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WWE Monday Night RAW Results for February 22, 2021


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We go right to the ring for a special championship celebration edition of MizTV. John Morrison has a mic. He introduces new WWE Champion The Miz, who comes out to mostly boos. Miz raises the WWE Title on the ramp as the big pyro goes off. He enters the ring and more pyro goes off when he raises the title. Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV as the boos get louder.

Miz goes on about how far he’s come in WWE. Everyone else from his generation have come and gone but he’s still standing. Miz says he’s taking them all out. He names Batista, John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan, even WWE Hall of Famer, and says they just don’t match up to anything he has going. Miz goes on and on bragging and says he didn’t earn the respect of the fans, he demanded it. The music interrupts and out comes Bobby Lashley and MVP. Lashley is wearing a white suit and MVP is in a blue suit, using a crutch to get around.

MVP congratulates Miz on his title win, on behalf of The Hurt Business. MVP brings up Miz’s accomplishments and says he forgot to mention how Lashley destroyed Drew McIntyre last night before his win. Miz says he was getting to that. He thanks them both but says he and Morrison have more celebrating to do. MVP and Lashley aren’t leaving. MVP asks Miz if they want to reveal the terms of their business arrangement. Morrison helped Lashley lose the United States Title, and now Miz owes Lashley to make it right. Lashley tells Miz he owes him a shot and Miz agrees, but adds that he never said when that would happen. Miz rants about how busy he is and says there is just no time right now.

Lashley ends up grabbing Miz by his tie. Lashley says they made a deal and Miz has one hour to give him what he wants, or he will be sent to the emergency room. Lashley says one way or another he’s taking the WWE Title from Miz and it will be painful, merciless, and… awesome. Lashley and MVP stare Miz and Morrison down as the music starts back up. Tom says Miz has one hour to grant the WWE Title match, or else.

– Lucha House Party is backstage congratulating new WWE United States Champion Riddle. He thanks them for having his back as of late. He goes on ranting about nothing and says he’s naming the eagle on the front title plate “Travis.” Riddle ends up pulling his scooter out and riding off to get to the ring. We go to commercial.

Riddle vs. John Morrison

Riddle wins with the Bro Derek.

Winner: Riddle

Promo video for Rhea Ripley, who will be on RAW soon.

Back from the break and we see Bad Bunny performing on SNL with his WWE 24/7 Title. He will be in Damian Priest’s corner later on tonight against Angel Garza. Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Bunny and Priest now. Priest spots R-Truth with a referee, and he calls him out. Truth comes over with some comedy explanation but Priest knows what he’s up to. Truth gets Bunny’s name wrong and Priest aggressively corrects him, which leads to Truth running away.

We get another look at what happened with Bobby Lashley and The Miz earlier. Miz is backstage with Adam Pearce complaining now. Miz points out how there was nothing in writing between he and Lashley, and Pearce agrees. Pearce suggests that Miz step up and face all challengers, including Lashley, as he’s now WWE Champion and everyone has doubted him. Miz says he will face all challengers, just not now. Pearce is going to respect what Miz decides, but he reminds him he’s running out of time.


Kofi nails Trouble in Paradise on T-BAR for the win.

Winners: New Day

After the match, the music hits as The New Day celebrates. RETRIBUTION storms the ring but Woods and Kofi hit the ramp, taunting their opponents. Ali takes the mic and yells at the other members, asking how much longer they are going to fail him and embarrass him, how much longer he has to deal with this crap. Ali says he carries them all on his back but they keep failing over and over. Ali storms out of the ring by himself as the other members of RETRIBUTION look on.

– We see MVP and Bobby Lashley walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Bobby Lashley demanded a WWE Title shot from The Miz earlier tonight, issuing him a one-hour ultimatum to have an answer. Adam Pearce is in the ring now. He says the deadline is here for Miz to give Lashley an answer. Pearce introduces Lashley and out he comes with MVP. Lashley is dressed to wrestle.

Pearce then introduces the new WWE Champion and out comes The Miz with John Morrison, who is limping a bit. Lashley isn’t happy with the face that Miz is still wearing a suit. Miz says he has made his decision but he needs more time. Lashley tells him to quit stalling and wasting his time, which is like wasting is money. Miz is worried about the honor the title deserves, not money. Miz goes on but MVP interrupts, saying Miz doesn’t have a deal with other WWE Superstars, he has a deal with them. Miz says he doesn’t know what to say, he just needs more time.

Miz understands what Lashley wants and Lashley deserves it but Miz wants to give everyone his best efforts, it’s what the fans and the WWE Title deserves. Miz asks for a week, asking Pearce if he can pencil it in for next week. The music interrupts and out comes Braun Strowman for a big pop.

Strowman says if anyone around here is getting a WWE Title shot it’s him. Pearce says he can’t just do what he wants… Strowman says he can do whatever he wants. He says it’s clear that Pearce and Shane McMahon have an agenda against him, which is why he was kept out of Elimination Chamber. The arguing continues among everyone in the ring until the music of Shane hits and out he comes.

Shane enters the ring and dances around. A “Shane O’Mac!” chant starts up. Shane says let’s everyone chill out and let cooler heads prevail. Shane says Adam needs to tighten his ship up a little bit, and Braun can’t just storm down here and demand a WWE Title shot. Shane mocks Braun, joking about his brain size. Braun says Shane sucks, Miz sucks, Lashley sucks, this whole idea sucks. Braun wants a WWE Title opportunity tonight. Shane thinks that idea kind of sucks, so no. Braun says if Shane won’t give him the champ, give him the challenger. Lashley. Shane says this is intriguing. He’d love to see this match tonight. Most everyone else agrees.

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