WWE Monday Night Raw Results February 27, 2023

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WWE Monday Night Raw is coming at you live from Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight. Last week Lita returned to align with Becky Lynch in her battle against Bayley and Damage Control. This week Damage Control will defend their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Lita and Becky. Last week Omos and MVP issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania; will he answer this week? Miz will have a Hollywood edition of Miz Tv. Asuka and Carmella will collide, and Piper Niven and Candice LaRae go head to head.

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We start our broadcast with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa coming to the ring. Jimmy says he has heard all of the talk about issues within the Bloodline. He says that families fight all of the time. Jimmy lists off all of Roman Reigns’ past opponents, stating that no one can get one over on the Tribal Chief. The Street Profits come out to interrupt. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins mock the fact that Jey Uso is not present with his brothers. Ford says that Jimmy and Solo have no right to come and trash Raw when they cannot even handle their own family. The Street Profits want to fight and they unload punches into Jimmy and Solo. We go to commercial break.

Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso defeat Street Profits

Jimmy Uso and Angelo Dawkins begin the match. Dawkins lands a heavy punch but misses a splash into the corner. Solo Sikoa is tagged in and he takes to striking Dawkins. Angelo Dawkins hits a dropkick and makes a tag to Montez Ford. Solo Sikoa powers out of a side headlock and powers Ford into his corner. Jimmy Uso is tagged in. A brief exchange of strikes takes place before Angelo Dawkins is tagged in by Montez Ford. Solo Sikoa makes a blind tag off of Jimmy Uso and floors Dawkins with a clothesline. We go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial break Solo Sikoa hits a Samoan Drop on Angelo Dawkins. Sikoa nails Montez Ford with a superkick while he is on the apron. Angelo Dawkins clotheslines Solo Sikoa and they both reach for the tag. Jimmy Uso and Montez storm the ring and exchange blows. Montez lands a standing moonsault on Jimmy Uso and covers for the pin. Jimmy Uso kicks at two. Montez Ford goes high and hits a high crossbody on Jimmy but it is only good for another two count. Solo Sikoa makes another blind tag as Montez ford puts Jimmy Uso down with a spinebuster. Ford tags in Angelo Dawkins who is nailed by Solo Sikoa with the Samoan Spike. He covers Dawkins for the pinfall. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso win.

Following the bell Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso assault the Street Profits. Kevin Owens runs to the rescue and saves them from a steel chair.

Brock Lesnar doesn’t wait for MVP and Omos to make themselves present for the VIP Lounge. He comes down to the ring. MVP comes out and says that this is not how he envisioned things happening when he challenged Brock last week. Brock tells him that he has no issue with him, he is all about business. He says he is here to listen to MVP sell him a fight. MVP asks for reassurance that he is safe before he enters the ring. Brock tells him to come on in to the ring. MVP says that when Brock Lesnar fights a man the man has no chance. He tells him that he will not be able to do the same to Omos. Brock praises MVP on his selling of the fight. Brock tells him that he accepts the challenge. He says they should shake hands and toast for it. Brock pulls a flask out to do the toast. MVP attempts to deny the contents of the flask, saying he will have champagne instead, but Brock asks him if he is going to make him drink alone. MVP takes the flask and drinks. He spits up the sip he took into Brock’s face. Brock hoists MVP up and gives him an F5.

Cody Rhodes defeats Chad Gable

Both men tie up at the bell. Cody Rhodes backs Chad Gable into the corner but he powers out with a heavy strike. Gable attempts to lock in the ankle lock but Cody wiggles out and sends him into the corner. Cody Rhodes lifts Chad Gable up into an inverted superplex and slams him to the mat. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break Chad Gable has Cody Rhodes in the corner. He hits a Dragonscrew and takes to the top rope. Gable soars for his diving headbutt but Cody Rhodes moves out of the way. Rhodes rallies back with a power slam and a mid rope drop kick that result in a close two count. He puts on the Figure Four leglock onto Gable. Chad Gable fights his way to the ropes and the hold is broken. Cody sets up for another move off of the ropes but Gable catches him in a German Suplex. He hits a DDT and a moonsault and covers for the pin. Cody Rhodes kicks at two. Rhodes hip tosses Gable from the ring and follows up with a dive through the middle rope. Back inside of the ring Cody hits a flying cutter on Gable followed by a Cross-Rhodes. He covers for the pinfall. Cody Rhodes wins.

Cody Rhodes takes to the microphone following the match. He says that he has yet to come face to face with Roman Reigns. Luckily, Roman will be present for WWE Friday Night SmackDown this Friday night. Cody says he will be there too.

Backstage Byron Saxton asks Kevin Owens if he is concerned about any consequences to his interference with the Bloodline earlier in the evening. Kevin Owens says that it is the Bloodline that should be concerned because he will not stop until they are all defeated.

Finn Balor issues a challenge to Edge for WrestleMania.

Asuka defeats Carmella

Asuka and Carmella tie up at the bell. Asuka backs Carmella into the ropes and hits a high knee strike. Carmella comes back and isolates Asuka to the corner. She hits a Bronco-buster and covers for a quick two count. Asuka comes back with a high kick to the side of Carmella’s head. Asuka covers but Carmella kicks out at two. Asuka dives at Carmella but misses and goes through the ropes. Carmella gives her a superkick and we go to commercial break.

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