WWE Monday Night Raw coverage

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: February 24, 2020


Raw heads for Super Showdown!

Just days before WWE returns to Saudi Arabia, The Beast is here! What will BRRROCK, LESNARRR have to say on the Raw before Super Showdown?


  • Humberto Carrillo VS Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega; Garza wins.
  • Ricochet VS ???; Ricochet wins.
  • Aleister Black VS Erick Rowan; Aleister wins.
  • R-Truth VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana; Lashley wins.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Angelo Dawkins; Dawkins wins, by disqualification.
  • Seth Rollins VS Montez Ford; Rollins wins.
  • Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens; Orton wins.


Raw still doesn’t understand: Why, RKO, Why?

Why did he do the things he did? To Edge, who he said was like a brother to him. And to Matt Hardy, who stood up for Edge. “From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry.” But does Orton even believe what he says anymore?

Raw opens with Randy Orton, again!

The Viper takes his time going to the ring, just as he has every week since his sickening attack on the Rated R Superstar. Orton grabs a mic and says, “I need to apologize.” Orton isn’t sentimental to say the least, but even he knows his emotions have become “unbalanced.” Fans boo as Orton says that when he arrived this morning, he was told it had been 15 years since Raw came to Winnipeg. That was when Orton was 24 years old. He was WWE Intercontinental Champion, and got punched in the face by “a certain man. A man who would eventually save me from myself, a man who would save me from my self-destructive tendencies, a man who I would eventually look up to.” That would be Adam “Edge” Copeland.

Fans chant, “We Want Edge!” but Orton says that Edge can’t be here because of what Orton did to him. And what Orton did, he can’t expect us to understand. Orton knows that we could never understand! But what Orton did, he is very sorry for, truly and from the bottom of his heart. Here comes Kevin Owens! Another Canadian hero is here to confront Orton and grabs a mic for himself. “Y’know, Randy… For the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a lot of delusional people.” The Authors of Pain, Buddy Murphy, and “The Monday Night Moron,” Seth Rollins. But that is put aside for now because of Kevin’s issues with Orton. Dealing with delusional people has become a specialty of Kevin’s. Kevin heard that “apology” regarding Edge. But here’s the thing: no one believes him. So Orton should drop the act and just tell us why!

Matt Hardy tried to do the same and was viciously beat down, twice. So now KO will ask Orton why. “You don’t want to go down that road.” No, Kevin does, actually. Because the thing about Edge is that Kevin has been a life-long WWE fan. Kevin was a wrestler in the indies, but he sat and watched a role model retire. That sucked for Edge and it sucked for those who wanted to share the ring with him. Edge’s return at the Royal Rumble made everyone in the back a fan again, because Edge got what he loved back! Everyone had their dreams back! Until Orton took it away. Kevin asks one last time: “Why did you do it?” Orton quotes Edge’s theme, “You think you know me?” Edge thought he knew Orton, too.

Clever, Orton. But also true. No one really knows Orton, but Kevin knows that fans are sick of all the talking. Instead, let’s fight! Orton says Kevin wants a match, here in Winnipeg, tonight? Kevin’s on! Just not now. Orton drops the mic and leaves the ring. The Viper slithers away to prepare, having given no answers. But will he answer for what he’s done all the same?

Backstage interview with Angel Garza and Zelina Vega.

El Latino and La Muneca are the hottest couple of people on Raw, and this is a business relationship. Then what do they have in store for Humberto Carrillo? The only thing Humberrrrto is, is basura. Trash. Familia is muy importante, aka super important. But sometimes there are members of the family you don’t really like. As a man’s man and a ladies’ man, Garza must kick Carrillo to the curb so that he can take the top spot on Raw. Charly thanks them for the interview and Angel says that while there is business and pleasure, doing business with Charly Caruso is always a pleasure. But will he still be having fun after confronting his cousin 1v1?

Humberto Carrillo VS Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

Raw returns as Ultimo Ninja makes his entrance. The bell rings and Garza wants Carrillo to wait. They circle and tie up, and Garza headlocks to a takeover. Garza moves to a mount and has the legs. Garza CHOPS but Carrillo CHOPS, then SLAPS! Carrillo rolls and the two bridge up for a very unique bridge. They SLAP FIGHT while upside-down! Garza brings it around to cover, TWO! Carrillo has Garza’s arm for a grounded hammerlock. Vega coaches Garza as he endures. Garza fights up but Carrillo hits a headlock takeover. Garza gets a ropebreak with his feet and Carrillo lets him go. Fans boo as Garza bails out and regroups with Vega.

