WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 6, 2018: Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox


Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. 

We are in Jacksonville, Florida and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Jonathan Coachman.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Baron Corbin.

Kurt welcomes everyone to Raw and he says tonight will be historic because Ronda Rousey will make her in ring debut on Raw.  Kurt says unlike some former UFC champions, she has no problem competing on Raw.  She does not whine or complain.  Whether she wins or loses tonight or wins at SummerSlam, Ronda is a champion in his book.  Kurt says he wishes he could say the same about Brock.

Kurt says that Brock has no class.  Look at what he has done to the fans, the title, and him.  Kurt says that since Paul got Brock to the ring before the end of the show, he still has his job.  Kurt is about to say what he is going to do to Brock, but he is interrupted by Roman Reigns.

Roman tells Kurt that he has a lot of respect for him as General Manager, but Kurt should have known better.  If you kick the Big Dog out, who is going to protect the yard?  No one.  That is why Brock rag dolled you around the ring.  Roman asks Baron what is he laughing at.  You just stood there and then when Brock looked at you, Baron ran.

Kurt says nobody liked what Brock did last week and that comes from the top down.

Roman says he does not want them to suspend Brock or postpone the match at SummerSlam.

Kurt says he made sure Brock did not get suspended and Roman will face Brock for the Universal Title at SummerSlam.  Kurt says he hopes that Roman kicks his ass.  Baron says that is a sound bite and really unprofessional for the General Manager.  You cannot pick favorites.

Baron says he did not run off.  He chose to be the bigger man.  Baron says he already competed and he was worn out from beating little Finn Balor, the guy who won the Universal Championship, unlike Roman.  Baron says there is nothing else that he can do.

Kurt says that Baron could have acted like a man last week.

Baron wants to know if Kurt is an example of what a man should do?  You shuffle out and you act like this is your show.  Stephanie is in charge.  You just make matches.  Baron says that Kurt cannot be trusted.

Kurt says he just makes the matches.  Kurt says he sees a match right here and he wants a referee to come out for Roman Reigns versus Baron Corbin.

Match Number One:  Baron Corbin versus Roman Reigns

Corbin with a punch before the bell rings and before the referee comes out.  Reigns with a Superman punch for a near fall as the referee finally gets to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with a side head lock.   Corbin escapes a Samoan drop and then he slides around the ring post and hits a clothesline for a near fall.  Corbin punches Reigns and then sends Reigns into the corner with a hard Irish whip.  Reigns with punches to Corbin but Corbin with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.  Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock.  Corbin with a punch and he returns to the chin lock and half nelson.  Roman with a kick and then both men go for clotheslines and Corbin goes down.  Roman with another clothesline but he misses a flying clothesline.

Roman clotheslines Baron over the top rope to the floor.  Roman with a Drive By.  Roman tries to bring Baron back into the ring but Baron with an uppercut and then Baron sends Roman into the ring post.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock.  Reigns with punches and a back elbow.  Reigns with a clothesline and boot to Corbin.  Reigns with a Samoan drop for a near fall.  Reigns with NeverEnding Story to Corbin.  Roman with a running boot to the head.  Roman looks around and sets for the Superman punch.  Corbin blocks the Superman punch but Reigns avoids the choke breaker.  Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.  Corbin with a series of clotheslines in the corner.  Reigns with forearms and Corbin slides around the ring post but he hits the cameraman and that delay allows Reigns to connect with a Superman punch for a near fall.

Reigns sets for the spear but Corbin rolls to the floor and he says that he has had enough.  Corbin goes up the ramp and Finn Balor comes out to force Corbin back to the ring because despite beating him last week, Corbin is afraid of Balor.  Reigns with a Superman punch off the ring steps and then he sends Corbin back into the ring for a spear and the three count.

Winner:  Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman goes to the back and Finn Balor enters the ring and takes off his jacket as he stands over Corbin.

Balor with a running drop kick that sends Corbin into the turnbuckles.  Balor goes up top and hits Coup de Grace.

Ronda Rousey is in the back and she is talking to her friend Natalya.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the announcers talk about the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam and what Seth can do to deal with Drew McIntyre.  We see what Dolph and Drew did to Seth later on Raw.

Kurt Angle is in his office and Seth Rollins is with him.  Seth says he is focused on getting the title back but Drew McIntyre is getting involved.  Seth says every time he tries to stop Drew, Dolph gets involved.  Seth wants to take care of both of them.  Kurt tells Seth to find a tag team partner and he can have a tag match against them tonight.

Match Number Two:  Bobby Roode versus Mojo Rawley

Roode with a waist lock into a hammer lock.  Rawley with an elbow and head butt.  Rawley sends Roode into the turnbuckles but Roode with punches.  Mojo with an Irish whip but Roode with a clothesline out of the corner.  Roode with a kick and he sets for the DDT but Mojo escapes.  Roode sends Mojo to the floor but Mojo leaps to the apron.  Roode with a drop kick to send Rawley back to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mojo with a waist lock.  Roode escapes the hold but Mojo with a knee to the midsection.  Mojo gets a near fall.  Rawley returns to the waist lock.  Roode with elbows to escape the hold.  Rawley with a side slam.  Roode with a sunset flip to counter a back drop and Roode gets a near fall.  Roode with punches and Rawley with a knee to the midsection.  Roode with a kick and running forearm.

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