What Happened After RAW went off the air?

WWE Monday Night RAW Results for May 30, 2022


Becky Lynch opens up the show with a promo, bragging about getting her shot at the RAW Women’s Title at Hell In A Cell. She also vows to regain the title, saying she had a plan from the beginning when she handed her RAW Women’s Title to Asuka before stepping away due to her pregnancy.

Asuka interrupts and calls Lynch a ‘Big Time Baby.’ She then says something to Lynch in Japanese and says ‘Nobody Is Ready For Asuka.’ Not Biancca or Becky, because at Hell In A Cell, she’s going to win the RAW Women’s Title. Belair now hits the ring Belair says she likes to do her talking in the ring, and she has a lot to say to Asuka in their match tonight. And she can’t wait to give Lynch a piece of her mind at Hell In A Cell. Lynch then strikes Belair, Asuka attacks Lynch, and Belair and Asuka begin fighting over who gets to hit Lynch.

Belair and Asuka then both toss Lynch out of the ring to end the segment.

Bianca Belair vs. Asuka

Belair was able to get a rollup reversal on Asuka for the three count and the win, with Lynch at ringside the entire time.

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the match, Lynch hits the ring and takes out both Asuka and Belair.

The Mysterios and Ezekiel vs. The Alpha Academy and Kevin Owens

The Mysterios hit a double 619 on Chad Gable, allowing Ezekiel to hit the Jackhammer for the three count and the win.

Winners: The Mysterios and Ezekiel

Cody Rhodes is out to the ring now for a promo. He says he has always been a fan of Seth Rollins. Especially when his father told him how Rollins has the tools to be a generational talent. Rhodes says that every bit of respect he has for Rollins and any self control he has will be locked outside of the cage when they face off at Hell In A Cell.

Rollins’ music hits and instead of him coming out, Rollins laughs and is coming down from the crowd. Rollins says he doesn’t like Rhodes, he doesn’t want him here, and he’s going to end Rhodes inside Hell In A Cell. Rhodes asks why not do it tonight? And Rollins walks down the stairs and teases getting into the ring.

Rollins walks back and laughs, saying he’ll see Rhodes Sunday. Rhodes darts out the ring and catches Rollins in the crowd. The pair begin brawling, and Rhodes tackles Rollins through the barricade. WWE officials are out to break things up.

Alexa Bliss vs. Doudrop

Bliss was able to hit Twisted Bliss for the win despite an attempted interference from Nikki Cross.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

The Miz is out to host a MizTV segment, but he’s interrupted by his guests, The Street Profits. The Profits introduce themselves, and begin hyping up Hell In A Cell. They also point out that Cody Rhodes beat Miz last week on RAW. The Profits then fool Miz into a “it doesn’t matter what you think” line. Miz put shis hand up for silence but gets a high-five instead.

They begin mocking Miz, and Dana Brooke is running out to the ring, chased by Tozawa. Tozawa gets a rollup, but T-Bar is out and nails Tozawa with a chokeslam. All hell breaks out inside the ring involving Apollo Crews, R-Truth, Tamina, and Dana Brooke. Tamina is able to hit a Samoan Drop on Brooke to win the 24/7 Championship.

Tamina then picks up Tozawa and kisses him to celebrate the win, but Tozawa rolls Tamina up for the title and runs off.

Theory is coming out to be ringside for the next match.

Mustafa Ali vs. Cimapa – if Ali wins, he’s guaranteed a WWE United States Title Match

Theory attacks Ali during the match, getting Ciampa disqualified. Ali is declared the winner of the match.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Theory is still beating on Ali, and grabs the mic. Theory says a win by disqualification is a coward’s way out, but a win is a win. Theory says he’s on another level, and Ali’s United States Title match should happen right now.

WWE United States Championship: Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

Even before the match started, during the entire break, Theory was beating on Ali. The match begun and Theory was immediately on the attack. Ali had a nice blitz of offense, going to the top rope for his finisher, but Theory hit the rope, knocking him down, and hitting his finisher for the win.

Winner AND STILL WWE United States Champion: Theory

Adam Pierce is out and says, while Mr. McMahon was impressed with Theory’s psychological warfare, he wants to see the pair in a fair matchup as well. Pierce announces Theory vs. Mustafa Ali for the United States Championship at Hell In A Cell this weekend.

We get a backstage interview with Matt Riddle, revealing Shinsuke Nakamura as his tag team partner for tonight’s match against The Usos.

Championship Contenders match: The Usos vs. Matt Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura

Jimmy Uso hit Riddle with his scooter for the disqualification.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura

Riddle still clears the ring and Riddle and Nakamura are announced as the winners.

Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Morgan was able to pick up the win with AJ Styles supporting her at ringside.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Priest drags Styles out the ring and attacks him. Priest then gets into the ring and teases an attack on Morgan, but Balor hits the ring and attacks Priest. Rhea Ripley hits the ring but is distracted by Styles and Balor, from behind, Morgan nails Ripley with a double drop kick off the top rope. Balor and Styles beat on Priest to close the segment.

Bobby Lashley, Omos, and MVP are out to the ring for their contract signing for their 2 on 1 Handicap match at Hell In A Cell this weekend. MVP promises putting on a brutal beating on Lashley with Omos. MVP and Lashley bicker back and forth as they both sign the contract. MVP says nobody wants to wait for Hell In A Cell, and Omos stands up. Lashley tosses the table out of the ring and the security gets into the ring to break things up. Both Omos and Lashley clear out the security together, and come face to face in the ring. Cedric Alexander comes in and attacks Lashley from behind. Lashley takes out Alexander but Omos nails Lashley with a big boot. MVP gets in and attacks Lashley. Omos gets a table inside the ring and tries and slam Lashley through it, but instead, Lashley spears Omos through the table to send us off the air.

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