Garza returns and Carrillo rushes him at the corner! Carrillo has a headlock but Garza has the ropes. The ref counts, Garza pulls hair and powers out. Carrillo runs Garza over and things speed up. Garza jumps over but so does Carrillo! Carrillo rolls off Garza’s back, Garza springboard arm-drags but Carrillo handsprings through! Fans love the lucha libre while Garza is shocked. Things speed up again, Carrillo dropkicks Garza out! Carrillo builds speed to DIVE! Garza hits barriers and fans are all fired up! Vega is freaking out as Raw goes picture in picture.

Carrillo is up and he rocks Garza at the barriers. And CHOPS! Carrillo stalks Garza around the way, and throws him into more barriers! Carrillo hops up to soak up the praise, then drops ax handles on Garza! He puts Garza in, cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps his cool as he drags Garza up and whips. Garza reverses but Carrillo springboards and crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps his cool as he drags Garza up and whips. Garza reverses again, Carrillo handsprings, but Garza dropkicks him down! Both cousins slowly stir and get to their feet. Garza throws a forearm but Carrillo returns it! Garza hits again but Carrillo follows, only for Garza to rock Carrillo with an uppercut! He puts Carrillo in the corner, but Carrillo tumbles out to the apron to ROUNDHOUSE back!

Carrillo climbs while Garza staggers, missile dropkick! Winnipeg fires up as Carrillo somersault moonsualts! Cover, TWO! Vega worries as Carrillo rains down right forearms over and over. Carrillo drags Garza to a drop zone and heads up top as Raw returns to single picture. Garza trips Carrillo up! And off come the pants! Garza throws them at Carrillo while he’s in the Tree of Woe, then PENALTY KICKS him out of it! Vega applauds but the fans boo. Garza drags Carrillo up to a dragon sleeper, for a rebound inverted suplex! And SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Garza grows frustrated but he drags Carrillo up. Fans rally as Garza wrenches Carrillo for an armlock. Carrillo throws strikes and handsprings to arm-drag Garza away!

Carrillo counter punches and kicks Garza, to then springboard and FLYING arm-drag! Garza bails out as fans fire up with Carrillo. Carrillo builds speed but Garza ducks the baseball slide. Garza back drops Carrillo but Carrillo handstands on the apron, only to get another SUPERKICK! Garza puts Carrillo in the ring and covers, TWO! Carrillo survives but Garza heads to the apron. Garza drags Carrillo up and clubs him. Carrillo swings and ROUNDHOUSES again! Garza flounders, Carrillo triangle jumps but Gaza gets under. Another SUPERKICK! But Carrillo BOOTS back! Garza kangaroo kicks from the apron but Carrillo BOOTS him again! Both cousins are on the apron and Winnipeg fires up!

Carrillo stands first and drags Garza over. Carrillo stomps Garza and then throws forearms and CHOPS! Garza CHOPS and we have a scrap on the apron! Carrillo KICKS Garza in the side, then grabs the legs. He CATAPULTS Garza at the post! But Garza lands on the middle rope, and hits Carrillo away. Garza MOONSAULTS! Direct hit takes both cousins out and Winnipeg is all fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Garza brings Carrillo up. Garza wrenches and ROCKS Carrillo, but runs into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Vega is relieved and Carrillo can’t believe it! Carrillo drags Garza back to a drop zone and heads back up. Vega gets on the apron and Garza uppercuts! Garza climbs up, brings Carrillo to the top, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo survives! Garza and Vega are furious fans say, “This is Awesome!” Garza throws an uppercut, ducks a kick but Carrillo lands the enziguri! Carrillo flops onto the cover, TWO! Garza ghost pins, TWO! Carrillo covers, TWO! Sunset flip, TWO! Carrillo sits on it, TWO! Carrillo jackknifes, TWO, to a sunset flip, TWO!! Fans are loving this! Wheelbarrow, victory roll, but Garza sits! Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

Fast and furious isn’t just a movie franchise! That ending was quick and Carrillo is frustrated he can’t overcome his cousin. Will there be another encounter between Carrillo and Garza down the Road to WrestleMania?

Ricochet VS ???

The One and Only prepares for THE biggest match in his WWE career at Super Showdown! Will he be flying high with a win tonight before flying to Saudi Arabia?

Raw returns as Ricochet’s opponent is revealed: It’s the Big LG of the OC, Luke Gallows! The Phenomenal AJ Styles has to save himself for the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match at Super Showdown, so the other Good Brother steps up. The bell rings and Gallows kicks Ricochet low and hard! And then clubs him to a corner. Gallows whips Ricochet corner to corner but Ricochet goes up and over. Things speed up as Ricochet ducks and dodges to dropkick Gallows out! Ricochet keeps moving to FLY! Tope conjilo hits hard and fans fire up! Ricochet brings Gallows up and into the ring and then heads to the apron. Ricochet springboards into a BOOT!

