WWE Monday Night RAW Results for November 9, 2020


Miz opens us up with Miz TV but Orton comes out and he is pissed. He says he agreed to tonight’s match tonight so that he could get his hands on Drew. This is a setup. He remembers when they tossed Miz out of the locker room, and Randy never wanted them to get back in. Morrison took his ball went home and wrestled for the minor leagues. If Miz wants this title, he can take it. Orton turns and stands and waits for the attack.

Miz says he won’t abuse his power, but Orton doesn’t believe him for a second.

Morrison says he is a legend and Miz says to stop making it about Orton. Miz wants New Day as guests because if things go according to plan, and they win tonight, then they may be in line for the tag team titles.

New Day is out, and Woods hears those talking about a briefcase and possibly beating New Day for their titles. Woods find this laughable. They insult the men in the ring in Spanish, complete with Jajajajas.

They are here to laugh at Ortin, Miz, and Morrison in person.

Orton has had enough. He RKOs Kofi and Miz and Morrison attack Woods.

Drew’s music hits and Orton clears the ring of all debris. Drew and Orton with the rights!!! Miz has the case! He smacks Drew across the back with it. Miz and Morrison toss Drew into an RKO by Orton.

Elias attempts to play a song for us before Jeff comes out.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias vs. Matt Riddle – Survivor Series Qualifier

Riddle pins Elias with Bro Derek.

Winner: Matt Riddle 

Pearce is talking with AJ and and AJ thanks him for something. AJ is asked what it was for, and he just said he was talking with a friend. He’s asked if he’s satisfied with Riddle, and he says he was the missing piece. Sheamus says he disapproves and says he’ll kick his head off if he steps out of line. AJ proposes a team meeting. Sheamus says he’s not his captain, and Braun Strowman comes along and says the same thing.

Mustafa Ali praises Ricochet’s decision to stand alone, but still calls him a fool, but perhaps there’s room for him in RETRIBUTION. No mercy was shown to them, so no mercy will be shown to Ricochet. They are the forgotten. And they will not read until they are shut down.

The Hurt Business are backstage and Drew Gulak comes and says last week went according to plan and he proposes expansion and wants to join. MVP asks him if he’s serious. Gulak says he is. MVP says they’re not accepting applications. Lashley takes off Gulak’s tie and MVP says he can’t be serious about joining the Hurt Business being as well dressed as they are wearing a clip on tie and he gets jumped. Truth pins Gulak out of nowhere to win.

Lana vs. Shayna Baszler 

Baslzer wins with the Karifuda Clutch.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Nia attempts to Samoan Drop Lana through the table but Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke stop her and they say they need to work together.

Lana thanks Dana and Mandy for saving them, but Mandy tells her she didn’t do it for her, she did it for the team. They’re still pissed she cost them the women’s tag titles last week. Lana says she was trying to help. Mandy says if she wants to help, next time, stay out of their way.

AJ goes on and introduces his partners now. Keith Lee is introduced first, AJ introduces Riddle first and out he comes, followed by Sheamus. Braun Strowman is out last. Before the Team Meeting begins, AJ admits things went wrong last week but now they have the missing piece – Riddle. He goes on but Lee interrupts and reminds AJ about last week’s cheap shot. Lee feels like he owes AJ a receipt. Sheamus calls Lee a hypocrite and hasn’t forgot about what Lee did to him last week. Lee and Sheamus have words now. Strowman addresses Sheamus now but AJ gets in between them. AJ refers to himself as the Team Captain but Strowman shoots that idea down. Strowman threatens Sheamus with “these hands” now. AJ keeps trying to calm everyone down. Riddle knows exactly what they all need to do – sick code names. Riddle gives everyone a code name for Survivor Series. “Fire Face” Sheamus isn’t happy with his name, given because his face turns red when he gets angry.

AJ says that’s enough with the nicknames. He reminds everyone they’re up against the best athletes on SmackDown. AJ tells Sheamus how good Jey Uso is doing. AJ reminds Lee how dangerous Seth Rollins is with his Stomp. Riddle laughs and AJ asks if he wants a Stunner from Kevin Owens. AJ says if Strowman can’t work with the team, he might have to bow down to King Baron Corbin. AJ talks his partners up some more but they object when he refers to himself as Team Captain again. AJ talked to WWE Producer Adam Pearce to sanction this match and it may sound like a dumb idea, but hear him out – Sheamus and Strowman vs. Riddle and Lee with AJ as the special referee. He says this match will give everyone respect among each other. They argue as we go back to commercial.

Matt Riddle and Keith Lee vs. Sheamus and Braun Strowman (Special Guest Referee: AJ Styles)

Riddle pins Sheamus from behind for the win.

Winners: Keith Lee and Matt Riddle

Bliss and Cross are backstage. Alexa says she hasn’t seen Nikki in forever. Nikki said she saw her last week. Alexa says she’s been meeting a lot of new people. Cross wanted to talk to her about the Firefly Fun House. Nikki says she’s not playing and it’s not a game. She says it’s her fault why Alexa’s this way and The Fiend wouldn’t have been able to sink his claws in to her. Cross apologizes for being a bad friend to her and she says she’s there for her now. He calls Bray pure evil and it’s time to choose between Nikki and Brady. Alexa says she chooses him.

Charly Caruso announces that The Hurt Business have a RAW Tag Title match next week against The New Day.

MVP and Bobby trash talk Sami Zayn before Titus O’Neil interrupts. Titus says what The Hurt Business did to him a couple weeks ago wasn’t business. MVP says it was business as usual, and he respects Titus enough to leave this ring. Titus says Bobby should walk around with pride since he wears the title, but what’s pride without defending the title. Lashley says unlike MVP, he doesn’t respect him. He’ll enjoy embarrassing Titus in his first and only shot at the title.

Bobby Lashley (C) vs. Titus O’Neil – United States Championship

Before the match, MVP reminds Titus that the match will take place above the ring and not beneath it. Lashley makes Titus tap with the Hurt Lock.

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