WWE Monday Night Raw Results (8/8) Live Coverage – The Road To SummerSlam, Diddy, Mick Foley!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, August 8th, 2016 (USA Network)
Location: The Honda Center in Anaheim, CA
Results by Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps the events from last week’s RAW. Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins had a verbal confrontation in the ring. Bálor said Rollins would have his ass handed to him. We also see footage of Rusev defeating Mark Henry before being confronted by Roman Reigns. Finally we see Randy Orton spoiling the return of Brock Lesnar by dropping him with an RKO. We then go to footage from Smackdown Live when Lesnar got retaliation by giving Orton an F5.

The RAW video plays, and we’re brought into the arena to see a big pyrotechnics display. SummerSlam is just two short weeks away. Tonight, we’ll see a video hyping up Orton/Lesnar, a match which is fifteen years in the making. Mick Foley has also invited Daniel Bryan to RAW to clear the air. Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs will also guest star on the show.

Enzo and Big Cass make their way to the ring to a huge reception from the crowd. Enzo goes through his usual shtick, which the crowd happily chants along with him. Enzo dances around a bit before mentioning that he came out last week on RAW as a “G” spitting game to the WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. Big Cass mentions that she was loving it. Enzo says there’s no question about it. She was smitten. Big Cass says Enzo was like catnip to a kitten. Enzo says he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he could see the future and knows he had it in the bag. The chemistry in the ring was like a science fair. Big Cass says he was like Mike Trout swinging for the fences. The crowd gives Trout a mixed reception. Enzo then says “Jon Bon” Jericho came out with a Golden Glove and robbed him of a home run. Jericho hit him with a Codebreaker. The only code Jericho broke was the “man code” when he came out wearing a scarf and no shirt. It makes him throw up in his mouth when he sees him like that. Enzo says he and Big Cass are some Anaheim Angels on the “Stairway To Heaven,” and Jericho is on the “Highway To Hell.” Enzo calls Jericho an Axl Rose wannabe and says, “Welcome to the jungle, baby. You’re going down!”

Chris Jericho’s music hits, and he comes out wearing the aforementioned scarf with no shirt on. Jericho says Enzo is more irritating than “Achy, Breaky Heart.” Jericho calls him “Enzo Annoying” and says the only reason that he’s still in the WWE is every time he makes a mess with his mouth, he’s got a 7-foot maid to clean it up for him. Jericho says they look like Spike and Chester. They’re a couple of goofballs. Jericho says at least he has someone always watching his back, but so does he. Jericho asks, “How you doin’?” Kevin Owens’ music hits, and he comes out to stand next to Jericho. They then make their way to the ring.

Jericho says he and Owens had a lot of problems when he came to the WWE, but he spoke to Jim Marvinluder and got some advice. Now they’re closer than brothers. They’re close Canadian brothers. No matter what he does, Owens has his back. Through hell and high water, Owens has his back. Jericho then asks Owens if he has his back. Owens reluctantly says he does. Big Cass says they’re like Bert and Ernie scrubbing each other’s backs in the same bathtub. Jericho says only a stupid idiot would think that’s funny. Big Cass says if Jericho doesn’t like it, he can do something about it. Owens says he used to like Cass. When they were in NXT, he was one of the few he liked. Owens had a waste of space best friend that was holding him down, but unlike him, Cass didn’t get rid of the dead weight. Cass instead carried the dead weight and brought it to RAW. Now he has to see and listen to it every week. Enzo is here because of Cass, so Owens doesn’t like him anymore. Owens doesn’t care that he’s 7-feet tall. He’s going to hurt him.

Cass gets in Owens’ face and towers over him. Owens says if it’s not him who hurts Cass, Jericho will. Jericho has a perplexed look on his face. Jericho then reiterates what Owens said. Cass says they should do this right now. Jericho tells them to calm down. Jericho wasn’t talking to Big Cass. Big Cass says he was looking directly at him. Jericho says he was looking at Enzo, the “Hip Hop Hobbit.” Enzo better be prepared because he’s going to get “it.” Enzo looks confused and says when he finds out what “it” is, he’ll shove it down his throat. Enzo and Big Cass’ music plays. This match is next.

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Enzo Amore w/ Big Cass vs. Chris Jericho w/ Kevin Owens

The bell rings, and they circle the ring before locking up. Jericho applies a side headlock and looks for a submission. Enzo whips him off, and Jericho shoulder blocks him down. Jericho hits the ropes and shoulder blocks him down again. Jericho poses for the crowd before hitting the ropes. Enzo dropkicks him down and connects with a pair of arm drags. Enzo applies an arm bar, but Jericho soon fights up. Enzo wrenches the arm and applies a hammerlock. Jericho quickly gets to the ropes. Jericho slaps him in the face and chops the chest. Jericho sends him to the corner, but Enzo catches him with a head-scissor takeover. Enzo connects with a second head-scissor takeover before running into a clothesline. Jericho catches his breath while Owens talks trash to Enzo. Jericho chokes Enzo on the ropes before being reprimanded by the referee. Owens gets a cheap shot in while the referee isn’t looking. Jericho connects with a snap suplex before putting his foot on his chest for a disrespectful cover. Jericho digs his boot in Enzo’s face. Enzo comes back with some punches before hitting the ropes and eating a dropkick from Jericho. Jericho talks trash to Enzo before Enzo fights back. Jericho cuts him off with a kick and sends him over the top rope, but Enzo skins the cat and gets in. Jericho charges, but Enzo gives him a back body drop over the top rope. Enzo connects with a baseball slide. Owens pulls Jericho back as Big Cass joins Enzo’s side.

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