Gallows roars while Ricochet is in a daze. Gallows runs to drop big elbows! Paul Heyman watches backstage as Gallows throws hands on Ricochet in the corner. Gallows ROCKS Ricochet with an uppercut, then stalks him along the ropes. Gallows drags Ricochet up, for a sidewinder backbreaker! Ricochet writhes but Gallows covers, TWO! Gallows taunts Ricochet and brings him up by his beard. Gallows headbutts Ricochet back down, then brings him up for another uppercut! Cover, TWO! Gallows clamps onto Ricochet and drives elbows into the shoulders. He wraps on a thrashing chinlock but fans rally behind Ricochet. Ricochet endures and fights his way up, then throws body shots. Jawbreaker!

Gallows kicks low then suplexes ricochet, but Ricochet knees free! Ricochet dropkick-flips and enziguris! Gallows is down and fans fire up again! Ricochet and Gallows crawl as fans rally up. Ricochet boots Gallows away, then again from a corner! He throws forearms then runs, dodges and springboards to crossbody! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Gallows gasps for air but Ricochet fires himself up. Ricochet tries to fireman’s carry but Gallows clubs him away, YAKUZA KICK! Gallows drags Ricochet up, but Ricochet slips out of the scoop to SUPERKICK! RECOIL! Ricochet heads to the corner but Gallows is so far away! Ricochet realizes, and uses a SUPER SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The King of Flight shows the heights he can reach! Will he reach the pinnacle when he faces The Beast at Super Showdown?

Raw returns as the OC argue backstage.

Gallows lost and Anderson lost, but AJ Styles tells them to stop! The Greatest Tag Team in the World should act like it! A miracle could happen at Super Showdown! Ricochet could beat Brock Lesnar! But if he does, Styles will be there to take the title and add it to the beautiful Tuwaiq Trophy. WrestleMania is around the corner, and the OC needs to be on top of the food chain. But then Aleister Black storms past them and Styles calls him out. Wins a few matches and thinks he owns the place. Aleister needs a reminder of who the OC are. The Official, Original and ONLY Club that Matters. And then they mug Aleister! They stomp Aleister against a door! The OC leave Aleister in a daze, but will he make them pay for that?

The Beast returns to Raw!

Paul Heyman walks out with him as per usual, and Winnipeg cheers as they become Suplex City! Heyman gives his usual introduction as the Advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, BRRROCK! LESNARRR! For years, people have tried to come up with catchphrases of their own, branding themselves as WWE superstars and mainstream celebrities. But the point that no one seems to get is that Lesnar doesn’t need a catchphrase. The catchphrase is the FACT that Lesnar, since 2002, every single time he wants to, he reigns as our champion. Lesnar donning tights, lacing up boots and taking someone to Suplex City is “a rare event.” It doesn’t happen every night, which makes it special.

Thursday, 2/27/2020, when Lesnar “lays waste to the master of the uppercut,” Ricochet, just imagine the beating because Lesnar owes Ricochet one! When Lesnar walks into the ring at Super Showdown, it is the very definition of “special.” But Super Showdown is extra special because the stakes have never been higher. Why? A good question, even from Canadians. Fans of course boo this. But Heyman says, “Thou shalt not boo thy Advocate.” But if Ricochet pulls off the Miracle of Miracles, if Ricochet somehow defeats Lesnar, IF Ricochet somehow becomes WWE World Champion, he goes on to main event WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre. IF that happens, the consequences are groundbreaking, enormous and changes everything! But if Heyman’s aunt had balls, she’d be his uncle! “If” goes out the window when Lesnar takes Ricochet to Suplex City, F5, 1-2-3, LESNAR goes on to WrestleMania!

Heyman says he has only been wrong once in about 8 years. This is no prediction, this is a spoiler! Lesnar will make Drew McIntyre minced meat and then F5 him, and be done with McIntyre once and for all. And we will all realize then, now and forever, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World will be… BRRROCK! LESNARRR! Lesnar holds up his belt while Heyman drops his mic. But will Ricochet pull off the miracle to drop The Beast and hold up that title? Or will the Road to WrestleMania continue on the same path it’s on now?

Aleister does his best to head to gorilla.

The OC did a number on him, and he only has minutes before his rematch with Erick Rowan! Will he stand a chance against the Big Redwood Behemoth?

Aleister Black VS Erick Rowan!

Rowan gave Aleister quite the fight last time, and now Aleister is going in not a caged animal but a wounded one. Will Rowan rip apart what is left of the Embodiment of the End?

