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WWE Monday Night Raw Results February 20, 2023


Hello and welcome to the eWrestlingNews.com live coverage results for WWE Monday Night Raw. WWE Raw is coming live from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.

Austin Theory will put the gold on the line again tonight against WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali are set to settle their differences in a one-on-one bout. Last week during a WWE Digital Exclusive, Ziggler told Ali to quit the excuses and concentrate on showcasing his talents in the ring. With the last Premium Live event before WrestleMania 39 now over, the card for the two-night extravaganza in Los Angeles will begin to take shape.

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Following a recap from the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber, Sami Zayn is coming to the ring. The crowd chants his name as he stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone. Sami comments on how moved he is over the massive reactions he has been getting from the fans over the last few nights. He says that despite that he feels a guilt for not winning in the main event on Saturday night. Sami says that he is now entering the final chapter of his story with the Bloodline. Before he can do that though he needs to talk to someone. He asks Kevin Owens to join him in the ring. The music for KO hits and Owens comes down to the ring. Sami begins by thanking Kevin and then he apologizes. Zayn says it may be too late for him to say sorry but he knows that Kevin Owens wants to destroy the Bloodline. He proposes that they do it together. Owens says he didn’t save Sami on Saturday to help him, he did it for himself. KO stands by what he said before WWE Survivor Series; he is done with Sami Zayn. He says that if Sami needs help with the Bloodline he can ask his buddy Jey. Owens leaves the ring. Just as we go to commercial break Sami Zayn is being attacked by Baron Corbin.

Returning from commercial break Baron Corbin is on the microphone bashing Sami Zayn. He asks him how it feels to have been interrupted like he was last week. Baron reminds everyone that he is the last person to have a pinfall victory over Roman Reigns. He says Sami is a failure and that his story is over. Sami Zayn charges the ring and he hammers Baron Corbin and then clotheslines him from the ring. The bell rings and the match is official.

Sami Zayn defeats Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin returns to the ring after a shoulder to Sami Zayn’s mid section. Corbin uses heavy forearm chops that keep Sami Zayn on the mat. Zayn briefly reverses and comes off of the top rope only to be caught in a chokeslam back breaker. We go to a commercial break.

Back from the commercial Baron Corbin has Sami Zayn up on his shoulders. Sami fights free and lands an elbow on Corbin. Zayn breaks down a double fist back to back and brings Baron Corbin down. Sami lands a spinning DDT and gets a close two count. Baron Corbin dives at Sami but ends up over the top rope and on the outside. Zayn steps back and dives over the ropes on to him. Corbin is rolled back inside and Sami Zayn lines up for his kick. Baron Corbin lands a quick clothesline and knocks Zayn down. Corbin hits the Deep Six and covers. Sami Zayn kicks out at two. Sami rebounds off of a splash from Corbin in the corner and nails a kick. Corbin is down and Sami Zayn covers. Sami Zayn gets the pinfall victory.

Backstage Rhea Ripley shrugs off any questions about her loss at WWE Elimination Chamber. She says she is fully focused on her match with WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. They come face to face on WWE Friday Night SmackDown this week.

WWE United States Champion Austin Theory says he finds it disrespectful that John Cena is in the headlines for his return in two weeks. Theory says he is ready to prove his greatness against Edge tonight.

Mustafa Ali defeats Dolph Ziggler

Mustafa Ali tries for a handshake but Dolph Ziggler drops him with a firemen’s carry slam. Dolph puts Ali down with a neck breaker and goes for a superkick but Mustafa drops out of the ring. Ziggler chases Ali into the corner and gets a kick to the face. Mustafa tries to capitalize but Dolph reverses into a DDT. Mustafa Ali kicks out at two. Dolph Ziggler goes for a Fame-asser but is rolled up in a crucifix by Ali. Mustafa Ali gets the pinfall victory.

Cody Rhodes is entering the ring. Just as he goes to speak, Paul Heyman cuts him off. Heyman says that Cody cannot beat Roman Reigns. Paul asks Cody if he is willing to make the sacrifice of being a traveling world champion. He says that Cody is walking into his own personal nightmare at WrestleMania. Cody says he is tired of Roman sending Heyman to speak for him. Cody says he must finish the story. At WrestleMania he defeats Roman Reigns.

Asuka defeats Nikki Cross

Just as the bell rings Bianca Belair’s music hits and she comes down to the commentary desk. Nikki Cross tackles Asuka and lays punches into her. Asuka reverses from a cross body attempt and lands a few well placed kicks to the mid section of Cross. Asuka misses a kick and Nikki Cross lays her out with a DDT on the ring apron. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial Asuka and Nikki Cross are battling back to their feet. Asuka locks in a German Suplex and hits three in a row before rolling Cross up. Nikki Cross kicks at two. With Nikki Cross up on the top rope Asuka gets a DDT on her. She covers but Nikki cross kicks out again at two. Cross lands a driver on Asuka but only manages a two count for herself. Asuka reverses Cross and locks her into the arm bar. Cross submits and Asuka wins.

Seth Rollins defeats The Miz

Seth Rollins takes The Miz down at the bell. He hammers him with punches and The Miz retreats to the outside area of the ring. Rollins follows and tosses him around before rolling The Miz back into the ring. The Miz uses the referee as a distraction and hits a DDT on Rollins. He covers but Seth Rollins kicks out at two. We go to commercial break.

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