WWE Monday Night RAW Results for July 6,2020


We start with Drew McIntyre. He recaps the events of last week at the contract signing. He gives Dolph recommendations on stipulations for their matches, but it won’t matter because Drew will still beat him. He calls Dolph out to end the suspense and name the stipulation. Dolph comes out. Ziggler says that we will find out that the stipulation to their match…..is a secret. So he’s not telling us because he won’t allow Drew to prepare. Ziggler then calls Drew a backstabber and Drew says he’s the WWE Champion.

Dolph mentions that there is a blank page in Drew’s WWE career from 2014-2017. Drew says he’s proud of it because it wrote his comeback story. Dolph says there’s a list of people Drew left behind and stabbed in the back to get to the top. Dolph says he brought someone here to prove it. Out comes recently released Heath Slater.

Slater recalls the history between the two, and he says the Drew McIntyre of 2020 is the chosen one, not the one when he first was in WWE. He then rewinds us back to WrestleMania and Slater remembers crying when he won the WWE Title because he loved him. Slater called Drew everyday when Drew was released, and calls him his brother. Slater then asks where Drew was for him. He asks the last time he and Drew talked and Drew can’t remember. Slater is fighting for her two daughters today and he wants Drew to know that he was there for him and Drew wasn’t there for him. On The Bump, he reminds Drew that he said he petitioned for a match between them and the next minute he was uneployed.

Heath says he wants Drew to be a man of his word and give him what he deserves as a friend. Drew doesn’t want to fight him. Heath shoves him. Then, he slaps him. Drew says he’s on.

Drew McIntyre vs. Heath Slater

Drew wins easily with the Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Ziggler argues with Slater and Slater shoves him. Drew comes in the ring and shoves Ziggler out of the ring. Drew and Heath then embrace and Dolph escapes.

Bayley is interviewed and she says Asuka doesn’t have a chance with Sasha in her corner. Asuka appears and asks who said she’s alone.

Sasha and Bayley are out and they say they are changing the game because they never sleep. Bayley and Sasha compliment each other and say they look greatness look easy. Everyone else just wants to be an imitation. Sasha declares victory over Asuka at extreme Rules and proclaims she will be 2 Belts Banks. Asuka comes out, and she says Sasha isn’t that good and then says Bayley isn’t ready for her. Bayley says Asuka isn’t ready for Sasha. Bayley then says if Asuka has a bright idea, Sasha is ready for anything and dares her to bring out her ace in the hole, and it’s Kairi Sane.

Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks

Sane has Banks in the submission hold before Bayley attacks her for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Kairi Sane

After the match, the two teams brawl before Asuka holds Bayley and Sasha and Kairi hits the elbow from the top turnbuckle, laying both out.

There’s something going on backstage, and Aliester Black has apparently been put through a table. Black also had a Mysterio mask on. Seth Rollins and Murphy arrive, and Seth says that’s a damn shame.

Erik and Ivar are playing with a bowling ball backstage and The Big Show arrives. Big Show says they need to get serious since they’re facing Randy Orton in a tag team match tonight. Erik and Ivar say that they’re serious too and they are angry because Edge and Christian were heroes to them growing up and Edge is a fellow Viking brother. They say they even have their own five second pose. Big Show chops both of them to get it together. The Viking Raiders get serious and they say the raid will be on tonight.

Out comes Kevin Owens for the KO Show. Owens removes all the chairs in the ring and says his guest is unexpected, but it’s for good reason, and he introduces Seth Rollins. Seth says he wanted to thank him for being on his show, and he asked how his ankle is, and Owens says it’s fine. It’s doing better than his ego, since things haven’t been going well for Seth since WrestleMania.

Owens says that facing someone at WrestleMania creates a bond because it’s the reason they do what they do, so whether it’s an enemy or a friend, Owens wanted to give Seth something to commemorate the WrestleMania moment they created. Owens gives Seth a KO-Mania shirt, the same shirt that he wore when he beat Seth at WrestleMania. Seth sees what Owens is trying to do, but he doesn’t give a damn about anything about him. He came out him to use his show as a platform to address Rey Mysterio.

Seth formally challenges Rey at Extreme Rules, and it is time to permanently make Mysterio a sacrifice for the greater good of RAW. Seth then says it’s actually Owens who hasn’t been doing all that well since WrestleMania since he sacrificed himself just to get the victory, but it cost him his ankle and he’s been on the shelf since then. He suggests that Owens has more to gain fighting with Seth than against him, and he should consider fighting for the greater good. Out comes Mysterio and Dominick.