The bell rings and Rowan grins as he dares Aleister to bring the fight. The two approach and Aleister can’t muster much of a kick. Rowan puts Aleister in a corner but Aleister dodges to throw body shots. Rowan shoves Aleister away and runs him over! Fans boo as Rowan drags Aleister up for a BIG scoop slam! Rowan soaks up the heat before he stomps Aleister down. Rowan rams knees in then runs to BOOT Aleister down! Fans boo more but Rowan just soaks it all up. Rowan drags Aleister up, suplexes and shifts, but Aleister slips out to dump Rowan out! Aleister BOOTS Rowan down! Aleister hobbles out but Rowan sweeps the legs! Rowan drags Aleister off the ground to throw into the timekeeper’s area!

The ref checks on Aleister but Aleister refuses to quit! Raw is picture in picture as Aleister crawls back to the ring. Aleister is up at the count of 6 but flops back down! Aleister gets in at 9.5! And Rowan is right on him with elbow drops! Rowan drags Aleister up to then whip and run over with an elbow! Aleister flounders to ropes but Rowan is on him with more stomps. Rowan paces about, a cat toying with its prey. Rowan headbutts Aleister and Aleister staggers to a corner. Again, Rowan brings Aleister up, and now he CLUBS Aleister in the chest! And then bumps him off buckles. Rowan CLUBS Aleister again! Aleister refuses to quit so Rowan drags Aleister up to CHOP! Rowan walks into Aleister’s elbow but then clubs and headbutts him again.

Rowan stomps a mudhole into Aleister then whips him corner to corner for another big elbow! He soaks up the heat from Winnipeg as he stalks Aleister. He drags Aleister up, whips corner to corner, blocks a boot to give a clothesline! Rowan dumps Aleister down to hop up in the corner. Rowan leaps to elbow Aleister down! Cover, TWO! Aleister rolls out of the ring as Raw returns to single picture. Rowan goes over to drag Aleister up on the apron but Aleister punches back. Aleister dodges a shoulder to KICK Rowan back in! And then Aleister BOOTS and BOOTS and BOOTS Rowan! rowan clamps hands on Aleister to shove him away. Rowan rolls Aleister, catches the punch for an URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Aleister still lives and Rowan can’t believe it!

Rowan grins as he looms over Aleister. He drags Aleister up and reels him in to suplex, but Aleister knees out! Roll up, TWO! Rowan runs into an elbow, Aleister throws forearms! Aleister runs to keep throwing hands, then fires off a strike fest! Leg sweep and knee thrust! Aleister manages to kip up and fans fire up as he QUEBRADAS! Aleister can’t cover, he’s reeling to a corner. Rowan blocks the boot but gets a KNEE! And another KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Aleister grits his teeth as he stands back up. Aleister lifts Rowan’s head with a foot, and fans fire up. But Rowan has the foot and shakes his head no. He spins Aleister, clamps on the claw, but Aleister fights out. Aleister swings, but into Rowan’s JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Aleister still lives and Rowan is in even further disbelief!

Rowan drags Aleister up, reels him in to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Rowan can’t understand how Aleister is doing this! Rowan drags Aleister up again to throw him out of the ring. He keeps after Aleister as he RAMS him into the barrier, then throws him into others! Fans boo as Rowan refreshes the count. Rowan builds speed around the way, but Aleister sends him into the steel steps! Rowan’s PET!! The ring count climbs as Aleister hobbles up and Rowan worries about his critter! Aleister gets in the ring but Rowan pursues. Rowan drags Aleister out to headbutt and stomp! Rowan is furious with Aleister for what just happened to the pet’s cage! He drags Aleister up to POST BOMB!!

Fans lose their minds as Aleister writhes in pain! Rowan puts Aleister in then checks on his pet. He sets it back on the steps as the ring count climbs. Rowan apologizes to the pet, gets in the ring at 9, to get BLACK MASS!! But Rowan isn’t down?! BLACK MASS AGAIN!! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

The beating from the OC wasn’t enough to end the Embodiment of the End, and perhaps Rowan’s concern for his critter cost him the win. In the end, another one was made to #FadetoBlack, but will the OC be next?

Ringside interview with Aleister.

Despite the injuries from the attack, how did Aleister overcome? “Unbridled rage!” And next week, this rage will be AJ Styles’ burden! In case anyone thinks that Aleister is being too “dark and cryptic,” he’ll make it very clear. AJ Styles, you and Aleister Black will FIGHT! Will even the Phenomenal #FadetoBlack?

Raw returns with an exclusive interview with Drew McIntyre.

Charly speaks with the man who will be in the main event of WrestleMania. Paul Heyman expressed confidence in Lesnar’s victory at Super Showdown. Who would McIntyre choose? It doesn’t matter. McIntyre is fighting for the WWE World Championship, a promise given him years ago but never followed through. Could he care to explain? Well it was about 13 years ago that he debuted in the WWE. Then not long after that, McIntyre became Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One.” He was told he’d be the future, the future world champion. How many world titles did he get? Zero. As hard as it is to admit, the person to blame was actually McIntyre. He lost his passion, was in his own head, and inevitably got fired. Perhaps even deservedly.

