiend’s weakness. And you know what? It looks like he has (while looking at Bliss). She asks if that’s what the voices are telling him? Or are they telling him lies?

Bliss stands up to him… who is manipulating who? The lights go out. The Fiend appears in the ring and Orton has Bliss in his arms. The Fiend wants her back and extends his arms out. Randy gives her back to him and escapes the ring. Who’s laughing now? Orton laughs at The Fiend. Raw begins with Orton getting the upper hand in the mind games.

#1. [Symphony Of Destruction] Jeff Hardy vs. Elias — Winner: Jeff Hardy with a Swanton through a table

– Riddle catches up with Keith Lee and wants to chat nonsense, so he talks to himself for a while. He turns back and Lee is gone.

– The New Day is plugging Cyber Monday at the merchandise stall. 25% off! Whoa. Act fast now.

– Slapjack says Ali took him in and made him feel special. No longer forgotten. That’s why he is a weapon for Revolution. Ali warns Ricochet about not accepting their invitation.

– Ricochet needs to be better than Revolution in and out of the ring. That will prove they are going about this the wrong way.

#2. Ricochet vs. Slapjack — Winner: Slapjack

Dana Brooke showed up to slap Ali during the match, to get revenge for what Reckoning did to her.

– Oh no, it’s The Miz & Morrison. Sheamus is their guest. He’s not digging their antics and wants them to get to the point. They want to know more about Drew McIntyre. Miz wonders why he gave him the sword as a present when he got nothing in return? Apparently, Drew had something better to do. They think Sheamus is jealous of Drew being the champion. Sheamus says when you give a gift you don’t expect something in return. They are like brothers, they go way back.

Miz isn’t buying it. He suggests to Sheamus that he cashes in all his resentment, while he cashes in his Money in the “Brank” briefcase tonight. Sheamus laughs at him. Miz fires up, gets in his face and tells him his career is a joke. He hasn’t been a WWE Champ for five years and now his friend is in his spot. Sheamus says the difference between him and Miz is he talks too much, while he likes to use his hands. Sheamus hits Miz and fights Morrison. The Miz returns and hits him in the back with the briefcase.

– Asuka is motivating Lana before their match against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. As for the tag team champions, they have been at each other’s throats since last week’s Raw, but are looking to set the record straight.

#3. Asuka & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler — Winners: Asuka & Lana

Lana pinned Baszler after Asuka kicked her in the head. Miracles do happen!

– Drew McIntyre thought it was kinda funny what happened to Sheamus on MizTV. He thanks Drew for coming out there to help him. This is why they always got along so well. McIntyre asks if he’s ready to go knock the heads off of those muppets? Hell yeah he is.

– Before the next match, The New Day take us down memory lane via previous episodes of Raw. The dream sequence provokes the Hurt Business, who claim they are technically 2-2. Shelton tells them when they come for those titles, they won’t just take them away, they will hurt ’em. Cedric Alexander tells Xavier he’s about to find out what the ‘hurt’ in Hurt Business stands for.

#4. Xavier Woods (w/ Kofi Kingston) vs. Cedric Alexander (w/ Hurt Business) — Winner: Cedric Alexander with the Lumbar Check

– Riddle tries getting in AJ Styles’ head but he’s not having any of it, and neither is his big friend Omos

#5. [Sudden Death Triple Threat to become #1 Contender] Keith Lee vs. Riddle vs. AJ Styles (w/ Omos) — Winner: AJ Styles with the Phenomenal Forearm

– Charly Caruso catches up with Miz & Morrison. They reel off a bunch of facts, but when Charly calls them out on the fact they don’t have a plan, they don’t have an answer. Morrison has an idea though… so we’ll see what happens.

#6. Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning — Winner: Dana Brooke with a roll up

Ali tells Reckoning there is no failure in Retribution. Hypocrite much? How many times has Retribution lost so far?

– The Miz & Morrison bring AJ Styles & Omos a pie. It’s a ploy to encourage AJ Styles to help them against Drew McIntyre & Sheamus. But he’ll do it anyways. Why? Because AJ thinks it would be way easier to beat The Miz than Drew McIntyre at TLC. Styles takes the pie and admires it. To Omos it’s a cupcake.

– The exchange between MVP and Riddle continues. He’s not interested in Riddle’s ideas, and the almighty Lashley takes him out.

– Keith Lee tells Sheamus some of the guys assume he’s going to turn on his friend Drew McIntyre. Sheamus says it’s none of his business.

– Charly Caruso introduces the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He tells her it feels so good to be WWE Champion once again. What happened against Orton? He did what he said he would and hit him with the Claymore. Bringing that arrogant bastard back down to earth is exactly what he did. He’s unhappy about Jey Uso getting involved with the match between him & Roman Reigns.

Don’t worry though, he will win the war and you better believe that. As for AJ Styles, he has no issues with him. And The Miz, he’s going to take the briefcase and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I guess this concludes the Raw interview segment as Sheamus makes his entrance.

#7. Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. The Miz & John Morrison — Winners: No Contest

AJ Styles interfered and tried cashing in The Miz’s Money in the Bank. They argued about it, giving time for Drew McIntyre to recover and nail Miz with The Claymore. Omos carried AJ away so he wouldn’t succumb to the same fate. And that’s it for Monday Night Raw folks. Have a nice night.

–WWE Monday Night Raw Results (11/30/2020)–


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