WWE Monday Night RAW Results for May 31, 2021


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Tonight’s WWE RAW opens on the USA Network with a tribute video for Memorial Day. We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida as pyro goes off. Corey Graves welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Byron Saxton and newcomer Jimmy Smith. Graves introduces Smith and welcomes him. Smith says he’s excited to be here and his job is to honor the fans, the Superstars, and have some fun. They hype tonight’s show with a look back at last week and what led to tonight’s Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre match. Graves hypes the main event, which will see Elias and Jaxson Ryker challenge RAW Tag Team Champions Omos and AJ Styles. We see what happened last week to set up Reginald vs. Shayna Baszler for tonight.

– We go right to the ring as Mike Rome introduces The Miz and John Morrison for another must see edition of MizTV. They’re already in the ring and fans are booing some.

Miz gives himself a big welcome back intro, for his first appearance since losing to Damian Priest in the Zombies Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania Backlash. Miz apologies for that match and says, that match… that match… he shakes his head, that match… he was injured. For the first time in his illustrious career, he was injured. This goes with the previous report on the ACL tear. Morrison shows off the Drip Stick he’s brought, which is a pool water toy. Miz says while gone he’s had an epiphany, and that was that he had to get back to RAW because the show is going back on the road soon, and he knew everyone wants to see him live in person. The other part of his epiphany is how he realized he’s accomplished so much in his career, that he has to give back. Like helping Morrison or his guest tonight. He goes on and introduces Charlotte Flair. Out she comes to boos.

Flair heads to the ring as the announcers hype her match against RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at Hell In a Cell. Flair enters the ring and takes a seat. She asks what that smell is and it’s Morrison wearing garlic to save them from zombies, aliens and other things like that. They laugh at a non-joke on Flair becoming a 14-time champion and she asks if they’re done, calling them idiots. Flair goes on about how Ripley’s fairy tale is over, and that will turn to a nightmare as she sends Ripley to Hell in three weeks. The music hits and out comes Ripley.

Ripley enters the ring and says Flair can go to Hell. They face off and Miz tells them to calm down. Ripley and Flair take their seats now. Ripley goes on about how she will beat Flair and remain champion. Flair says Ripley couldn’t even beat Nikki Cross last week. Miz shows us a replay of last week’s Beat The Clock Challenge match with a 2 minute limit. Flair asks Ripley what makes her think she can beat her if she couldn’t beat Cross. The music interrupts and out comes Cross to a pop.

Cross apologizes for interrupting, adding that she is a big fan of MizTV and couldn’t wait any longer. Cross says she beat the RAW Women’s Champion last week and it would only be fair if she was the first person to challenge the winner of their match at Hell In a Cell. Flair says if life was fair, she would be champion right now. Ripley admits Cross earned her respect. They go on and Flair says she can beat Cross in one minute. Cross slaps Flair in the mouth. Flair says Cross is on, then calls her a little troll. We go to commercial.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair – Beat The Clock

Flair takes Cross to the top but Cross fights back and hits a tornado DDT. Flair drops Cross and goes for the Figure Four but Cross keeps resisting. The clock expires and Cross wins.

Winner: Nikki Cross

– After the match, Cross celebrates as her music hits. Ripley is all smiles at ringside as she applauds Cross. Flair seethes and blames this on Ripley. Cross bounces around on the stage and looks on.

– We see recent happenings between The New Day and R-K-Bro. Riddle and Damian Priest are backstage now, talking about the upcoming return to touring. Riddle is also learning some Spanish. Randy Orton shows up and Riddle says he’s missed him so much. Priest walks off. Orton brings up how Riddle used his RKO last week. Riddle apologizes and isn’t sure what came over him, he just hit it out of nowhere. Orton says Riddle and Xavier Woods had a great match, and Riddle impressed him, but there are a few things to work on. Orton says if they’re going to do this tag team thing, they have to do it right. Orton then invites Riddle to ringside tonight to watch his match. Riddle starts marking out but Orton quiets him. Orton walks off and Riddle does some comedy on the scooter.

Xavier Woods vs. Randy Orton

Orton wins with the Bro Derek.

Winner: Randy Orton

Reginald vs. Shayna Baszler

Reginald pins Baszler from out of nowhere after the ring post explodes from out of nowhere.

Winner: Reginald

After the match, Reginald makes his exit and runs away to the back as Baszler seethes in the ring. Reginald joins Jax backstage and she’s so happy. Baszler is shown on the screen, asking what the hell is Jax doing. Was this explosion another trick by Alexa Bliss and Lilly?

– Kevin Patrick is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Drew says tonight is all about he and Kofi Kingston, no MVP or Bobby Lashley, none of that outside interference BS. He also gives Kofi some praise. Drew goes on with his promo and says he likes Kofi, he respects Kofi, but tonight he’s going to do what Kofi’s not willing to do, and that’s run through him, and then get back his WWE Title. The announcers hype the McIntyre vs. Kingston match some more.

T-Bar and Mace vs. Lucha House Party

Metalik attacks but T-BAR levels him with a big boot. T-BAR and MACE then deliver the High Justice double team finisher and MACE pins Metalik for the win.

Winners: T-BAR and Mace

After the match, the former RETRIBUTION members stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays.

– Alexa Bliss is backstage with Lilly. She invites everyone to Alexa’s Playground later on, and says to be there or be square.