Did McIntyre ever imagine he’d be back in the WWE? No. After being fired, McIntyre was angry, bitter and had a big chip on his shoulder. It fueled him, and he looked himself in the mirror. The man in the mirror was the one to blame, and he worked his way back to the WWE. McIntyre refuses to let his legacy be 3MB playing air guitar. His return wasn’t to Raw or SmackDown, but to NXT. And that is what he wanted to do. He spoke to HHH, who always looked out for him. McIntyre was in NXT for his benefit, and for those he could mentor. Then he returns to Raw in April of 2018. It was 4 years to the day he was released. To have left as a boy and to return as a man, his inspirational, hard-working story is living proof, it can happen.

And now, two years later, destiny calls his name. McIntyre encountered Brock Lesnar in the match. He can remember clearly thinking his one goal is to eliminate Lesnar and win the Rumble. McIntyre was always told he had potential, but you can’t live on potential alone. You don’t want to be the past or just be the future, you want to be the present. McIntyre’s Claymore told Lesnar that McIntyre isn’t like anyone else. But it doesn’t matter who it is, McIntyre wants to be in that main event to finally fulfill destiny. Will things finally happen for the Scottish Stud?

R-Truth is on Raw!

“Winnipeg! I like Drew McIntyre, but now I would like to welcome all o’ y’all to the Winter Premiere of Truth TV!” Winter? Winter’s almost over! But Truth wants us all to welcome his guest, Monday Night Raw’s “POWER Couple,” Bobby Lashley & Lana! The Rocky Mountain Machine and his Ravishing Russian wife head to the ring. What will the two have to say after the break?

Raw returns as Truth asks Winnipeg, “What’s up?!” Ever since he heard this interview was coming up, Truth was preparing questions. Lana says they don’t care about his “stupid talk show.” Truth and Lashley have a match. Fans cheer for “Rusev Day!” Lana insists that Rusev Day is cancelled! Truth says, “My bad.” The thing is, Lashley is really, really, really big. He’d rather ask questions than fight. Like, has Lashley seen the Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Lana wants the bell to ring! Well she has to get out of the ring first. Lana shouts for the bell to ring as she gets out of the ring, and we get this match started!

R-Truth VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana!

Truth is upset he didn’t finish the interview, and asks for time to get undressed. Lashley doesn’t give him the time! Fans boo as he stomps Truth into the corner! Lashley drags Truth up to whip him corner to corner. He hits a corner clothesline then a Complete Shot! Fans rally for “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” as Lashley throws Truth out. Lashley goes out but Truth gets in. Truth counter punches Lashley as he gets in! Truth dodges and runs to use John Cena’s signature shoulder tackles! Lashley swings into the Spin-Out Bomb! “You can’t see me!” Truth hits the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Lashley staggers into a fireman’s carry but slips out. Truth kicks low and runs, into a SPEAR!! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

If that happens in the gauntlet match, then Lashley will eliminate Truth easily and move on to another. Will Lashley be able to outlast the other five men and take the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy for his own?

Jerry “The King” Lawler presides over the Raw Women’s Chamber Match contract signing!

The Empress of Tomorrow, the Queen of Harts, the Queen of Spades, and all three members of the group once known as The Riott Squad will be in the ring, after the break.

Raw returns as Asuka, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan have taken their seats. Natalya makes her entrance and Canada cheers their hometown Queen of Harts. Fans cheer for Jerry as he officially welcomes us to the signing. This Elimination Chamber match will name a #1 contender to Becky’s Raw Women’s Championship. Jerry would go on, but Asuka snatches the mic from her! Asuka says that’s enough, “We don’t care!” At the Elimination Chamber, six people go in. Okay, then hold on, let Asuka count. Ichi, ni, san, shi, go… That’s FIVE! Where’s the sixth!? Asuka dares Shayna to show herself! Jerry is given his mic back and understands. They should have all the women involved here, but Shayna is either running late or doesn’t care. Either way, this contract will be signed now.

Sarah starts off with a simple signature and no comments. Then to Natty, she signs and fans cheer. Third, Liv Morgan. Liv signs, and personally takes the contract all the way over to Ruby. Ruby laughs at Liv’s intimidation tactics, and signs. Ruby stands up but Jerry wants to keep the peace. There are referees here, as well, so please, everyone just stay calm. Liv goes back to her seat, and that leaves Asuka to sign. Asuka signs her part, and now Shayna shows herself. At least, her music plays… Shayna comes in from the crowd! Just as she did when she attacked The Man, she comes in from the stands and enters the ring from that side. Shayna takes the contract, signs, and it is finished.

