WWE Monday Night RAW Results For August 1, 2022


Becky Lynch opens up the show with a promo. Lynch confirms her shoulder injury suffered at SummerSlam this past weekend. She vows not to give up and says she reminded herself who she was this past weekend – The Man. She calls out Bianca Belair. The pair express their respect for one another, and Lynch tells Belair to hold it down while she’s away.

Lynch makes her way out of the ring and backstage. As Lynch leaves Belair continues to talk, saying that she’s ready for anything, including Bayley and her new group of friends who showed up this past weekend at SummerSlam.

Belair is interrupted as the camera cuts backstage to show Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky attacking Lynch, with a steel chair wrapped around her injured shoulder. Belair is already on her way backstage running to get to Lynch’s aid.

AJ Styles is out to the ring now for his match.

The Miz vs. AJ Styles vs. Mustafa Ali – Winner Faces The Winner Of Another Triple Threat Match Later Tonight To Determine #1 Contender For The United States Title

Ali hits a 450 Splash on Miz, but Styles picks Ali up for the Styles Clash and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

We get a backstage segment of Lynch in the WWE trainer’s room, she’s in a lot of pain, asking for ice and meds. Kai, Sky, and Bayley are all interviewed backstage and asked to explain their actions. Bayley teases they’ll find out later tonight.

Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring for a promo. He pokes fun at shelving Riddle, saying now he can be just like his best friend Randy Orton, who is at home with a career-threatening injury too. He says now that Riddle is out of the way, he can turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Title.

However, Rollins is interrupted by The Street Profits. The Profits poke fun at Rollins before challenging him to a match against one of them. The Profits call out a ref for a Rock, Paper, Scissors match to determine who faces Rollins. But Montez Ford pulls the referee and runs to the ring to secure the bid.

Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford

After an amazing match between Rollins and Ford, Rollins gets his knees up from a Splash attempt by Ford, and nails Ford with a Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins looks to hit Ford with another Stomp, but Dawkins comes out for the save, sending Rollins on the run.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

The match is interrupted by Bayley, Sky, and Kai, who all attack both Bliss and Asuka. Belair comes out to make the save, sending the three running into the crowd. Belair gets on the mic and says she wants a match against one of the three tonight – she doesn’t care who. Kai seems to accept the challenge.

It’s confirmed that Belair will face Kai later tonight in a singles match.

Ciampa vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chad Gable – Winner Faces AJ Styles Later Tonight To Determine #1 Contender For The United States Title

Ciampa hit the Fairytale Ending on Gable for the win.

Winner: Ciampa

Edge comes out to cut a promo next. He apologizes to the WWE Universe for the way he was acting for the past few weeks before. He then vowed to end The Judgment Day.

Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky

The match ends in a Disqualification when Bliss, Asuka, and Belair all start brawling with Bayley, Sky, and Kai.

AJ Styles vs. Ciampa for a #1 Contenders Shot At The United States Championship 

Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending after a bit of interference from Miz.

Winner: Ciampa

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Match: The Usos (c) vs. Rey and Dominik Mysterio

The Usos nail Dominik with the 1-D for the win.

Winners AND STILL WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions: The Usos

The Judgment Day hits the ring to take out The Mysterios after the match, but Edge comes out for the save. Edge tries to hit Balor with the Spear but Rhea Ripley pushes Dominik in the way, who takes the Spear instead. Medical personnel checks on Dominik to end the show.

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