– We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Sheamus. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sheamus brags on his latest win as the crowd boos. Sheamus can’t wait to go on the road as champ. He talks about Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo trying to embarrass him, and says maybe they should receive participation trophies because that’s the closest they will get to the gold. He shows us how he defeated Carrillo last week, but was attacked after the match by Ricochet to prevent an attack on Carrillo, and then double teamed by both. Sheamus asks if those two looked like championship material. The crowd continues to cheer Ricochet and Carrillo. Sheamus says where he comes from they’d be scumbags, two people jumping one.

Sheamus goes on and says he created the Open Challenge so he could find someone worthy for a title shot. Ricochet and Carrillo just proved they’re not fit to lace his boots. He’s not going to face them 2-on-1, but he will face them 1-on-1, back to back because that’s the type of champion he is, and when he’s done he will send them back to where they came from, catering obscurity. Sheamus asks which one will be the first one to step up tonight.

Sheamus vs. Ricochet

After a distraction from Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet rolls up Sheamus from behind for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, Sheamus recovers as Carrillo and Ricochet celebrate at ringside, heading to the stage together. A bloody Sheamus yells from the ring.

We get a new “EVA-Lution” coming soon vignette for Eva Marie’s return.

Lana and Naomi vs. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

A double blockbuster on Lana seals the win for Rose and Brooke.

Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

– We see what happened last week with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander gets the quick win with the Neutralizer.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

AJ Styles (C) and Omos (C) vs. Elias and Jaxson Ryker – RAW Tag Team Titles

Elias refused to accept Ryker’s tag and abandoned him. Omos picks Ryker up by his face and levels him with a massive short clothesline. AJ tags in and nails the Phenomenal Forearm as Ryker stumbles to his feet. AJ covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: AJ Styles and Omos

After the match, Elias looks on from the stage and nods as the music starts up. AJ and Omos stand tall with their titles as we go to replays. Omos and AJ raise the RAW Tag Team Titles high in the air as Ryker tries to recover at ringside.

– Reginald is backstage limping when Nia Jax approaches. She asks if he’s sure he wants to accept an invitation to Alexa Bliss’ Playground because she’s weird. He asks what can go wrong and she says a lot can. He promises he will be alright. She tells him to be careful because they still have to celebrate his win over Shayna Baszler. She’s going to go put champagne on ice and will be available if he needs to call her. We see Bliss backstage with Lilly now. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kevin Patrick stops Elias backstage, asking about how he turned on Jaxson Ryker. Elias says Ryker has become unhinged. He walked with Elias at first and Elias was molding him into something special but last week when Elias was in danger, Ryker ran away and his priorities are all out of whack. Patrick points to Ryker beating AJ Styles last week, but Elias takes credit. Elias gives Ryker some praise as an athlete but says he’s too unpredictable and that’s a danger to him. Elias says WWE is going back on the road and the idea of sitting in a car while traveling with Ryker makes him sick, and he doesn’t want to be around Ryker anymore. Elias walks off.

We go backstage to Alexa’s Playground with Alexa Bliss. She is sitting on her swing with Lilly. Bliss introduces their new friend, Reginald. He walks in and sits on the other swing. Bliss promises she won’t bite, but can’t say the same for Lilly. She asks if she can call him Reggie. She congratulates him on the win over Shayna Baszler and asks him how he feels. His leg is taped up and he says besides that, he feel great… Bliss interrupts and says Lilly has a question. Lilly apparently communicates with Bliss but we can’t hear. Lilly wants to know about Reginald’s time with Cirque du Soleil. He’s suddenly attacked by Baszler, knocked out of the swing and beat up.

Baszler tosses Reginald away and takes a seat on the swing. She looks at Bliss. Bliss says she hates to break it to Baszler but Baszler wasn’t invited to play with she and Lilly on the playground today, and only because Lilly doesn’t like her. Baszler says Bliss is becoming a big problem and we just saw how Baszler handles her problems, so before this thing gets out of hand, she and Bliss need to have a chat. Baszler says she will see Bliss next week. She gets up and acts like she wants to put hands on Bliss, who isn’t happy either. Baszler kneels down and tells Lilly she’s just a stupid doll. Baszler walks off. Bliss looks at Lilly and then back at Baszler as she walks off, with a crazy look in her eye.

– The Viking Raiders and Mansoor are backstage talking about going back on tour. They tell Mansoor he needs a chant or a war cry to get the WWE Universe pumped up. Mansoor practices a yell, they give him props for it and tell him don’t forget to have fun out there. They then wish him good luck and walk off. Mustafa Ali walks up and warns Mansoor about making friends here because they will stab you in the back. Don’t trust them or anyone else here. Ali turns to leave and Mansoor asks so why should he trust Ali? Ali responds and tells Mansoor now he’s getting it.

– We see Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston backstage warming up. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get the same NXT promo from earlier.

– Patrick enters the locker room of MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who are with the same models from earlier. Patrick asks if they have a preferred winner tonight. MVP says sure they would love to know who will be the loser at Hell In a Cell. He has some praise for both Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre, and says he can respect their stories but not them as wrestlers. Lashley reminds us he has wins over both of them, and says neither will take the WWE Title from him. MVP also says they would like to watch this match from ringside, but Adam Pearce has prevented that, but being in their suite with these women and champagne is better than a 90-day suspension with no pay anyway. Lashley mentions how no one can stop The All Mighty Era. MVP dismisses Patrick and they go back to celebrating with the models.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre – Number 1 Contender’s Match

McIntyre wins with the Claymore as Kofi is in mid-air.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Kofi and Drew shake hands. Bobby Lashley comes out and stares Drew down from the entrance ramp.

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