Shayna goes down the line, and Natty stands up to her. Jerry gets out of the ring with the contract, and Asuka speaks up. “Oi, Shayna, ore!” She shoves Natty! Asuka talks trash to Shayna in Japanese, and dares Shayna to “Bite me.” The jackets come off but Natty trips up Asuka! Natty throws hands and Liv DIVES onto Ruby! Sarah hurries after them but it is unclear whose side she’s on. Referees hurry to separate Asuka and Natty, and staff hurry to clear the ring of armchairs and tables. Shayna just keeps herself clear of it all, happy to watch the powder keg she lit. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” as the brawl spills out, but here comes BECKY! Becky holds up her title and knows Shayna wants after it, and Becky wants after Shayna!

The fans fire up for the brawl, but Shayna SPINE BUSTERS Becky down! Shayna grounds ‘n’ pounds, and fans boo as security hurries to pull them apart. They get loose and the brawl starts again! Shayna and Becky only get body shots in before they’re pulled apart. Can the chaos be contained?

Buddy Murphy VS Angelo Dawkins!

Before the Street Profits challenge for the Raw Tag Team Championships at Super Showdown, they will work to divide and conquer the Monday Night Messiah and his top disciple! Will Dawkins get his half of the smoke? Or will Murphy make Rollins proud?

Before the match, the Profits get mics. They helped Kevin Owens last week against Rollins and the disciples. But now they have a tag team championship match at Super Showdown! Seth and Murphy, aka the Monday Night Pariah and Murph the Smurf. Fans chant that one. But this Thursday, it will be all about the Raw tag team golds! That is when the Profits finally become YOUR tag team champions! Fam, calm down. But Profits eat, sleep and breathe four very important words: “We Want The Smoke!” Seth Rollins makes his entrance, and this match begins.

Murphy throws his shirt at Dawkins and hits a KNEE! Murph stomps and whips Dawkins but Dawkins reverses. Fans taunt with “Murph the Smurf!” chants while Murphy reverses back. Murphy fires off a strike fest but Dawkins avoids the knee. Dawkins ROCKS Murphy with a right! Murphy wobbles, Dawkins dodges him in the corner, then Dawkins rallies with clotheslines! BIG back elbow rocks Murphy, and then Dawkins his the cyclone splash! Dawkins keeps moving, but Murphy sends him right out. Murphy wrecks Dawkins with the dropkick, then builds speed, to run into the SPINE BUSTER! Cover, but Rollins attacks!

Winner: Angelo Dawkins, by disqualification

Rollins throws this match just so he can do damage to Dawkins! Ford says Dawkins hit Murphy so hard they had to remove his first name. But if Rollins is so scared, how about Ford do the same thing to him? Rollins hears those fighting words and is ready to go! Will he #BurnItDown? Or will Ford get that smoke?

Seth Rollins VS Montez Ford!

The bell rings, Ford dodges Rollins and fires off JABS! And a dropkick! Ford builds speed to FLY out onto Rollins and Murphy! Messiah and disciple are down as fans fire up with Ford! Raw goes picture in picture as Ford puts Rollins back in. Rollins rolls back out and wants a time-out. Ford watches Rollins closely as Rollins returns. The two circle, tie up, and Rollins kicks low. Rollins wrenches, yanks and yanks and yanks on the arm. He has a standing armlock on Ford but Ford endures. Ford gets up but Rollins wrenches again. Ford rolls, rolls, waves hi then handsprings to wrench. Rollins swigs, Ford ducks and dropkicks! Ford arm-drags Rollins around and has him in an armlock now!

Rollins endures as Ford cranks on the arm. Rollins fights his way up but Ford keeps him from ropes. They go around and around and Ford brings Rollins back to the mat. Murphy coaches Rollins and Rollins fights his way up. Rollins puts Ford in a corner but waits until the ref’s count of 4 to sucker punch! Rollins CHOPS Ford then whips him corner to corner. Ford goes up and over and handsprings to show off. Fans lik the swagger as Ford arm-drags and dropkicks Rollins down! And then dropkicks him out! Rollins regroups with Murphy as fans fire up. Ford heads out after Rollins but Murphy stands in his way. Dawkins comes over and shoves Murphy!

