WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/20) Live Coverage – WWE Money In The Bank Aftermath!


Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make their way to the ring looking quite befuddled. They get in the ring and look at Styles. Styles asks if they haven’t been through a lot together. Gallows says they’ve been all over the world. Styles says he had Cena right where he wanted him. He didn’t need their help. There will never be another “first time” match. Anderson says they were just trying to help. Styles says they gave John Cena an excuse. He signed his name on the dotted line. When they came out, they dragged his name through the mud. Styles asks if they realize that. Styles forces Anderson to look at him. Styles demands they look into his eyes and apologize. Anderson says, “AJ… man, I’m sorry.” Styles is pleased. Gallows looks upset, but he says, “I’m sorry, AJ. Ok? I’m sorry.” Styles says he needs them to apologize to one more person: John Cena himself. Styles then asks Cena to come out and accept this apology.

John Cena’s music hits, and he comes out to his traditional mixed reception. Cena stays at the top of the stage. Cena says he doesn’t need an apology. This one is easy. They had a contract and Styles broke it. Gallows says it’s not Styles’ fault. Styles had no idea they were coming out. Gallows apologizes to Cena. Anderson says Styles signed the contract last week. They did not. They took advantage of that fact. For that, he is sorry. Anderson manages to sound very sincere. Cena says they are fighting to survive in the WWE. Styles desperately needed a win and got one by any means necessary. Styles doesn’t understand that this is where he should be congratulated and moving on to the title, but he’s backpedaling with an apology to cover up the fact that he’s not as good as he says he is. Styles says Cena is using The Club as an excuse because he’s not as good as he says he is. Cena says he respects the win. Winning is the key to success in WWE. When you win night in and night out in the ring, that’s what a champion is made of. This is what Styles doesn’t get. Right up there with being a champion is living up to your word. As a champion, he knows you have your balls and your word. Last night, Styles proved he has neither.

Styles is furious. Styles says The Club did Cena a favor. The crowd chants for Cena. Styles doesn’t care what the crowd thinks. The Club did Cena a favor because they gave him an excuse. Styles will do him a favor. He’ll let him choose any member of The Club to fight. Cena says that’s easy: John Cena versus AJ Styles right now. Styles says he didn’t let him finish. Anyone in The Club except for himself. Styles says they’re the ones that got involved. They deserve to be punished. Besides, he has the Stone Cold Podcast. On top of that, he already beat Cena. Who will it be? Cena says it doesn’t matter. They’re riding really high off his win and feeling good about the apology. It doesn’t matter who he chooses. One will be in the ring and two will be at ringside. If it’s a fair fight, he’d knock their teeth out. It’s really him versus three guys. Styles says Cena thinks he’s always right, but he’s wrong. Styles confers with The Club. Styles says he’s a man of his word. It’ll be Karl Anderson versus John Cena one-on-one. Styles says Anderson will knock Cena’s teeth down his throat. Cena will then realize he’s not as good as he thinks. Anderson will do this all on his own. Styles wishes him luck. Styles then plugs the Stone Cold Podcast and high fives The Club.

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Karl Anderson vs. John Cena

John Cena punches and clubs down Karl Anderson as the bell rings. Cena whips him hard into the corner, and Anderson collapses. Cena sends him hard into the corner a second time and looks toward the entrance ramp, waiting for the interference. Cena connects with a fisherman’s suplex and looks again, but still no one is coming out. Cena clotheslines Anderson down and still looks toward the ramp. Cena body slams Anderson and looks yet again at the ramp. Cena clotheslines him down and begins to concentrate solely on Anderson. Cena glances at the ramp and connects with a back suplex powerbomb. Cena smiles as he executes the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena connects with the Attitude Adjustment and covers Anderson, who never got so much as a punch in, and The Club attacks him before the three count.

Winner by Disqualification: John Cena
Match Rating: 1/4 *

AJ Styles and Luke Gallows double-team him before Anderson gets some punches in for good measure. The Club connects with Magic Killer. Styles directs traffic and tells them to get Cena up. Styles then lays Cena out with the Styles Clash.

Still photos are shown of the big moments in last night’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which Dean Ambrose won. We then see photos of Dean Ambrose beating newly crowned champion Seth Rollins after cashing in to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. A replay is then shown from earlier in the night of Shane McMahon booking Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns in the main event to determine who will face Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Battleground.

JoJo is backstage with Seth Rollins. She mentions he’ll face Roman Reigns to determine who will face Dean Ambrose for the title at WWE Battleground. Rollins says last night was about proving things. When he beat Reigns last night, he proved he was the best and that Reigns never deserved to be champion. You know who else proved something at Money in the Bank? Dean Ambrose. When he snuck up behind him and hit him with the briefcase, he proved he was a cockroach and a thief. If he has to prove it again, he will. He beat Reigns last night and he’ll beat him again. Then he’ll take the title back from Ambrose and prove who the best member of The Shield really is.

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Renee Young is backstage with Becky Lynch. She mentions she was attacked by Natalya and another friend has stabbed her in the back. Becky says she’s cursed. First Paige, then Charlotte, and now Natalya. If she is the last woman in this division with any integrity and sportsmanship, she’s better than the rest of them. Why did Natalya attack her? She doesn’t know, but she’s not making excuses for anyone anymore. There are no second chances with her. Natalya attacks her from behind and sends her into a crate. Natalya says she’s going to take care of herself. She asks Becky how she liked her answer and walks off.

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