WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 31, 2018: Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre


Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw.

the night.

We are reminded by Michael Cole that Drew McIntyre has announced that he will be in the Royal Rumble.

Match Number One:  Dolph Ziggler versus Drew McIntyre in a Steel Cage Match

Dolph with a forearm and then he goes to the ropes to try to climb the cage and escape but Drew stops Dolph.  Dolph gets to the top of the cage but Drew pulls him back to the mat and connects with a chop.  Drew with a dead lift suplex and he follows with a chop.  Drew tells Dolph he wanted this and Dolph with punches.  Drew with a chop and he puts Dolph on the turnbuckles and chops him.  Dolph slaps Drew and kicks him away.  Dolph with a hesitation DDT off the turnbuckles and both men are down.  Dolph with a chop but Drew with a punch.  Dolph with more punches and a kick.  Dolph goes for a super kick but Drew cuts the distance and hits a head butt.

Drew climbs to the top of the cage but Dolph grabs the leg to stop Drew and he punches Drew in the leg.  Dolph pulls Drew back into the cage and chops him.  Drew chops back.  Dolph and Drew exchange punches.  Dolph sends Drew into the cage but Drew crotches Dolph with a kick ot the knee.  Dolph hits Drew in the leg and he lands carefully on the top rope and then both fall to the mat.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew continues to berate Dolph.  Dolph with punches as we see Finn Balor watching a monitor.  Drew misses a splash into the corner and Dolph with a Fameasser for a near fall.  Both men get back to their feet and Drew blocks a super kick.  Drew goes for a reverse Alabama Slam but Dolph counters into a victory roll for a near fall.  Dolph sends Drew into the cage a few times.  Dolph sends Drew into the cage one more time.  Dolph with a super kick and he fall onto Drew for a near fall.   The cage door opens and Dolph gets his head out of the cage.  Drew pulls Daolph back into the ring.

Dolph with a head butt and both men are down.  Dolph tries to get to the cage door but Drew pulls Dolph back in and then Dolph closes the door to slam it into Drew’s head.  Dolph with a Fameasser for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dolph is on top of the cage but Drew stops Dolph.  Drew with forearms to the back and he superplexes Dolph to the mat.  Drew tells Dolph he means nothing to him and Drew tosses Dolph head first into the cage.  Drew continues to talk to Dolph and Drew with a release suplex into the cage.  Dolph with a kick and Zig Zag for a near fall.  Drew with a Claymore.  Drew backs into the corner to watch Dolph being checked on by the referee.  Drew sets for another Claymore and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew starts to walk away and Dolph asks Drew if that is all he’s got.  Drew gets a chair and brings it into the cage.  Drew kicks and punches Dolph.  Drew puts the chair against Dolph’s head and Drew with a drop kick into the chair.

Drew says in case you didn’t know already his name is Drew McIntyre and he is the king of the Raw jungle.  He tells Dolph it didn’t have to be this way.  Drew says he told Dolph to walk away but he kept coming after his scraps.  He says Dolph is not even worth his scraps.

Now that this chapter is finally closed, we can focus on what really matters.  You already know that he is the King of the Raw Jungle, but it is time to show that he is the King of the WWE.   Drew says he will win the Royal Rumble and fulfill his destiny when he wins the Universal Championship.

Dolph gets back to his feet while Drew goes to the back and Dolph sits in the chair.  Drew hits Dolph with another Claymore and throws the chair into the cage.

We see a limo arrive at the arena and a pair of tennis shoes emerge.  Shane shuffles out of the limo and Triple H walks out of the limo.  Shane shuffles circles around Hunter as we go to commercial.

We are back with New Year’s Resolutions.

Finn says he is proud to have been called the first Universal Chamipon.  He wants to be called the NEW Universal Champion.

Ember is going to show that the Shenom is more than a nickname.  She is going to win the Royal Rumble.

The Ascension say that they want to win the Raw Tag Titles, but Viktor wants the return of the Fashion Files.

The Lucha House Party says it will be the year of the Lucha House Party.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says he is not too big on New Year’s Resolutions because life moves so fast.  Every Monday is like a new year and every day is a chance for a fresh start.  Seth says he is not going to wait for the ball to drop in Time Square, he wants to do things right now.  He says he has a rematch against Dean Ambrose and he wants it right now.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Hunter says it has been a while and you said something interesting.  You mentioned a fresh start.  A fresh start to do anything you want to do.  It has never been more true than right now.  Nothing is going to be handed to anyone.  There is no automatic anything.  Your automatic rematch for the Intercontinental Title is not going to happen tonight.  Hunter tells Seth that he is not sure that Seth deserves a rematch.

Hunter says he takes no pleasure in saying that to Seth because he was Seth’s most vocal supporter.

Seth tells Hunter to cut it out because he says Hunter only supported him because he was his puppet.

Hunter tells Seth that Seth made him believe in him.  When you said you were going to be the face of Raw and the man here, you made him believe.  You took everything you wanted.  For a brief moment, when he did not believe in Seth, you took him to Wrestlemania and you kicked his ass until Hunter believed in him again.  Where is that guy?  The guy who took what he wanted.  All he sees here is a shell of a guy he used to see here asking for stuff.

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