Raw returns to single picture as the ref EJECTS Dawkins!? Fans boo and Rollins sucker punches Ford! Rollins hugs it out with Murphy but then the ref EJECTS Murphy! Now Rollins is upset and argues, but Ford rolls him up! TWO, and Ford runs at Rollins. Rollins puts Ford on the apron but Ford ROCKS him back with a right! Ford springboards for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Ford clotheslines Rollins out of the ring! Rollins staggers up but Ford goes out. Ford dropkicks Rollins again! The ring count climbs as Ford brings Rollins up and into the ring. Ford climbs the corner as Rollins stands, but Rollins dropkicks Ford back! Ford holds on but Rollins hip tosses him into the ring. Rollins rains down angry right hands on Ford, then grinds his forearms into Ford’s face. The ref backs Rollins off as fans boo.

Rollins seethes as he drags Ford up for a high and hard back suplex. Cover, TWO! Rollins drags Ford back up for another but Ford slips out. Ford dumps Rollins out high and hard to the floor! Rollins staggers as the ring count climbs. Rollins gets in, Ford catches him in a  cradle, TWO! Ford gets a backslide, TWO! Now a school boy, TWO! Rollins whips, Ford reverses but Rollins lifts Ford for a BUCKLE BOMB! Cover, TWO! Ford still lives and Rollins can’t believe it. Rollins drags Ford up, whips him out of the ring, then goes out to bring him up. Rollins lifts Ford, to BARRIER BOMB!! Ford is down and Rollins is deadly serious as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Rollins slaps Ford around. Fans boo Rollins as he watches Ford flounder up. Rollins drags Ford up but Ford enziguris! Down goes Ford! Both men are crawling to opposite ends as fans rally up. Rollins heads for Ford and brings him up again, but Ford throws big haymakers! Ford powers up and POLISH HAMMERS! But Rollins kicks low to powerbomb lift again, only for Ford to headscissor and send Rollins into buckles! Ford rallies with lariats! Ford whips, Rollins reverses but Ford hurdles and body checks! Fans fire up as Ford manages a kip up to a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ford keeps moving, heading to a corner. He climbs up but Rollins stands to club him down! Rollins drags Ford the rest of the way but Ford resists the superplex.

Ford clubs Rollins and ROUNDHOUSES! Rollins staggers back, Ford gets in, but Rollins kicks low! Underhooks, but Ford slips out to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Fans boo that Rollins still lives but Ford has wild eyes. Ford drags himself to a corner and up to the top rope. Rollins stops him with a haymaker! Rollins climbs, brings Ford in, but Ford again resists the superplex. Ford throws body shots then shoves Rollins down. Ford adjusts but Rollins is right up again! Rollins pulls but has to hop down. Rollins gets under Ford and back drops him for Ford to SUNSET BOMB Rollins!! Ford hurries back up, WORLD STAR FLOP!! CURB STOMP!! Rollins crawls to the cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Street Profits put up a good fight, but the Monday Night Messiah finds a way to win! But if Ford gave Rollins this much of a challenge alone, how much more will the Profits be up working together?

Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens!

Raw will end as it began. The Viper refuses to explain his actions, so he will simply face the consequences when he fights the Prizefighter! Will KO avoid the RKO to get revenge on behalf of both the Rated R Superstar and V1 Matt Hardy?

The bell rings and Orton circles with Kevin. They tie up, go around, and Orton puts Kevin in a corner. The two push each other but Orton swings. Kevin dodges to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Orton swings again, Kevin ducks and throws haymaker after haymaker! And then stomps a mudhole into Orton! The ref backs Kevin off and Orton slithers out before Kevin can cannonball. Kevin goes out to keep after Orton, and throws him into barriers! Fans cheer as Kevin runs in, CANNONBALL! Kevin shouts, “This is MY show!” and fans cheer. Kevin mocks Orton’s knee pain before putting him in the ring. Orton is in a drop zone, Kevin climbs up top, but then Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and the AOP return! Kevin dares the “little b*tch” to do something, but then Orton knocks him down!

Raw is picture in picture as Orton goes out to fetch Kevin. Orton sends Kevin into barriers, then gives a nod to Rollins. Orton sends Kevin into steel steps! Kevin writhes in pain as Orton paces about. Orton drags Kevin up into the the ring, and Rollins draws closer. Orton stomps Kevin’s limbs, as is his usual method, and then clamps onto an arm. Kevin endures the mounted armlock while Rollins and his followers stand ringside. Kevin fights his way up and throws body shots and forearms to get free. He whips Orton but Oton kicks back. Orton wrenches and yanks on the arm, then has a wristlock to torture Kevin with. Kevin reaches for ropes but Orton hammerlocks the arm and keeps him away. Kevin continues to endure and fight his way up. Orton brings Kevin around to ram into the post!