Mysterio says Owens won’t fall for it and he accepts Seth’s challenge. And at Extreme Rules, Seth’s destiny will be in his hands. Seth asks Rey about his tag team partner, Aliester Black. He suggests that maybe his son can take his place and one of his eyes can be taken. Owens interjects and he says he’ll never fight on Seth’s side, but he’ll fight on Rey’s side. Owens also suggests that winning tag team picks the stipulation. Seth agrees and the two jump Owens from behind before Mysterio evens the odds.

Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens

When the referee is distracted, Dominick jabs Murphy’s eyes. Rollins attempts to hostage Dominick, but Black returns. Mysterio hits a 619 on Murphy, and Mysterio and Owens win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens

After the match, Mysterio tells Seth he has the perfect stipulation. Mysterio says Rollins will pay for trying to take out Mysterio and Dominick’s eye, so at Extreme Rules, Mysterio will do the same. It will be an Eye for an Eye match.

Bobby Lashley says he broke Apollo mentally, physically and spirtiually, and his US Title reign is coming to an end soon. MVP says the future of the US Title will only be described as ballin’, like Apollo before he ran into those two.

MVP vs. Apollo Crews for the United States title is announced for Extreme Rules.

MVP comes out and says Apollo’s light burnt out when they crossed Lashley and MVP. No one is invincible when it comes to Bobby Lashley, and MVP doesn’t feel guilty because he tried to help Apollo, even after he was able to help Lashley. But he showed MVP disrespect by declining his offer, and when you disrespect him, you disrespect Bobby. When MVP beats Apollo at Extreme Rules, he won’t be champion, but he’ll have memories.

MVP unveils the new United States Championship design. He says the design befits a legend such as himself. Lashley then asks where MVP’s head is at, and he says that it should already be official to make MVP United States Champion since he already beat Apollo. Lashley puts the title around MVP”s waist. Out comes Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.

Cedric tells MVP that he has to earn the title, and Ricochet tells him that Apollo will defeat him. Ricochet then says they will make the Hurt Business go Chapter 11. The two enter the ring and send MVP and Lashey out.

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet

Lashley wins the match for his team with a spear on Alexander.

Winners: Bobby Lashley and MVP

After the match, Lashley gets the Master Lock on Alexander before Ricochet breaks it up and the two escape.

Andrade and Garza are strategizing backstage, and Ric Flair commends them on their efforts last week. He says they did good, but if they fail this week, they’re going to have to answer to Orton, who comes. He says he respects Garza and Andrade for both being 3rd generational superstars, but if they do anything to get in Orton’s way, they’ll both be introduced to the Legend Killer.

The Kabuki Warriors are interviewed and Asuka is asked about her strategy in her match against Bayley. She says after she defeats Bayley tonight, they’re challenging Sasha and Bayley to a tag team title match next week. Kairi plays her flute.

The Big Show and The Viking Raiders vs. Randy Orton, Andrade and Angel Garza

Andrade and Garza stop The Viking Raiders’ finisher, and Orton RKO’s Erik from behind for the win.

Winners: Randy Orton, Andrade and Angel Garza

The IIconics are talking backstage about how ugly Ruby Riott is, and Ruby says she didn’t have a problem with them before, but they do now. After tonight, they won’t be IIconic, but they’ll be tragic.

MVP talks to Cedric Alexander backstage and he says he was impressed by the way he stood up to Bobby Lashley, and that he’s always been impressed by him. But he wonders why he serves as Ricochet’s inferior. Cedric says he sees what he’s trying to do and it won’t work. MVP asks him to consider why Ricochet has a new 365 documentary on the WWE Network, and he doesn’t. MVP and Lashley are in the Hurt Business, but Cedric will be in the catering business if he doesn’t take his advice.

Flair is hyping Orton backstage after the victory before R-Truth runs into Orton accidentially. Orton gets angry for a second before Truth compliments Flair and says he cleans up nice. A little too nice. Truth believes he’s Tozawa. Truth runs away before Akira and the ninjas come behind him. Orton points Akira and the ninjas in the wrong direction to search for Truth.

Ruby Riott vs. Billie Kay

Billie Kay hits a sit out powerslam for the win after a distraction before Royce.

Winner: Billie Kay

Bayley is interviewed backstage and she asks about the challenge made by Asuka if they win, and Bayley says Asuka doesn’t have a chance tonight so there will be no need for the challenge. Sasha says they accept just to prove a point and Bayley asks why. Sasha says no one can touch them and they need to prove it. Bayley begrudgingly accepts.

Nikki Cross is here from SmackDown and security asks her to leave but she says she’ll be good.

Asuka vs. Bayley

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