WWE Monday Night RAW Results for January 4, 2021


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We begin with a backstage promo by Hulk Hogan to hype us up.

Cole sends us right to the ring where The Mizand John Morrison are waiting for another must see edition of MizTV. Miz says Legends Night at RAW is packed. He plugs Keith Lee vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, and announces Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. They mention some of the special guests for Legends Night – WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair, Torrie Wilson, Booker T and Hulk Hogan, but Morrison adds that most importantly the legendary Miz will be appearing tonight. Fans boo.

Miz is excited because WWE officials came to their senses and reinstated the Money In the Bank briefcase to him. They agree that 2021 will be the year of Miz and Morrison. Miz goes on and introduces their first guests for 2021 – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day. Miz and Morrison thank The New Day for coming, but then Kofi and Woods thank Miz and Morrison for coming to their new talk show… New Day Talks.

Miz and Morrison aren’t impressed. Kofi says Woods is the band leader. They go on and say this will be like a cookout, but since Miz and Morrison aren’t invited they will go over what this show will be about. It’s going to have a little bit of everything, including some beef and working Smell-o-vision. Woods jokes that the Smell-o-vision is working, a knock at Miz and Morrison. The two sides keep trading shots. Woods is also the bailiff, not just the band leader of New Day Talks. Kofi says every good talk show has a bailiff. They go on and Kofi says it’s time for the cooking part of their show, with the celebrity chef Woods. Miz has had enough. He yells to interrupt them. Miz is furious at The New Day for making a mockery of MizTV. The music suddenly interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long.

Long hits the stage with the mic and does his signature “Hold up, playa!” line. He announces Miz and Morrison vs. The Undertaker. The New Day marks out with excitement. WWE official Adam Pearce comes out and whispers something to Long. Long corrects his announcement and says it will be Miz and Morrison vs. The New Day instead, and that match is next. Long dances around as his music starts back up. The two teams argue in the ring. We go to commercial.

The Miz and John Morrison vs. The New Day

Xavier Woods gets the win for New Day with the Shining Wizard on Morrison.

Winners: The New Day

Recap of last week’s main event segment between Orton and Bliss.

Orton is interviewed on holding the match last week and he said as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t. When you face The Fiend, you change and he had compassion in which he hates himself for. And imagine if he directed that newfound hatred at him towards someone else. When asked if he thinks The Fiend will return, he says he doesn’t want to talk about him and instead feels like reminding some legends why he’s the Legend Killer.

A New Year’s TikTok of New Day and R-Truth plays.

Alicia Fox blows of Angel Garza’s romantic advances. Garza then finds Mickie James, Sgt. Slaughter and Haku. Slaughter steals Garza’s rose and gives it to Mickie.

AJ Styles vs. Elias

Styles wins with the Styles Clash.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ gets back up as his music hits. Ryker runs in with an attempted guitar shot to AJ but Omos blocks it and shatters the guitar with one kick. Ryker and AJ are shocked. Ryker joins Elias at ringside as Omos stares them down from the ring.

Riddle catches up with The Big Show backstage before he’s interrupted by Orton. He asks Big Show how it feels that he can’t compete anymore. Big Show says that he’s not ashamed of anything, especially being out there with other legends. Orton says he hit him with the RKO last time and he can’t go anymore. Big Show says he could go any time he wants.

Orton grabs Big Show by the throat and sits him down. Big Show says he’s trying to get him to do something stupid and it won’t work. Orton says if he was who he said, he’d do something about it and he can’t.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

Ric Flair “accidentally” trips up Charlotte after Charlotte knocks Evans out the ring while hitting on Ric, and Royce rolls up Charlotte for the win.

Winners: Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

After the match, Charlotte gets in Ric’s face and orders him to stay out of her business and leave.

Drew McIntyre is backstage and Sheamus wishes him luck tonight. Drew says Sheamus should know him by now and that he’ll defend his title by any means necessary. They are approached by Hulk and Jimmy Smith. Hulk says he’s proud of Drew and how he’s held the WWE flag high. And Drew asks Hulk if Sheamus reminds him of Jimmy. Jimmy says there’s somewhat of a resemblance. Jimmy continues to annoy Sheamus as Sheamus invites Hulk and Drew for drinks after RAW. Drew uses Hulk’s catchphrase on Keith Lee.

Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley drags Riddle around in the Hurt Lock, and the ref has to get out the way. Riddle tapped out but the refs didn’t see it. MVP and Lashley argue with the refs, and Lashley gets pinned from behind for the win.

Winner: Riddle

Ricochet is talking backstage with Mark Henry. Henry just tells him to not give up and to keep fighting till he can’t fight anymore. Riccohet appreciates the advice. Henry is on a scooter. Henry is then approached by Orton. Orton declares for the Rumble match and wonders if Henry has. He also wonders how far that scooter can take him. Henry says hopefully it’s fast enough to get him away from Orton.

Henry leaves but before he does, Orton says he owes Mark for all their battles back in the day, but he’s willing to let it go if he leaves now. Orton shames him into leaving on his scooter.

Lashley and MVP are interviewed backstage and are insistent Riddle tapped. Lashley says it’s ok, because the next time he sees Riddle, he’s gonna punish him.

Mandy Rose approached the ring for her match before Shayna Baszler assaults her on the entry way. Dana Brooke comes to her assistance. Brooke challenges Shayna to take Rose’s place.

Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke

Brooke reverses Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch in a quick match. It didn’t appear Baszler’s shoulders were down.

Winner: Dana Brooke

Baszler won’t let go of the clutch until Rose hits Baszler with a high knee and both double team Shayna out of the ring.

Ric Flair, IRS and Molly Holly are backstage when Orton approaches Ric, and Molly and IRS turn away. Orton tells Ric he would be honored if he would walk him down to the ring for his match tonight. But he hopes he doesn’t cost him his match like he did his daughter tonight.

Ric says he’s not walking him down to the stage for any reason. He’s proud that he regained the title for a 14th title but he let him down. Orton acknowledges Ric taught him everything he knew, but he once was the dirtiest player in the game, but now he’s just an old, pathetic man and that Charlotte is 10 times the competitor he ever was.

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Orton reverses the Twist of Fate into the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Lucha House Party meet up with Melina backstage.

Lucha House Party vs. Hurt Business

Lince rolls up Shelton for the win.

Winners: Lucha House Party

After the match, a furious Shelton sits up while a furious MVP gets up from the announce table. He calls the champs over and yells at them about how they should be embarrassed right now because he is. MVP tells them to figure out what’s wrong between them and fix it. They argue some more and Cedric storms off. Shelton goes to charge at him but MVP holds him back, telling him he needs more from him.

– WWE 24/7 Champion Angel Garza approaches Nikki Cross and WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson backstage. He offers Torrie a rose but she says she’s in the middle of a conversation with Cross right now. Torrie then tells Garza that she invited Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande to watch RAW tonight. She says they are living their best lives right down the hall, and Cardi would love to have the rose. Garza asks if they’re really here, and Torrie points him down the hall into a room. Garza walks away and enters the room, looking for Cardi B. Red lights suddenly come on and it’s The Boogeyman. He scares Garza off. Garza goes running down the hall and R-Truth rolls him up to win the title. Truth dances away with Torrie and Cross. WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons walks up, looks down at Garza, and does his trademark “Damn!” catchphrase.

Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Keith Lee – WWE Championship

After a series of reversals, Drew retains with the Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The two show a sign of respect after the match, and Drew is about to say something, but then out comes Goldberg.

Goldberg comes out and says that there couldn’t be a better representative to be WWE Champion because he has size, speed and athleticism. But the one thing he doesn’t have is respect. He heard what he said, but it’s not what he was thinking. Drew sees those legends as washed up men and women and now he thinks he’s better than them in their prime. He’s not out to demand anything. But instead, he’s out to challenge Drew and his WWE Championship at the Rumble.

Drew says that fighting him would be like fighting his dad, and the two share a laugh before Goldberg shoved Drew to the ground as RAW goes off the air.

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