The ref checks on Kevin as he clutches his arm. Orton catches his breath as he watches Kevin crawl. Raw returns to single picture as Orton drags Kevin up. Kevin manages to throw hands with the bad arm so Orton yanks the other arm! Orton whips Kevin corner to corner then runs in, to a SUPERKICK! Both Kevin and Orton are down, and reinforcements arrive! The Viking Raiders and the Stret Profits brawl with Rollins, Murphy and the AOP! The Profits dump Murphy over the barriers and follow while Erik, Ivar, Akam and Rezar brawl on the other end! Kevin sees his allies working to keep him safe, and he climbs up top. But Orton trips Kevin up! Orton climbs up to join Kevin but Kevin resists. Kevin throws body shots, and clubs the leg!

Kevin punches Orton so Orton punches back. The two brawl up top, back and forth, and Orton falls to the headbutt! Kevin adjusts, to SWANTON! But Rollins is still lurking! Rollins gets up on the apron, Kevin DECKS him! Kevin says “SUCK IT!” but Orton LARIATS! Orton practically salivates as Kevin is on the apron. Orton drags Kevin up but Kevin hotshots first! But Rollins anchors Kevin’s feet! Kevin kicks Rollins away but Orton kicks Kevin! Orton brings Kevin through the ropes, DRAPING DDT! Cover, is that count fast!? Orton wins!?

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

Why did the referee count that fast?! And he goes to check on Rollins. Does Rollins have a referee joining his flock? Rollins grabs chairs and hands them to Orton! The referee aside, has Rollins now welcomed a viper into the fold? “You know what you want to do, Randy. Let the voices speak to you, Randy.” Rollins is encouraging this!? But Kevin grabs one of the chairs! Kevin and Orton each have one, and Kevin dares Orton do do something! Orton drops his chair, and then the ref takes the other?! What is with this ref?! Rollins stats to understand, he does have an official on his side! But then so does Kevin! Kevin grabs the ref and rips the shirt open! There’s a Monday Night Messiah shirt under there!! He was a follower all along!

Rollins says he has nothing to do with this. And whether or not Rollins does, the ref will now pay for his sins! Kevin takes up a chair and fans chant, “YES! YES!” Kevin throws the chair aside, brings the ref up, and tells him to thank Rollins for this STUNNER!! Rollins is furious over what Kevin did to “a good human being!” Fans want “One More Time!” and Kevin pulls out a TABLE! Winnipeg is thunderous as Kevin sets it up in the ring, and then brings the zebra turned sheep over. Kevin says this is for Rollins. POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!! This war for the soul of Raw is far from over! Which side will win when even referees are taking sides?

My Thoughts:

Compared to SmackDown’s Super Showdown go-home, this was actually really good! I love that WWE is blending stories together when it comes to Edge, Orton, Rollins and Kevin. We got some really good promos out of everyone, especially the jabs at Murphy’s on-air name change. And it was actually really smart for Murphy VS Dawkins to be thrown out, we need to leave something for Super Showdown. Rollins VS Ford was a great match, but naturally Rollins wins as the more accomplished wrestler overall. Great twist for the referee that officiated Orton VS Kevin to be a “follower,” but I suppose if I was paying attention, I would’ve realized he’s not one of the usual refs in the rotation. I like the idea that even non-wrestler WWE employees will take sides in this, a real Marvel Cinematic “Hail Hydra” thing.

The blending of OC, Ricochet and Aleister is pretty good, too. Ricochet gets a good win before he surely loses to Lesnar. Heyman’s promo was good on that, as was McIntyre’s interview. Though, some of that interview was basically what McIntyre shoot talked to on WWE Backstage a few weeks ago. OC beating up Aleister helped add a layer of drama to Aleister VS Rowan, but I don’t think the Winnipeg fans were as receptive to it for the middle portion of the match. I’m starting to suspect this might bring Ricochet and Aleister back together as a tag team just long enough to have a good match or two with the Good Brothers. Aleister VS Styles will be a great match, that’s for sure.

Truth VS Lashley went as expected, but it’s a shame Rusev won’t be going to Super Showdown now. Rey Mysterio is a great substitute, but I’m thinking the likely gauntlet winners are Lashley or Styles. Garza VS Carrillo was an amazing opening match for the night. Obviously, Almas and Mysterio are back with Super Showdown, and next week’s tag team match of Carrillo & Mysterio VS Almas & Garza is going to be INSANE! I’m hoping Vega forms a stable that is basically LWO. At the same time, that could be a great preview of a United States Championship match for Chamber or even Mania.

We got a lot of recapping for the Becky-Shayna situation, even if it was spread out through the night. I’m not sure we really needed all of it, and I’m sure there was a way to trim it down to two segments, not three. The Women’s Chamber contract signing was a great segment, very unique in having that many superstars present, and of course the brawling was great. WWE should try some round robin type match booking for the competitors, not including Shayna. Kayfabe it as protecting the event since Becky only wants after Shayna.

My Score: 8.8/10

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