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WWE Monday Night RAW Results For October 10, 2022


Welcome to EWrestlingNews’ WWE Monday Night RAW results for October 10, 2022!

We kick things off with a message from The Bloodline. The conversation shifts to Jey, who Reigns asks if he’s a fool. Jey says no, but Sami Zayn reminds Reigns that he promised he could handle Jey. Reigns agrees and Zayn asks Jey if he can be cool like everyone else such as Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso.


Jey asks Reigns if this is a joke. Zayn says he hates to be this guy, but Matt Riddle comes out to interrupt. Riddle says he made Seth Rollins tap at Extreme Rules. He knows there’s a stipulation that he can’t challenge for the title anymore, but the people want to see it. Reigns asks if he should give him another chance before saying no. Riddle then challenges a member of The Bloodline, and Zayn accepts.

Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

Gargano gets the win with a DDT.

Winner Johnny Gargano

Rey Mysterio vs. Chad Gable (w/ Otis)

Mysterio gets the 619 for the victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio 

After the match, Dominik Mysterio gets in the ring and tries to taunt his dad into hitting him. Mysterio refuses and tries to leave, but Dominik attacks him from behind. He hits him with a 619 while Rhea Ripley holds him down.

The Judgement Day are in the ring after the break, and Balor is bragging over making Edge say “I Quit” at Extreme Rules. Dominik Mysterio then begins to mock his father, saying he deserves to feel as useless as he made him feel.

Balor then addresses AJ Styles, who he warns that he’s run out of mercy and hopes he has considered his offer. Styles comes out and says he needs family before bowing to Balor. He shake Balor’s hand and hugs him, and Balor says he’s proud of him. But Styles says he wasn’t talking about him, before Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows’ music hits and they come out to the ring.

The Club take out The Judgement Day and send them on the retreat.

Backstage, The Bloodline looks to go out to the city and party, but Reigns orders Jey Uso to stay back and make sure Sami Zayn wins his match.

Bayley vs. Candice LeRae

LeRae picks up the win with a rollup pin.

Winner: Candice LeRae

After the match, Damage CTRL attacks LeRae, but Bianca Belair comes out for the save. Damage CTRL then regains the upper hand and stands tall at the end.

Backstage, Maryse gives The Miz a gift, and it’s revealed to be a baseball bat. We then head down to the ring for Maryse’s birthday bash for The Miz. Maryse has Miz open presents, two of them being “giant balls” which are inflatable exercise balls with The Miz’s face on them. He then opens up another, but he struggles to get it off the table. He finally rips it off the table and Dexter Lumis’ head is under it.

Miz puts the box back on and hits it with the bat, but Lumis is gone. Lumis comes in from under the ring and tries to choke Miz, as Maryse gets kicked into the table and falls on the cake. Miz escapes and runs off with Maryse, as Lumis gets a knife and stabs and deflates Miz’s balls.

We get a backstage segment with The Miz and DX. Road Dogg suggests Miz face Lumis in a match. If Miz wins, Lumis leaves forever. If Lumis wins, he gets a WWE contract. The Miz agrees.

2 on 1 Handicap Match: Omos vs. Robert Adams and Joseph Torres

Omos gets the win with a double chokeslam.

Winner: Omos

Bobby Lashley heads out to the ring and calls out Seth Rollins to take his shot at the US Title. But instead BROCK LESNAR’S MUSIC HITS!! Lesnar attacks Lashley, beating him down, before leaving the ring.

Back from the break, Seth Rollins comes out and urges Lashley to go on with the title match, taunting him. Lashley gives in.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Seth Freakin Rollins

Rollins hits two Curb Stomps for the win.

Winner AND NEW United States Champion: Seth Rollins

Backstage, we get Bobby Lashley who is angry, and dares Lashley to come out next week so he can show him what a little “b*tch” he is.

Sami Zayn (w/ The Usos) vs. Matt Riddle

Riddle hits an RKO for the win.

Winner: Matt Riddle

As Riddle celebrates at the top of the ramp, D-X’s music hits and Road Dogg, X-Pac, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels make their way out in an armored car. They come down to the ring, and X-Pac shouts out Chyna before all the men hit their catchphrases. Road Dogg introduced the New Age Outlaws, letting the crowd say Billy Gunn’s part. Triple H asked the fans “Are You Ready” while Shawn Michaels said “We Got Two Words For Ya.” The group celebrated and posed to close the show.

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