WWE Monday Night Raw Results February 6, 2023


Hello and welcome to the eWrestlingNews.com live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw coming from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Brock Lesnar returns tonight. Angelo Dawkins and Damien Priest fight for a spot in the Elimination Chamber match. Elias and Montez Ford will go one on one for the final spot in the Chamber. A Fatal 4-Way match is set to determine the final spot in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Becky Lynch will finally get her hands on Bayley in a Steel Cage match. The action is packed with just two more Raw episodes left before WWE Elimination Chamber!

As the show begins, Edge is coming to the ring with his wife, Beth Phoenix. A recap is shown of the events from last October’s Extreme Rules I Quit Match between Edge and Finn Balor. Beth Phoenix had suffered a severe head injury from a Con-chair-to by Rhea Ripley. Edge and Beth both returned at Royal Rumble.


Edge says he is to blame for the Judgement Day. He said he was made to feel helpless at Extreme Rules. Edge says he is a cold sadistic bastard and he is ready for his revenge. Beth says if the Judgement Day has the courage, they would come out and face the challenge. They come out and Finn Balor talks of how embarrassing it must have been to be defeated by the Judgement Day so many times. Dominick Mysterio steps in to tell Beth and Edge to leave the ring before he does something that he learned on the “inside”. Edge says he cannot wait for Rey Mysterio to finally get his hands on Dominick. Beth challenges Finn Balor and the absent Rhea Ripley to a tag match at Elimination Chamber. Finn Balor accepts and Judgement Day storm the ring to attack. Angelo Dawkins rushes to the ring and takes the fight to them. Beth Phoenix hits a Glam Slam on Dominick Mysterio. We go to commercial break.  

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Damien Priest defeats Angelo Dawkins

Returning from commercial break the match is under way. Angelo Dawkins lands a front body slam and tries to sail over the top rope to Damien Priest on the outside but Priest moves out of the way. Dawkins comes outside any way and sends Damien over the announcer’s desk. Returning to the ring, Priest catches Dawkins with a big boot. Damien keeps him grounded with a rear face lock but Dawkins powers to his feet. He begins to throw punches and sends Priest back over the top rope. Dawkins follows but catches a clothesline from Priest. We go to a commercial break.

As we return from commercial break both men hit the mat from a double clothesline. Angelo makes it to his feet first and he backs Damien Priest into the corner. He hits and Exploder and covers Priest. It is only good for two. Dawkins takes to the top rope but Priest brings him back down. Damien Priest hits a Flat Liner and covers, but it is only good for two. He sets Dawkins up in a chokeslam but he reverses and hits Priest with a Violencer. It is only good for a two count though and he takes to the top rope for a Frog Splash. Dawkins lands it and covers Priest again, but he kicks out. Damien hits a South of Heaven and covers. Damien Priest wins. He qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match.

Chelsea Green is backstage with WWE Official Adam Pearce. She says she should be in the Elimination Chamber match and asks for a chance to prove herself tonight. 

Dexter Lumis defeats Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin attacks Dexter Lumis from behind before the ringing of the bell. Corbin applies a rear neck choke. Dexter reverses into a side headlock but is toss into the ropes, catching a shoulder by Corbin. He tosses Lumis into the ring corner hard and covers for a pin. Dexter kicks at two but is forced into a grounded head lock. He powers to his feet and unloads punches into Corbin. Lumis hits a high back body drop and kips up and into a leg drop. Lumis catches Corbin in a side slam and covers. The referee counts to three and Dexter Lumis wins.

Brock Lesnar has returned. He comes to the ring to a big ovation from the crowd. He thanks the fans in attendance. Brock tells them that the Royal Rumble was a disappointment for him. He says that he has not been able to stop thinking about Bobby Lashley’s actions against him at the rumble. Brock pulls out a contract for a match at Elimination Chamber and tells Bobby Lashley that if he has the will, he will come down and sign it. Bobby makes his way to the ring. Lashley says that things are under his terms now since he has the upper hand on Lesnar in matches. Brock picks up Bobby and delivers an F5 to him. The crowd chants “one more time” and Lesnar obliges, giving Lashley a second F5.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Carmella defeats Piper Niven, Candace LaRae and Michin

Piper Niven takes the advantage early on, clearing the ring of the other three women. Michin and Candice LaRae get her to her knees and then out of the ring. Michin and LaRae tie up now, spilling into the ring corner. Michin sets LaRae up on her shoulders but Candice reverses into a Poisonrana. Carmella tries to take advantage but Piper Niven lays her out. Piper Noven sends Carmella to the outside and we go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial break Piper Niven misses a splash in the corner on Carmella. She is taken down by Michin and Candice LaRae. Carmella strikes Michin who hits her back. Michin hits a kick and covers. Piper Niven pulls Carmella out of the ring to break the count. Candice LaRae hits a missel dropkick on Niven and makes the cover but it is broken up by Michin. Carmella gets LaRae down in the corner and moon walks out before hitting the Bronco Buster. She follows up with a superkick and covers. the referee counts to three and Carmella wins. She will join the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match.

Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeat Alpha Academy

Cedric Alexander and Chad Gable begin the bout. They exchange waist locks and roll throughs. Alexander comes off of the ropes and is caught in a German Suplex. Gable makes the tag to Otis and he hits Alexander with a boot. Shelton Benjamin tags in and he gets caught in a body slam by Otis. Otis follows up with a big splash. He goes for a splash in the corner but Benjamin dives out of the way. Chad Gable and Cedric Alexander are both tagged in and Alexander clears the ring of Alpha Academy. Cedric goes for a dive through the ropes but is caught by Gable who slams him on the floor outside of the ring. The action returns to the ring where Shelton Benjamin lands a Samoan Drop on Otis. Cedric Alexander nails Chad Gable with a double knee to the back and covers for the pinfall victory.

Asuka defeats Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green kicks Asuka from behind before the bell. She kicks Asuka’s face into the turnbuckle. The other participants of the women’s Elimination Chamber match are around the ring on the outside. Chelsea delivers a face buster and then takes to taunting them. She is distracted and Asuka pounces. She strikes the mid section and then hits a German Suplex. She puts an arm bar on to Chelsea Green and she submits. Asuka wins.

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