WWE Monday Night RAW Results (2/9) – Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Triple H/Stephanie McMahon & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, February 9th, 2015 (USA Network)

Location: The Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH

Results by Matt Boone

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & The Authority Kick Off RAW

After an extended video package showing key moments from last week’s show, this week’s edition of RAW opens up with Roman Reigns making his way to the ring through the crowd.

Reigns talks about being the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble. The fans give a loud mixed-bag reaction, with a lot of boo’s in there. He says despite winning, he thinks it’s clear that The Authority doesn’t want him to headline WrestleMania. He says he won the Rumble and he’ll beat Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane and then go on to WrestleMania.

Before he can continue, Daniel Bryan’s theme hits. Bryan makes his way down to the ring as Michael Cole plugs Bryan vs. Reigns at Fast Lane.

Bryan’s music cuts off and a thunderous “Yes!” chant breaks out. Bryan tells Reigns to take it easy, he says he’s out there to thank him. He talks about Reigns spearing Big Show and helping him win on RAW last week.

Bryan says Reigns is bigger than him and stronger than him. He says they’re about even when it comes to looks, but says everyone knows that he’s a better wrestler than Reigns.

From there, “King of Kings” plays and out comes Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Big Show and Kane. They stay at the top of the stage and Stephanie begins talking. She says she can tell they’re pumped up for Fast Lane, before plugging the fact that the PPV is free on the WWE Network.

Triple H says Fast Lane is the same show where he’ll go face-to-face with Sting, as long as Sting shows up, He says it’s been two weeks since he challenged Sting and he hasn’t heard a word. He says he’s giving Sting until the end of tonight to accept his challenge.

Steph tells Reigns he only speared Big Show last week because Show beat him earlier in the night. She calls Bryan sick for locking Kane in a casket. Bryan says they put him in the casket match to start with and considering what Triple H has done in caskets in the past (Katie Vick), he says he did them a favor. 

Steph makes a tag-match, which is up now. It will be Bryan and Reigns vs. Show and Kane. Show and Kane head to the ring as we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Big Show & Kane

We’re back from the break and all four men are in the ring for this tag-team contest. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon remain at ringside to watch this match unfold.

Early on, Reigns and Bryan are in the lead with Reigns dominating much of the action. Finally, Kane and Big Show take over with some cheap shots and double-team moves both inside and outside the ring. We head to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and the heels are still in control of the match. Bryan starts to fire up on offense. Finally, he gets Kane in the “Yes! Lock,” however Big Show interferes and makes the save. The referee saw it and calls for the bell. Big Show and Kane are disqualified.

Winners via DQ: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns

Reigns-Bryan Have Issues, New Match Is Made

After the match, the action continues until ultimately Bryan goes for the running double-knee. Big Show and Kane move, however, and Bryan accidentally blasts Reigns.

Bryan and Reigns go face to face, with Bryan trying to explain hmiself but Reigns having none of it. Reigns shoves Bryan to the mat.

At ringside, Triple H and Steph get on the mic and mock Bryan and Reigns’ inability to co-exist. Finally, they make another tag-match with Bryan and Reigns teaming up to take on Big Show, Kane, Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. We head to another break.

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

When we return from the break, Rollins is in the ring. Out next is his opponent for tonight, Ryback. The bell sounds and here we go.

Ryback dominates from the word “go,” with Rollins getting in next to no offense whatsoever. The finish to this one, which was kept very short, saw J&J Security attempt to interfere, but Ryback fought them off.

Eventually the ref saw enough and calls for the bell, ending our second of two matches this week by DQ. After the match, we head to another commercial break.

Winner via DQ: Ryback

Paige vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella)

Back from the break and we see Paige standing in the ring. They show highlights of The Bella Twins spraying her with spray tan last week on RAW. From there, The Bella Twins’ music hits and out comes Nikki and Brie Bella.

The bell rings and Paige immediately jumps all over Brie. Paige dominates the action briefly, but Brie quickly pulls ahead. Brie gets in some offense and taunts Paige all-the-while, but Paige is quick to turn the tide.

The finish saw Nikki get up on the apron, only for Paige to knock her off and hit Brie with the Ram-Paige finisher for the 1-2-3. We head to another commercial.

Winner: Paige

Ryback & Lana Pay Tribute To John Cena

When we return from the break, Rusev and Lana make their way down to the ring for what has been promoted all night as “Rusev Paying Tribute To John Cena.”

Rusev and Lana talk a bunch of trash about Cena, calling him old and saying he’s not a man with ruthless aggression anymore. Finally, Cena comes out.

Cena stands at the top of the stage and offers his rebuttal to Rusev and Lana. Cena still has a badly bruised/swollen eye, which is referenced by both guys a few times. Cena talks about how Rusev picked a fight with the wrong “old man.” He tells him at Fast Lane he’s going to kick his ass.

This leads to Cena insulting Rusev one too many times, so Rusev exits the ring, runs up the ramp and he and Cena start trading shots. Rusev smashes Cena, slamming him on the ramp. He throws him into the RAW logo at the top of the stage. After this segment, we head to another break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt

When we return from the break, Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Ziggler makes his way to the ring for one-on-one action. Out next is Ziggler’s opponent for tonight, Bray Wyatt.

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