WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 25th, 2017: John Cena Returns


Show: Raw

Location: Rosemont, IL at the Allstate Arena

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. John Cena makes his way down to the ring. He says he has to fix something and he goes to ringside.  He says someone is wearing the wrong color hat and the wrong color shirt and he wants to give him the right colors.  He gives a child John’s shirt and hat. John tells Chicago ‘Merry Christmas’.   John says that since they have never done a broadcast on Christmas day, that is the first time they have done a Merry Christmas chant.  He says holidays are about being together.  John says that WWE is his home and you are his family.  They have had some ups and downs and he wants to say cheers for the up and the down.  John is happy that everyone is together.  John says he cannot think of a better place . . . Elias’ guitar interrupts and he makes his way to the stage.

Elias strums his way to the ring and he asks John if he knows what WWE stands for and he says it stands for Walk With Elias.  Elias says he has one question for everyone here.  Who wants to walk with Elias? John says he will walk with Elias. Elias says that is the smartest decision John has made.  Elias says he has been interrupted so much he has had enough.  Now he will interrupt Cena, and we get Chicago based chants.  Elias says that person will not interrupt him tonight. Cena says it is Christmas and Chicago loves their fellow Chicagoans so let them have fun. Elias says he will perform tonight and he does not care how often you chant. John says if you are going to perform . . . Elias interrupts John and prevents him from finishing.  He tells John to shush. John gives Elias his stool. Elias says he has a special Christmas song for everybody.  Elias blames John for the chants. Elias sings It’s Christmastime in Chicago and he could not imagine a worse place to spend his holiday.

John stops Elias and he wants the lights back on.  John says he was going to give Elias a chance, and he was going to say not to say anything bad about Chicago.  This is not a bad place to spend a holiday.  They are dressed for the occasion, and they are making noise.  John mentions that Elias always calls the local people ‘jerks’.

Elias says he is telling the truth. John says that the people are not jerks, Elias is a jerk. Elias says he never thought of it that way.  He says maybe John is right and maybe he is a jerk.  Elias says he would love to do that song again if Chicago will give him a second chance. Elias sings again and he changes the lyrics to say nice things about Chicago.  Elias has John finish the song, but Elias punches Cena.

Elias says he does not play for Cena and he does not play for the people.  Elias says Christmas is overrated and so is Chicago. Elias sees Cena try to get up and Elias kicks Cena a few times.  Elias tells John that Santa did not visit him this morning so he is going to give himself the gift of challenging John Cena to a match right now.

John Cena versus Elias

Elias with a forearm to the head followed by punches as the bell rings.  Elias with an elbow drop and punches.  Elias with another punch to Cena.  Cena punches Elias.  Cena with a hip toss and side head lock take down.  Elias stomps on the foot and connects with a forearm.  Elias drives Cena’s throat into the ring apron and then Elias with a running hip to the side of the head.  Elias with a chop on the floor and he gets a near fall.

Elias slams Cena and he waits for Cena to get up.  Elias with another slam and he gets a near fall.  Elias puts Cena in the tree of woe and kicks Cena.  Elias goes up top and he hits a double stomp and gets a near fall.  Elias with an arm bar.  Cena with a kick and punch followed by an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Elias puts Cena in the tree of woe again and Elias goes up top again.  Cena avoids the double stomp and Elias rolls through.  Cena with a clothesline.

Cena with punches and Elias with forearms as they go back and forth.  Elias with a back breaker for a near fall.  Elias with a punch and Cena goes down to the mat.  Elias with another punch as Cena gets back to his feet.  Elias with punches and kicks in the corner.  The referee warns Elias and goes to the apron.  Elias goes up top and he brings Cena onto the turnbuckles.  Cena gets Elias on his shoulders but Elias gets to his feet.  Elias with an electric chair and he spins Cena into a sit out power bomb and a near fall.

Cena struggles to get back into the ring and he beats the count.  Elias gets a near fall.  Elias with a side head lock.  Cena with two flying shoulder tackles but Elias goes to the floor and Cena brings him back into the ring.  Elias with a clothesline for a near fall.  Elias with a back breaker and he gets a near fall.  Elias with another back breaker for a near fall.  Elias goes for a third back breaker but Cena escapes and he applies the STF.  Elias escapes and hits a jumping knee to take down Cena but John rolls to the floor.  Elias punches Cena on the apron but Cena with a shoulder and sunset flip into an STF.

Elias gets to the ropes and Cena releases the hold.  Elias an inverted Drift Away for a near fall.  Elias with a leaping elbow drop.  Elias with another leaping elbow drop.  Cena with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Cena with a flying shoulder tackle or two.  Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb and then he signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he hits it.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner:  John Cena

We have a video package for Samoa Joe. We go to the Christmas tree in Kurt Angle’s office and Jason Jordan arrives.  Kurt says he wanted to see Jason and Seth Rollins enters.  Seth Rollins says he wants Samoa Joe tonight. Jason says he has been waiting patiently for Samoa Joe so he wants the match. Kurt says he knows both of them want Joe, but every time you get close, Sheamus and Cesaro get in their way. Seth says he will not team with Jason again.  Jason says he did not get his head kicked in by Sheamus last week.  Jason says he does not want to move backwards and be part of a tag team.

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