WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/20) Live Coverage – WWE Money In The Bank Aftermath!


Renee Young is backstage with Titus O’Neil. She mentions he asked for a match against Rusev. O’Neil says Rusev blatantly disrespected him and his children last night, so he’ll send a message tonight: don’t ever disrespect him or his family.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Titus O’Neil

Rusev won’t let O’Neil in the ring, but O’Neil finally gets in and punches him. They brawl in the ring, and the bell has yet to ring. Rusev powers him to the corner and shoulders away at him. O’Neil knees him in the face and big boots him down. Rusev gets out of the ring, and O’Neil powers him into the barricade. Rusev quickly sends him into the ring post, but O’Neil comes right back by sending him into the barricade, no selling the ring post shot. O’Neil yells at him before clotheslining him into the timekeeper’s area. Rusev escapes through the crowd. This match never started.

The next match we’ll see will be Roman Reigns taking on Seth Rollins with the winner facing Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Battleground.

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Michael Cole talks about the WWE Draft before mentioning The Miz and Maryse could be split up. We then see a video from The Miz from the set of The Marine 5.

Shane McMahon walks into his office to see Chris Jericho with a scowl on his face. Jericho says he knows Shane has it out for him. Shane hasn’t liked him for 15 years. That’s why he canceled The Highlight Reel or made him the #1 Contender against Dean Ambrose. Shane says Jericho lost at Extreme Rules and last night. Jericho says he beat him on Smackdown. Shane is allowing a barbarian to have the title that put 69 tacks in his body. Jericho calls him a stupid idiot. Shane warns him to not call him an idiot. Jericho says he hopes he isn’t drafted on the show Shane is running. Shane says he’ll be running both shows. Jericho says if he keeps making decisions like he does, he won’t be. Shane asks him what would happen if he does. Shane lets him have the office and walks out as Jericho seethes.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring. He’ll be on commentary for the main event.

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Seth Rollins will be in action this week on Smackdown.

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

The bell rings, and Reigns runs him over with a shoulder block. Reigns punches him before sending him into the ropes for a back elbow. Reigns shoulders him in the corner and punches him. A “You can’t wrestle” chant breaks out. Reigns bounces him off the turnbuckle and knees him in the head. Reigns sends him into the ropes, but Rollins holds on and gets out of the ring. Rollins sweeps the feet and pulls him out before punching away at him. Reigns reverses a whip into the barricade. Reigns bounces him off the commentary table and removes the top of the Spanish commentary table. Rollins gets in the ring and boots Reigns in the head. Rollins goes to the second rope and connects with a blockbuster neckbreaker for a two count. Rollins kicks him in the spine and connects with a traditional neckbreaker for a one count. Rollins punches him to the corner and stomps him down. The referee holds him back. Rollins sends him into the ropes and dropkicks him down for a two count. Rollins applies a chin lock. Reigns fights up, but Rollins sends him out of the ring. Rollins sends him into the barricade and punches him. Rollins puts him back in the ring, and Reigns punches him back. Rollins kicks him away and clotheslines him down. Rollins points at Ambrose and his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins continues to punch away at him and puts him in the corner. Rollins sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Reigns charges, and Rollins sends him out of the ring. Reigns avoids a plancha, but Rollins lands on the apron. Rollins goes for a flying knee off the apron, but Reigns avoids it and big boots him down on the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Rollins jump on Reigns’ back with a sleeper hold. Reigns goes down to a knee. During the commercial break, Rollins booted Reigns in the head as he hung off the apron. Reigns fights up as the crowd comes to life to boo him. Rollins kicks him and reverses a whip. Reigns ducks a kick and punches away at him before taunting the crowd. Rollins pops up and stuns Reigns with an enzuigiri. Reigns doesn’t go down. Rollins punches him, and Reigns punches him back. They begin trading punches, picking up intensity with each punch. They head-butt each other before Rollins kicks him. Reigns finally takes him down with a clothesline. Reigns starts doing the clubs in the corner before Rollins stuns him with a reverse STO into the corner. Rollins knees him in the back and sends him out of the ring. Rollins connects with a suicide dive before putting him in the ring. Rollins forearms him twice in the corner before running into a Samoan Drop attempt. Reigns rolls him up before giving him a one-armed powerbomb for a near fall. Ambrose chuckles on commentary.

Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch, but Rollins kicks him and goes for a Pedigree. Reigns gets out. Rollins springboards off the ropes into a Superman Punch for a near fall. Reigns talks a little trash to Rollins before setting up in the corner. Rollins kicks him in the face to counter a spear. Reigns powers him to the corner and puts him on the top rope before punching him to the apron. Rollins kicks him in the head and connects with a flying knee to the head. Rollins kicks him in the head and picks up a near fall. Rollins can’t believe it. Rollins goes to the top rope and goes for a frog splash, but Reigns moves out of the way. Reigns connects with a Drive By Dropkick, and Rollins falls out of the ring. Reigns puts him on the Spanish commentary table and goes for a move, but Rollins gets out and clips his knee. Rollins gives him an enzuigiri and gets in the ring before being counted out, but Reigns immediately pulls him out to restart the count. Reigns then spears him over the Spanish commentary table, which doesn’t break. The referee then counts both men out.

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