WWE Monday Night RAW Results for December 14, 2020


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We go to the ring for a special Christmas edition of The Dirt Sheet with The Miz. Miz welcomes us to the “Nightmare Before TLC” edition. He’s sitting in a chair with a book of the same name. The ring is decorated for Christmas. Miz reveals he and John Morrisonwill do battle in a Handicap Match with Keith Lee tonight. He starts reading a “Nightmare Before TLC” story on TLC opponents AJ Styles and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Miz first mentions AJ’s name and snaps his fingers. AJ appears under a spotlight in the corner of the ring. AJ shows us Omos standing outside of the ring.

Miz mentions McIntyre next and snaps his finger but McIntyre isn’t there. However, we see Morrison dressed as a Braveheart-themed version of the WWE Champion. Morrison and AJ put on a comedy skit as Miz reads. AJ stabs Morrison with the sword, putting an end to his title reign. Miz keeps reading his story and AJ climbs to the top of the ladder. He poses and smiles as fans cheer him on. The story includes a part about Miz cashing in his Money In the Bank title shot and AJ isn’t happy with this. AJ comes down the ladder and stares at Miz as he finishes his story. AJ says that’s not how the story ends. Miz says they changed it to make it better. The music interrupts and out comes Sheamus.

Sheamus says he’s seen it all here in WWE but this was it. He says he’s prepared to fight with his fists, no matter how much AJ and the others run their mouths and play with their swords. AJ says if Sheamus won’t be part of the solution, he’s got to be a part of the problem. Sheamus prefers to be a part of the problem. Sheamus drops his mic and starts backing AJ into the corner. AJ grabs a Christmas tree and throws it at Sheamus. AJ joins Omos at ringside now, laughing at Sheamus. Sheamus grabs a present and tosses it out of the ring, knocking AJ down. AJ looks on from the ground as Sheamus’ music hits while he gets ready for a fight. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see what happened last week to lead to Jeff Hardyteaming with The New Day to face The Hurt Business tonight. The Hurt Business is walking backstage now. They walk up on a WWE crew member who is eating some of Riddle’s Bro-nuts. Bobby Lashley ends up pouring milk all over the guy. They tell him to get out of here. They see a terrified looking Sarah Schreiber lurking, then call her over for comments. She asks about MVP’s match with Riddle tonight. MVP says he’s going to teach Riddle about respect tonight, but for now he’s going to teach Schreiber about journalism because she should’ve asked about the unstoppable team of Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Benjamin and Lashley hype the team up before they all walk off together.

– We see Jeff Hardy and The New Day backstage in the Gorilla Position. Riddle walks up and has an idea. He knows everyone misses Big E, so why doesn’t he stand in their corner tonight as Bro-E. Kofi Kingston says an enemy of The Butthurt Business is a friend of The New Day. Hardy is going to let “The Hardy Bros” be a thing with Riddle tonight. Riddle is excited.

Jeff Hardy and New Day vs. The Hurt Business

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